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Zombe's Flying, Minecart Driving, All Round Amazing Minecraft Mod Pack

Updated on March 2, 2011
For more Minecraft wonders, visit:
For more Minecraft wonders, visit: | Source

If you've just started reading this article, which is a reasonable assumption given that this text is at the beginning of the article, let me warn you that this is going to be a changing mod in your life. From creating minecarts that actually work, to unleashing the powers of flight, Zombe has unlocked your power as a Minecrafter. Let us give thanks.

I've mentioned one method of flight in the past, but there is always more than one way to remove the skin from a proverbial feline, so why not mention another eh? If you're curious, Single Player Commands is the mod that includes an easy flight method, not to mention an interface that allows you to use SMP commands in single player. Want to generate 128 cobblestone? Just press t and type the command in!

Zombe's Flying Mod is quite another mod however and perhaps you'll prefer it to Single Player Commands, who knows. I certainly think it is worth an install, not just because of the flying option (which will work both in single and multiplayer) but because of the other features of this mod, features that, amongst other things, fix the broken minecraft system that has thwarted gamers for months on end now.

With the Minecraft Driving system, you're able to control your minecraft with your arrow keys. No more relying on weak gravity forces to get you from one place to another. This is a major bonus for those of us who like to build large minecart networks but are frustrated when they fail to operate with the slightest bit of efficiency or common sense.

Other elements of this pack are wildly useful too:

Path Tracker

Path Tracker shows the path you've taken as a red dotted line. No more getting lost when you wander off! Hansel and Gretel would have been wise to have installed this before getting dropped off in the forest by a negligent father.

Classic Building

With this feature your inventory supplies are endless. No more having to chop down trees every few minutes or even open INVedit. Just build, build away to your heart's content. Once you have one item, you have all the items. It's sort of zen really.

Sun Control

Sick of night time? Sun control allows you to stop the sun in whatever position you best prefer.

Other tools included in the mod pack include teleportation, spawn point moving, cloud control, which removes clouds or moves them somewhere else if they're getting in the way of your epic tall buildings, craft all key, a key that automatically crafts the entire amount of a certain item, no more clicking like a frenzied patient in order to make enough fences to feed your family.



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