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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Five: Victoria Memorial

Updated on January 8, 2013

The first stretch of Victoria Memorial is a cake walk, despite your ominous surroundings - there's nothing to really do beyond creep through the darkness until you see a security camera on the wall. Once you do, get ready. You're about to face some zombies.

Turn the corner here and into a long, brick hallway that overlooks greenery on the left side and descends via stairs on the right. You'll see a body on the ground near the stairs; walk up to it with Cricket Bat ready, as it will come to life. Smash the zombie before it can get up, then edge slowly down the stairs to bring another at the bottom to life. Wait for it to amble up the stairs and whack it in the head a few times. Stairs are generally a great place to kill zombies, as you're more often than not guaranteed head shots. Continue down this hallway and you'll find a locked door, as well as a small gangway; jump over the fencing and into the water.

Check the wall for a small tunnel you can cross through. Be careful here, as there's a body floating just beyond the exit, and it will come to life when you get close. If you're fast you'll have enough time to take it out with a single whack. Check the body for a Flare, then go up the nearby ladder and out of the water.

Follow the path to a t-junction, then take a left. You'll see a door at the end of the hall with a house symbol on it. Follow the stairs all the way down through here to find a manhole escape back to the Safe House. Return to save if you're feeling nervous, then backtrack to the door you came through and continue down the hallway to your left. Carry on up the stairs until you emerge outside.

You're now in a container yard, and rain will fall to mask the sounds of things around you. Not good. Walk along until you see lights to your left, coming from a police van. Look up top on the building behind the van and you may see a zombie wandering around. Wander over to the van and wait for it to come down, then attract its attention and take it out inside the nearby container. There are a lot of crows in this area, so don't rely on your radar for wholly accurate readings.

Past the van you'll see a narrow path leading to a clearing, notable for a big medical cross on one of the buildings. Walk through the path and you'll get a note that you're allowed to crawl through something. Do so to find a small alley between the containers. Check the trash here for Juice and an Energy Drink, then go back out and look in the clearing. There will be a zombie by a door. Use your flashlight to get its attention, then back into the narrow corridor and wait. It, and two other zombies, will make their way to you. Either lure them through the containers and take them out one-by-one or stay where you are and use the narrow passage to your advantage. You should have just enough time to kill the one zombie before the other two show up.

Once the area is clear, check the door. You'll have to pry open a barricade to get inside. As soon as you finish, however, a zombie will come at you from behind. Move away from the door quickly and take it out, then proceed inside. You're now in a small surveillance room. Check the table for a Mk1 Carbine, as well as some Carbine Ammo and Newspapers. Grab the lot, then stand near the door you came in, as some zombies will begin pounding on the barricade on the door out of the room. You should have enough time to kill the first before the second appears. Once they're finished, scan the CCTV junction box on the wall and go out the next door. You're now at the Buckingham Palace Gate.

Safe House Visitors

At this point in the game, if you're playing online, you may return to your Safe House to find a zombie lurking in the hallways. These hallways will be marked similarly to the zombies of your own characters who got eaten. Don't feel stressed - these are the zombies of other players who fell, and their backpacks will likely contain lots of goodies for you to loot. You can't save while there's a zombie in your Safe House, so you don't have much choice in this anyway.

These zombies will also occasionally show up outside the Safe House. Be warier of these ones - they're probably accompanied by normal zombies as well.


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