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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Ten: Supermarket Access

Updated on January 8, 2013

Once you've retrieved De Remidi Secreti, take it back to Dr. Knight in his lab and give it to him through the contamination box on the side of his enclosure. He'll have a look, come to some quick conclusions, and pass you two items in return: Virucide and a Pad Upgrade. The Pad Upgrade causes your radar to ping non-stop, allowing you to forget about doing it yourself. Handy. The Virucide Syringe is a defence item… though you have to fill it up, first, by killing a zombie whose room the doctor will unlock. Do so and keep it for later, in case you ever get grappled by zombies. It will come into use automatically.

Dr. Knight will then ask another favour: he wants to get a second book from a fellow named Ron Freedman, who lives in a flat on Brick Lane. Return to the Safe House and you'll receive your assignment, to use the Supermarket Access to reach Brick Lane Flats. Drop off and pick up items, then head to the Brick Lane Markets manhole.

Immediately beside the manhole is a locked room you can now open. Do so to find a Firepower Upgrade for one of your guns. You may want to go apply this now, before proceeding with the mission, as the next manhole is a ways away. You should also check this area for any other items you may have missed the last time you visited - you were in a hurry at the time.

Head out onto the streets. There will almost certainly be more zombies here; deal with them as you normally would. Check the Supermarket for any supplies you think you may have missed, then go to the door just opposite the entrance to the Supermarket on Brick Lane and head inside. Follow the path down to a ladder, then climb down and make your way through the underground to an Exit door and beyond. There's nothing of note until you open a door at the top of a ladder -

- and hear heavy beats in the distance, accompanied by a pulsing purple light in an apartment building. This is where Ron Freedman lives, and you need to get inside. (And yes, you'll eventually wind up in the party room.)

You're now in a small grassy area behind an adjacent building, and a series of fire escapes is your only way in. Check behind the catwalks for Handgun Ammo, then climb up and smash the head of the zombie laying on the catwalk. Hop over a wall to get into the next building, a warehouse, and head inside. Be careful - there's a zombie on a rack immediately beside the entrance. Let it fall down beside you, then beat its head in.

Climb the stairs at the end of the room to find a walkway with two doors. Unlock the first to find a Large Medipack, then head to the second to proceed. Check the side of this small room for stairs leading upward; there's a zombie at the top. Kill it, then go back down, snag the Flare on the shelf, and check the next door in the room.

Inside is a vast warehouse space that's filled with zombies, though it doesn't look like it at first. When you open the door one will spot you almost immediately. Lure it to your small room and take it down. Step a bit further in and you'll likely draw more attention from two more zombies, one of them a SWAT zombie. Consider using the Flare to distract them so you can isolate the SWAT zombie.

The inside of the warehouse isn't much better, with six or seven zombies prowling the first two levels. By far your best bet is to use a Flare and Molotov or Grenade combination to get rid of them all. Get a decent look at the center of the area without being seen, toss a Flare, wait for them to come, then toss the Molotov. If you're lucky you'll get most of them, leaving only a SWAT zombie unscathed. You can deal with it using the Cricket Bat.

Once the zombies are all gone, make your way up the boxes using the gangplanks on the side where you came in. You can go behind some of the boxes here and climb them to the top. From here you have a few options on where to go.

  • Start with the office on the right side. All you can find in here are Newspapers for now - though later on you can come back with better technology and open the code-locked door in the back. (Or you can spend a few hours trying every code permutation until you find the right one.)
  • Second, if you check across the catwalk from the office, you'll find a vent in the wall. Inside is a Medium Medipack and a quicker way back down to the ground floor. If you check near the ceiling you'll also spot the CCTV junction box for the area.
  • And, third, in the far wall on the top floor, close to the office, there's a gap in the bricks. This leads to the basement of Ron Freedman's apartment.

If you're feeling desperate you can hop down onto the blue van in the warehouse to find two Flares on its roof. Otherwise, go through the gap in the wall.


Your revisit to Brick Flats was possibly your first time back to an old area. If you use the computer terminal in the Safe House, you can determine which old areas now have new items available for you to swipe. This is a great way to build up a stock of weaponry and salves, though it will require time and patience.


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