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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Three: The Supermarket

Updated on January 7, 2013

Though you entered the Supermarket with zombies hot on your heels, you have nothing to worry about - they can't get through the barred door at your back. Just don't unbar the door.

Take a moment to breathe, then head through the back of the warehouse and into the meat locker. Check your radar and you'll see a life form in here; edge back out of the mist and a zombie will crawl out in your wake. Take it out, then head inside and you'll find a zombie strung up from the ceiling. Bash it down and check the corpse for Handgun Ammo and an Energy Drink.

Go through the door in the back of the meat locker to enter the Supermarket's kitchen, which has been barricaded. Check a tool tray in the corner for a Hammer, and use it to pry the barricade off the door into the Supermarket. (The Hammer, fortunately, takes up no room in your inventory.) Proceed inside.

There isn't a whole lot to find in the Supermarket. Scan the place: you'll find a lot of bodies, one of which (wearing a white apron) will come to life, though you can smash his head in easily before he's off the ground. Head through the plastic flaps in the rear of the market and you'll be approached by a zombie which you can kill with a few good whacks. Look around for a Juice, an Energy Drink, and a Spread Upgrade, the last secreted behind a jumble of displays covered in odd alien dolls.

Check behind the freezer section for an office with two sets of Planks sitting on the ground. At the rear of the office you'll find a darkened stairway leading to the basement. Go through the basement to find the second CCTV junction box. Scan it to appease Prepper and get a map for yourself, check the niche behind the one containing the box for assorted drinks you can grab, and head back upstairs -

- but make sure you have your flashlight active, as a zombie will come down the stairs at you. Handle it as you would any other fight. Once it's down, go back up into the market and look for a green-lit door with a bar blockading the way out. Remove the bar and leave the market - but be prepared and healthy, as you're about to get into a confrontation you need to run from.

What's a Spread Upgrade?

There's a very good reason for grabbing the upgrade in the Supermarket. Upgrades in ZombiU do just that: they allow you to upgrade your weapons into more lethal forms. Even better, the upgrades last between survivors... assuming you take the time to go looking for your old weapons again. The Spread Upgrade will allow you to enhance one weapon's accuracy over a long range.


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