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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Twelve: Brick Lane Flats

Updated on January 8, 2013

After stepping through the hole in the warehouse beside Ron Freedman's apartment building, you'll emerge atop a catwalk. There's a ladder nearby - but the sound of zombies in the area, unseen, should give you pause. With good reason, as well, as there are two SWAT zombies in here. You need only face one at a time, but there's an easy way to face both without damage.

Start by looking up at the higher catwalk across the way. If you look carefully you'll see the second SWAT zombie slumped against a guardrail. Get its attention with a gunshot to get its attention and it will drop down to the bottom floor. This will also attract the zombie on the ground to the catwalk, though neither can reach you. Next, rather than taking the ladder, drop onto the boxes next to the ladder and wait for the zombies to come up. You can whack their helmets off their heads and beat their skulls in at minimum risk to yourself. This can take a while, but it's quite effective.

Once the zombies are down, check the ground floor. You'll find Planks outside a small locked office and a pile of debris you can (eventually) destroy with C4. You'll also find a ladder beside the office that leads to the top catwalks. Climb it, take a Medium Medipack from a corpse along the way, and follow the rough trail down, onto a box, and around to the top of the office. You can use catwalks up here to reach Planks and Shotgun Ammo. That might give you a clue as to what's coming up -

- because when you drop down into the office you'll find a Double-Barrel Shotgun on the table, as well as some Shotgun Ammo and more Planks. Remove the bar on the door, then head down the stairs in the back of the office. Follow these stairs down a ways until the path splits; take the door to eventually come across a manhole. Use it to save and restock - the apartment building is not easy.

Backtrack to the junction, check the boxes for two Medium Medipacks, and take the other path. When you get to the bottom of the next set of stairs throw a Flare, because four zombies are about to burst through a door. Your new Shotgun will kill them nicely, as will a Molotov.

In the next room you'll see a bunch of rubbish bins, as well as two elevators and a back room. This back room should immediately give you pause, as there's a hole in the ceiling - and two zombies will come out of it when you hit the button to bring the elevator down. A Flare will keep them occupied in that spot, though killing two without a distracting shouldn't be too hard at this point.

Get in the elevator when it arrives and hit the button. It will take you up to Ron Freedman's floor - but before you get there, two zombies will jump down through the roof. You have very little room here, so a gun is wiser than your Cricket Bat. Once they're dead, the elevator will open and you can wander out into the hallways to find Ron Freedman's flat - and perhaps one hell of a party.


Like so many other shooters, shotguns are your best friends when it comes to close-range crowd control. Keeping the shotgun with you at all times isn't a bad idea, as a single shot should be enough to kill more than one zombie if they're within arm's reach. That said, firing a shotgun at a distance is generally worse than useless - it's a waste of precious ammo, as the zombies will take little to no damage. Shotguns are also incredibly loud, so unless the jig is already up, use something else.


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