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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Twenty-Six: The End

Updated on January 10, 2013

This is it. The end. If you've gotten this far, congratulations - in at least one sense, you've beaten ZombiU. In another, more important sense, however, you've still got a big, tense run to go, all the way to the Tower of London. Regardless of what happens here, you've got an ending to the game.

After the credits have rolled, you'll be past Victoria Memorial, at the Tower Pier. What you have in your Backpack now is all you're going to have for the rest of the game; make the most of it. Head along through the water until you see the outdoors, shoot the zombie in the pipe, and crawl out onto the beach.

What follows is a mad dash across the pier, dogging a searchlight to the top of the Tower's ramparts to get picked up where you SHOULD have been snagged last time. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you have a LOT of ammo - like, a ton - you can do this slowly, moving along the pier and killing everything in your way. This is a possibility, but it takes a long time, and it's possible you'll run out of ammo. Safer in the long run, perhaps, but not that feasible for most players. (It's also a little anticlimactic.)
  • Otherwise, you just bolt through here like your butt is on fire. It's not that difficult to make it past most of the zombies, and those that come straight at you can be killed or pushed aside. Flares are also fantastic at this point.

There are only a few parts of your flight that are particularly worrisome, detailed below.

  • First, beneath the pier. The second length of the pier, which you can run under to reach the beach and Traitor's Gate, has an exploding zombie under it. You might miss it if you're shooting wildly and not paying attention.
  • Second, the rooms in the ramparts. There are a lot of zombies in close-quarters here that will make your flight confusing. When you reach the two wide rooms, go to the left side of the first room and run straight through the door on the far wall. Keep going to reach the roof. Stop for nothing - including the spitter on the ground.
  • Third, the ramparts themselves. Once you reach the roof you'll find zombies lingering in the pickup spot. You need to stall for time here. If you have lots of ammo, shoot at the zombies and try to keep them away from you; if not, weave around them, strafe, and push. Pushing is particularly effective here. Don't stop moving for a single second.

Stall on the roof long enough and the helicopter will, eventually, pick up your survivor. You've managed to get out of London! Hurray!

... or perhaps not. It's possible you died along the way. In this case, well, the game is still over. You'll have to start a new one to get a different ending. There are three endings in all, depending on what happened in that last part of the game on the piers and the Tower of London.

The Endings

  • If you died, you died. No two ways about it. London is infected, and things will probably get very bad for the world, because the Panacea never made it into the right hands.
  • If you made it to the helicopter but didn't have the Panacea - which is very possible if you died in Buckingham Palace and your next survivor failed to pick it up again - you get another ending. The world is still in trouble.
  • If you made it to the helicopter with the Panacea, you get the best ending. Everybody's happy, or at least as happy as you can be in an apocalyptic wasteland.

Regardless of the ending you got, your ZombiU session is now over. Save or no save, you'll have to erase your old file to play again -

- unless you want to play on a difficulty level. Like, say, Survivor. Have fun with that!


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