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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Twenty-Five: Return to Victoria Memorial

Updated on January 10, 2013

You've got the code for the Panacea, but the number of zombies in the tunnels are growing, and you have to take the long road back to the Safe House. Hopefully you have a lot of bullets - you'll need them.

Head through the exit to Victoria Memorial and make your way to the catwalks. You'll see a body ahead; it will come to life. Take it out and keep going. Near the top of the catwalk you'll see a spitter prowling the concrete. Kill it, go up a bit further, and kill the spitter on the other side of the walk. There's one more in this room, but it's in the fenced-off area and can be ignored.

Head through the tunnel. You'll hear a radio signal about an extraction, then promptly be attacked by zombies. If you feel you can afford the bullets, shoot your way through; otherwise, push them aside, run to the end of the fence, and flee down into the water. As soon as you reach a stairway, go up it and take the next left. Charge straight through this narrow hallway to avoid being chomped by a zombie at the side.

Leave the manhole. You're now outside Buckingham Palace. Sondra will cut in with a radio transmission about fleeing to the Tower of London, but for now your job is to get to the Safe House and collect the last of your gear.

Leave the fenced area and charge past the front of the ambulance ahead of you. Ignore the zombies along the way and head for the surveillance room which, hopefully, has a CCTV icon beside it on your map. Zip right through, then head into the container yard and run for the crates at the far end. Hop over it, run through the containers, past the zombie on the ground, and into the door at the end.

You're back underground. Ignore the manhole here - it's no use to you now. Run down the steps ahead of you and make a beeline to the right, past all the zombies on the way. Follow your map safely and easily to the Exit door, which brings you back to the subway - and the Safe House. This whole area is still clear of zombies, so don't worry too much about safely navigating it. Make your way to your usual quarters. Along the way Sondra will call you specifically, asking you to bring the Panacea to the Tower of London for pickup.

Save here to restore your health if you've taken any damage, then, when you're ready, check your box. Prepper will freak out on you, saying you're not a real survivor, and order you to get out of his Safe House. Listen to him rant for a while as you grab your stuff. Move quickly as you do - a big wave of zombies is moving in on the Safe House at this very moment. When you get to the lobby, you'll see a ton of them on the ground. You can use this opportunity, if you want, to kill a lot of them with the Turret... but you're better off quietly using the door to your left to find a ladder down to the ground floor. You can use this to slip past the zombies without a fuss and escape back to Victoria Memorial. Get to the Exit door -

- and you'll get your first glimpse of Prepper, and what he's really all about. A bit creepy. After this scene, the credits will roll, and you'll be done the game!

... or not. Pffft, you think that was really the end? You still need to escape the bloody country! Wait until the credits roll, then prepare to receive one of three endings!

Shoot or Flee

Much of this walkthrough has advised you to run past the zombies. There's a sound reason for this, as you'll run across a LOT of zombies on your way back to the Safe House. If you're not confident in your navigation skills, you CAN shoot them instead - though you risk running out of ammo when the time comes for the final sprint. Fortunately, you only need to get to the end of THIS part of ZombiU to gain an ending for the game - it just might not be the one you wanted.


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