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Zombie Pandemic Game: Mith Player

Updated on May 4, 2014

Pixel Pandemic's Online MMORPG: Zombie Pandemic

Imagine waking up with no memory, making your way outside, then stumbling into a horde of zombies - much like how AMC's The Walking Dead starts out with the Rick Grimes character...

Well, this is close to how Pixel Pandemic's game, Zombie Pandemic starts out.

For a non-animated game, this one is surprisingly rich in features, game-play options, and variables.

At the game start, with your new character, you'll awaken with no real character background, start scavenging, building and fighting for your life - and to escape the city filled with zombies who want nothing more, nothing less than to




Or, your foot, your finger, whatever's available


One of my main player-characters, Mithea

Mithea Unmasked - partial armor OFF. Mithea usually has a facemask on.
Mithea Unmasked - partial armor OFF. Mithea usually has a facemask on. | Source

Zombie Pandemic: Text Based RPG

If you're a fan of zombie games, zombie lit, shows, movies, etc., you might be interested to know that a turn-based, text-based role playing game exists, called Zombie Pandemic.

It's not a high action game nor one where the graphics will impress to no end, but as far as working through strategy and needing to think critically during game play, it's a pretty decent game with a lot of character/player options.

The first pic on this hub is of one of my main characters, Mithea, minus some of Mith's armor so that you can see a face on my character. I don't go into the game with Mith dressed like this, without the face mask because it's DANGEROUS out in "ZPland" (Zombie Pandemic land).

Meet Mithea right over there =========>>

This is one of my individual characters in Pixel Pandemic's "Zombie Pandemic" game.

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Premium Mich Helmet

Premium item, Mich Helmet Armor
Premium item, Mich Helmet Armor | Source

Head Armor - The Mich Helmet, Premium Item

Head wear is really important when zombies are around. If you've been around zombie lit, movies, tv shows, etc. - or around any zombies themselves, you must know that they like to eat...


Naturally, you need to have your brain covered up in a safe way, so a helmet is something you'll want to acquire ASAP when you start playing Z.P. (Zombie Pandemic).

Mith's helmet is a special item, a premium item that was acquired long ago.

I enjoyed this game so much when I first found it that I got a Premium account for a while. This allowed me to do a couple on in-game purchases, gain extra game characters, so I've ended up with a Premium helmet that I'll always keep.

Mith's helmet is called a "Mech Helmet," and has higher armor/protection value than most of the items that can be picked up during game play.

Face Protection: Meistro Ind. Combat Mask


Face Protection: Combat Mask

I purchased a face protection item quite a while ago when I was still a "newbie." I started with a lower value item, a scarf or something minimal like that - by working to earn money first (in-game work, in-character). For the first week as a noob, I did not use real-to-alternative currency (credits you can buy in real-life with money via paypal, credit card and other options) to gain my first face armor. Since I was a new player at the time, I didn't realize that I might come across a "drop" or "loot" item, so a silly scarf it was on my face for a week or so, offering almost no protection at all (1 point or so).

There are certain places inside the game map that offer the option to do some labor in order to earn in-character funds and purchase things your character needs. (Or you can pay real money on items, gain in-game items by purchasing Premium membership... a certain amount of credits come along with Premium membership).

Here's where a ton of choice is possible for players. You can choose how much you work, how much in-character game funds to collect, what weapons, armor, food, weapons, and other equipment you wish to buy to help your character survive in the urban environment of the game.

My character's Meistro Ind. Combat Mask is considered a pretty solid piece of face armor. It gives me 3 armor points. If that means little to you, I'll just say that you can pick sunglasses up, goggles, scarves, and other items up to cover your face with in the game and usually these items offer 1 or 2 armor or protection points. My combat mask isn't the highest protective face armor piece in the game but it's better than most things a player will stumble upon and pick up in the game.

I think I battled an in-game non-zombie adversary in the game - over by the harbor on the map - and I and disabled the enemy. I then looted the face-mask for myself from this interaction. There are NPC's (Non-Player Characters) in the game, some of whom are enemies - other looters, gang members, etc., and they can harm you or assist you, depending on the choices you make and the particular NPC. I think I got in a fight with a violent, rogue looter who kept trying to shoot me, so I turned around and shot back, then took the Meistro Combat Mask when I came out of this altercation on top.

Zombie Pandemic First Cut-Scene (Beginning of the Game)

Zombie Pandemic Game

5 stars for Text Based RPG

On-Site Videos for Game Play Context

Although the ZP Game isn't a live-action one with spiffy graphics, makers of the game have tried to be creative and include some graphic features to the game.

One interesting way graphics have been included is through videos on-site.

When a player navigates around maps on-site, some of the areas of the map have a video connected to certain squares/co-ordinates on the map. The video also gets stored as a bookmark in a "journal" area so that players can go back and watch the videos more than once if they wish.

In the journal, players can check their progress, sort out clues about the game, figure out areas they have examined before but may not have navigated for a while.

Protecting Hands with Outcast Gloves Armor


Hand/Arm Protection

My Mith character has very average hand/arm protection. Gloves called "Outcast Gloves."

These gloves aren't very special but they add 3 armor/protection points to my character during game play. I know there are higher value hand/arm armor items in the game and I've seen some inside the "shops" on the map when I've navigated inside shops to look around.

I've come across gloves used by doctors and nurses (extremely low cost but also, only 1 point of protection value), bio-suit gloves, gloves that police wear, etc., but arm/hand protection hasn't been something I've put a focus on yet. One of my other characters has "riot gloves" that have a higher protection value but I haven't come across these yet at a fair price I'm willing to pay in shops, nor have I found the riot gloves yet while navigating around as my main Mith character.

I've decided I don't want to pay the high prices that other hand/arm armor is being sold for, so I'll just hang on to my outcast glove armor for a while and keep playing a safe game (making sure not to go to areas with stronger enemies than I am able to fend off right now).

I might "craft" some better hand/arm armor in the near future but for now, the Outcast Gloves are what I'm working with.

For the torso: Armor Vest


Torso Armor: The Armor Vest

I can't remember how I acquired my Armor Vest; I probably purchased it in a shop once I noticed its high protection value. Covering the torso and legs is really important in this game. It seems the highest value protection are the torso and leg armor items.

This Armor Vest affords 20 points of protection - way more than face-mask, helmet, gloves and boots combined!

The only drawback to this armor is that it's HEAVY.

Pros: 20 protection value, allows extra 10 points for encumbrance (carrying more weight)

Cons: brings an agility point off, it's expensive and heavy

Overall, I like the Armor Vest and made sure to get it for one of my other in-game characters, as well.

Leg Armor: Fire-Resistant Protection


Leg Protection: Fire-Resistant Pants

I have opted to use the Fire-Resistant Pants for leg armor due to the high value of protection they provide. There are a lot of negative features of these pants but I keep them and wear them based on their protection points - 7 value.

They actually lower my agility score by 1, as well as my encumbrance score by 5 points.

This means I might move 1 bit slower if I try to escape from zombies or NPCs and that the amount I can carry is knocked down by 5. (I'm counter-acting this lowered carry limit by upping my strength stat).

Basic Map of the Urban Environment


Foot Protection: Jungle Boots

Protecting The Feet With Jungle Boots

I'm protecting my character's feet with Jungle Boots, one of the higher armor items I've seen so far for footwear. These boots offer 4 Armor Value points.

They bring my agility down 3 points, so I'm always looking to scoop/acquire some new boots from NPC altercations in the game or just picking things up while I'm navigating around the city.

These boots aren't terribly heavy at 1.5 pounds, so I'm not sure why they bring my agility level down 3 points but I'm glad to have boots on during the zombie pandemic.

Totally Necessary For Carrying Tools, Weapons, Food, First Aid Items


Walk Softly and Carry a Big Bag (with your clubs inside)

As you play this game, move around the map of the urban environment, you'll stumble upon items, from food to junk (which can be used in the game, so don't always leave the "junk").

You'll need to buy things in stores on the map sometimes, and you'll inevitably get attacked by NPCs that aren't even zombies. The non-zombie NPCs often have really GOOD STUFF that you will loot after you defeat them - IF you defeat them. This might mean they'll drop a first aid item, a weapon, their 50 point boots... just kidding but only a little. I want some 50 point boots for protection :)

There are small bags in stores that will allow you to "up" your "encumbrance" score. This score reflects how much you can carry. You'll want to be able to carry some first aid items in case you get roughed up in the game by NPCs - zombies and looters, psychos and gangs. You'll want to carry multiple weapons - not just a crossbow or gun because if you get mobbed by several zombies or a hoard, they will get too close for you to be able to shoot. You'll need to use a baseball bat or something to smack back and create some room to RUN away from the situation if you get in trouble or start to get overpowered by NPCs.

You are likely going to join a club or "Clan" in the game. Clans build "safehouse" buildings all over the map so you can store extra items, rest, heal up, and re-build the in-game society where possible. Here's where some "junk" will help you out. The safehouses can use "junk" to make barricades, strengthening the structure of the safehouse buildings.

In short, you need to find or buy a BIG BAG in the game. You'll scavenge items to sell at stores, need to carry necessities for yourself, and need to pick up extra building materials for safehouses.

Mith in Full Armor


One Goal: Building Escape Vehicles


Goal of the Game: Escape - Building Escape Vehicles

One of the strategies that can be used in Zombie Pandemic is to focus on making your escape from the urban environment the game is based in.

You can actually escape in the game (according to information I've been reading in the game-specific forum) without making your character level up very much. This can be done by working a lot and by scavenging a whole lot.

If you gain a lot of funds and scavenge a lot, you can gather the items needed to build one of three "Escape Vehicles" in the game. Each escape vehicle requires different materials to build and requires different character stats. So, basically by focusing on building on one stat/attribute (needs to get to 100 points/stat), once you get the right items, you can build your escape vehicle and get away from all the zombies!

I've not yet reached the point of building the escape vehicle of my choice, so I don't know what it all looks like - I've just been reading the information about escaping from within the Zombie Pandemic forum.

Apparently, once you escape, whatever character you escape with is retired from the game. You can start another character, fresh to the game.

The Vehicles: a blimp, a raft, or a glider.

  • My blimp: 37% of materials gathered for it so far. It requires a character stat 100 smartness to build once I gain all materials for it.
  • My raft: 64% of materials gathered, requires 100 in strength stat in order to build
  • My glider: 52% of materials gathered, requires 100 in technical skill in order to build

My smart stat is at 60 so far, strength is at 65, and technical is at 58, so I'll be working on "training" (raising stats) and gathering for escape vehicle construction for a little while yet.


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