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Zombies in Metal Assault

Updated on May 5, 2011

Not only can you shoot at other players in the multi-player online game, Metal Assault, hosted by Aeria Games, you can also shoot alongside other players at of all things, zombies, force feed said entities of the undead with lead till they cease to defy the very laws of nature, by returning to the affair of decomposing beneath the earth.

Basically in every mission, you are required to slaughter your way through zombie fodder, the mass of which noticeably escalates from one level to the other, the maximum number of levels in each mission being ten. There are two types of zombies to take note of: the less-intelligent, more savage type, and ones intelligent enough to wield the same variety of weapons you wield yourself, ones leaning more to the Chinese zombie variety.


Upon completing a level, you'll be brought to an upgrade shop, where you can exchange points gained from completing a level as well as from the number of zombies you killed before, for stat upgrades in order to take on the next wave of zombies in the next level. I personally favor attack, fire rate and on certain occasions speed boosts on the field.

After completing all ten levels of a mission, you'll be rewarded along with your teammates coins, experience points, license experience points, and honor points, as well as a chance to win a mystery gift in the way of a lottery game. Normally only a random three will be chosen to receive such an honor. Only a fortuitous few may even gain exclusive zombie-themed equipment simply for an added degree of visual appeal you might expect to gain during Halloween while wearing a horrendous looking zombie costume.

There are certain quite embarrassing instances where I would mistake someone for a zombie on the field, and I'd wonder for a moment why there's a zombie wearing the typical military uniiform.

Of course, there are the occasional hackers hijacking the team, scoring the occasional wins, and occasionally sucking the fun out of it. It's quite easy to identify hackers, players whose in-game capabilities seem to deviate from those of your average player. God-like, you might as well define them. 

Like all team based games, this requires teamwork from all participating members, considering there are no hackers on board the team. Otherwise you'd be easily overwhelmed by the escalating numbers of the undead. 


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    • profile image

      phoenix35 6 years ago

      Not really a fan of games, but this is a great share for my son, locust99 previously Mrs death (he was confused with Mr and Mrs back then):D Good share here, mate.