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After "Tie-Ing" One on, It's Time for a Good Strong "Belt"!

Updated on August 12, 2018

And try not to buckle under from the pressure.

After you're done groaning from the bad puns beware there are more to come. On a prior lens I had worked with the ties that I have. In this lens it will be the different belt buckles that I have. Just so you know I don't have as many buckles as I do ties so this page will be a bit smaller in size. As you look through them be it known that My eyes are always looking but unlike the ties I am not as likely to give in to a buying one. This will be evident with the sheer lack of numbers.

The picture shown is my belt that gets the buckles switched upon it.

My first buckle.

From somewhere in high school.

I remember looking at belts. Boring boring boring Nothing was jumping out at me. Until, Mr. Spock stared back at me. I tried it on and it fit. The next step was to convince the parents to pay for it. Wow that was easy. It helps when your dad is a Treky. I wore this until the belt part fell apart. At that point I got the belt part only. That to has gone by the way side. The current belt is shown as the picture for this page.

The Enterprise

This one my mom found at a mall where lots of people gathered for a sort of yard sale in the parking lot. The vendor let her have it for $5. By my standards this was a good price.


This soft drink has been a long time in our family. I always remember my dad drinking it. Now when visiting with the grand kids it is still available. I also know that they have an old Pepsi Thermometer on the wall at the cottage on the lake. I myself prefer Mountain Dew but its nice to wear this and think of my dad. Sorry no bad puns here unless you want to end up in the drink.


The Eagle has landed.

Or at least it is holding up its end of the bargain.


I am not sure why I picked this one up. Just something about it was calling out to me.

It kept saying pack me up in your trunk for later.

I can wait as long as it takes till you wish to use me.


Again another buckle that just reached out to me.

This is the most heavy one in the collection.

This is the one that my son looks at and still wonders why dad? why?

Cat in the Box

Why can in the box you are wondering?

This is the only buckle that I have that came in a box with a strap on to close and hod the belt buckle.

I am also a cat person.

Not to mention if there is an empty box in the house and the cats can fit in they will be napping there.

Oh Deer

Where I grew up there were always deer about. In fact one night while driving home I counted seven deer crossing the road. Two in front of me, three in back of me and two over top of me. I was glad I had a small car that evening. The interesting thing is no deer were hurt and there were no incriminating hoof marks on the car. Those guys can jump when they want to.


Here is another one that I purchased and to this day I don't know why. I don't live there. I have never been to this state. So why do yo ask? The answer is no Idea. I must have liked it.

Here we go with a couple that have caught my attention and may be added to my collection.

Its time to buckle down and leave some comments.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I didn't know your dad is a treckie, the belt buckles even if they do poke a bit when I hug you. Don't change a thing you're just perfect as is :)

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 

      6 years ago from Pittsburgh

      You have great taste in belt buckles. I like all of them!


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