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All About Furby Boom

Updated on October 1, 2014

The New Furby 2013

If you want the lowest maintenance pet around, consider getting a Furby Boom. With Furbies there is no shedding, no mess to clean up and when you're not in the mood for him you can stick him in a box in the closet without PETA staging a protest at your door.

Okay, okay... so Furbies are not technically alive; that is, if you define life by breathing, flesh and blood. Furbies are electronic interactive toys that are so lifelike that you might even like them better than your pet. After all, when was the last time you could teach your cat English?

Furbies have actually been through several incarnations since they first came out. They've always been ahead of their time, but the newest version -- the Furby Boom is more interactive than ever with new features available through apps.

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What The Heck IS a Furby?

Furby is, very basically, a robot.

It responds to noises, touches and the human voice so it's highly interactive-- almost lifelike.Furbies are shaped like an owl with oval bodies, big eyes and beaks. Instead of feathers, though, they are furry and soft like a hamster. They also have a tail and bat-like ears.

These cute and cuddly little guys can talk. When you first get one, you'll notice he speaks a strange language-- this is known as 'Furbish'. If you keep talking to him, though, he will begin to respond and learn English. The more you talk to him, the more he'll learn and be able to converse with you.

Learn Some Furbish Language:

doo? - What?

doo-dah - yes

boo - no

wee-tah-kah-wee-loo - tell me a story

u-nye-loo-lay-doo? - wanna play?

u-ny-way-loh-nee-way - go to sleep now

Source: Wikipedia

Even more interesting, if you leave two Furbies alone together, they'll chat. If one of them is trained, he will teach the other one English!

Besides the ability to be trained to talk, some things Furbies are known for is:

- cooing when you pet and cuddle it

- copying sounds

- making cute facial expressions

- make eating motions/sounds

- playing games

- singing songs

- falling asleep

Some Different Style Furby Booms - What's your favorite Furby?

This is only the tip of the iceberg!
This is only the tip of the iceberg! | Source

A Brief History of Furbies

The origin of the Furby

Back in the 1990s, Dave Hamptom and Caleb Chung spent a year and a half total designing and creating the first Furby. After having some trouble getting licenses, they finally debuted their new creation at the American International Toy Fair of 1998.

Furby was popular right away; stores could barely keep up with the demand, particularly during the Christmas frenzy. The original price of $35 spiked to $100, and they still managed to sell 27 million in their first year.

Furbies have been updated and new ones have been released every few years. The Furby Boom is the most recent model, released in 2013 with newer and better features to blow away all previous Furbies.

How Has Furby Been Improved?

What's so great about the new Furby?

Furby can do everything he could do before—thankfully, for Furby lovers, they merely added on; they did not subtract.

Furby Boom's features are slightly different; he’s getting cuter and looks more like a living creature than ever. The most noticeable difference is the patterned colorful fur—these little darlings now come in designer coats. You can get one with strips, spots, zig-zags, hearts, sweater patterns and more.

Another great upgrade is that the Boom has doubled the amount of programmed responses, for even more lifelike interactive fun. New Furbies are capable of learning slang, as well, so be a good teacher to him!

Furby 2013's apps are the most advanced yet. You can use your tablet or your Smartphone or tablet to have more fun with Furby. Some specifications include:

- name your Furby Boom! Well, I’m sure you’ve named your others before him, but this time with the app you can teach it to him! He will remember his own name and respond to it.

- teach him the names of his friends. He’ll learn the names of other Furby Booms that he meets, and remember them.

- feed your little guy ‘virtually’ with your digital device. You can still use your finger to activate ‘eating’ but now you can feed him digital foods.

- give your cutie a check-up— you can even put your tablet in front of him for an X-ray.

- Give your toy a virtual shower – no water involved – to keep him squeaky clean. Just hold your tablet over him.

- play games together. Now you can not only play a wider variety of games, but more sophisticated games.

- earn virtual Furbies. If you take good care of your little guy, he’ll lay virtual eggs. If you care for the eggs, they’ll hatch into Furby Furblings.

- not only do you get to raise your own Furby, but you get to raise your Furblings virtually.

- build your own digital Furby Furblings virtual city—because, where else are they going to live inside of a digital device? You can go mad, design it yourself and create your own Furbtastic world.

How to Train Your Furby Boom to Talk:

- Keep the noise down; any surrounding sounds will only distract your pet, so turn off the TV or radio.

- Put him down in front of you. Make sure he is awake! If he isn't awake, turn him upside-down to wake him up.

- Talk to him slowly and clearly. He can't understand you if you talk too fast. Make sure you're facing his speakers.

- Let him respond. At first, he'll respond more in Furbish.

- Keep talking to him. The more you do, the more English he'll pick up.

- Put him with other trained Furbies if you have them. That way, when you're out, they'll continue with his English lessons and you won't have to work as hard at it.

- Touch and interact with your Furby by tickling him, rocking or shaking him. This will encourage him to talk all the more.

- Keep Furby away from noises you don't want him to repeat! If you don't want your Furby mimicking the dog barking, the phone ringing or your bird chattering, then put him in the other room.

Furby photos by ericleeh on Flickr

See Furby Boom in Action

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