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Updated on July 21, 2009

Story about ragnarok online

Myth Mititologi

The trumpets of war will be preceded by a sign, among others, the arrival of winter weight 3 consecutive without interruption between the two. Will and hostility between quarreling family members and friends;
there will be no morality and justice in society.

Then 2 tail wolves Skoll and Heart, which is always the pursuit of days and the sun will catch and eat,
the stars of heaven will disappear
will world was total darkness.

Next 2 hens male divinity and property boast a vast knowledge of each employer,
while the third will be cock crow to death. Then there will be an earthquake of the earth. This shock will release Fenrir the giant wolf rantainya of the cage at the bottom of the earth.

Midgard serpent Jormundgand Will big move to the mainland. In the search for him which will lead to disasters, including poison may be issued, each breath will poison the air and earth.

And large waves caused by the physical movement has major warships belonging to the giant Naglfar.
Ships dikomandoi this giant Hymir,
delivered with the body from the clutches of men who died.
In other parts of the Will Nifleheim owner of a cruise ship that all the inhabitants of the fire, including a large four-dog eyes and the bloody body of Garm, watchdog of hell . Warships, led by Loki is free, and swore to take revenge for penderitaannya hell. Southern Muspellheim,
Surte fire giant, and all the faithful will also leave.
Surte the size of the sword of fire and emit more light from light Sunday

In Asgard itself, that this document will be marks for all children of the god Odin and the others.
Will ranks Valhalla Einherjar Eight hundred people to participate in the gods. All living creatures a dwarf, elf, giant, god of man and Vigrid the fight that ultimately everything.

The gods, they will face enemies bebuyutan respectively.
Two, most of this argument is reminiscent of the agreements with the Greek myth, the gods of war with a group of giant Olympus Titan. Or maybe even with mythological stories from India, which is also similar. Perhaps the only real raksasalah face of god ..

So they all together in large Vigrid direct war began.
Surte soon as Freyr has no weapons.
GOD will immediately killed by the attack Surte.
During this time. ASP, even if the god of war, only the hands, but he could fight with the dog GarmTyr fire Akan winners of this handicap race, but unfortunately, he must die wound by wound.

Duel with Thor Jormundgand progress, which finally managed to kill this snake venomous Thor.
But it is the same as the Assembly is slowly dying because the soil can be toxic Jormundgand death.

Loki on the other side will be dealt rival paper weight.
Document Loki is always defeat any attempt to escape after his crime first.
This action is the most exciting, because they have each other, the intensity of hatred.
But both also died in this race.

Not least among cry Odin Fenrir the giant wolf.
Duel between them took place day and night for several days.
Odin is the only have weapon Gungnir Fenrir which canine canine alert and strong power.

After a few days fight Odin defeated in the hands of Fenrir.

The wolf devours Odin and body with a big mouth. Vidar, the anger of the gods, Odin and children, see this. With anger that smolder, he immediately Fenrir. Only with the help of his hands, he immediately mangle jaw Fenrir killing this creature.

After the war lasted so long, the fire giant Surte regardless of the opponent or other will start fire on the tree Yggdrasil. Fire with the sword, he began to burn around the world spend all make this world sinking into the sea. Only a few creatures and gods will be save.

Among survivors are two people who LiF and Lifthrasir. According to the story because it survived the destruction of the world have fled to the forest Hodmimir. The only place that can not be achieved gun, the sword belonging to Surte. They sleep during the remainder of the war, Ragnarok.

Once will embryo of a new man in the world. (Familiar with this story? Similaires in the same story Evangelion huh?) To destroy something that's always something new and useful. Even Ragnarok is the end of the beginning of a new world. The grass is turned into fertile land, rich in natural resources.

Beginning of a new era of the gods, who survived Vidar. The gods and humans and other living creatures live in harmony, side by side and hatred Akan siRNA. Myths about Ragnarok is usually just here to never be notified, or the thousands of years to appear again similar incident.

Nordic Mythology (

Nordic mythology (in English: "Norse Mythology" Norþ: North) is public confidence in Northern Europe (countries Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Sweden) for the arrival of Christianity. Beliefs and legends of the spread towards the north, including Iceland, which means mythology.

Mythology is a collection of old beliefs of the people of northern Europe contains stories about the supernatural beings, cosmology, and myths that other written form of poetry or prose in the Edda. Mythology was written before and after the advent of Christianity in Northern Europe.

In Scandinavian folklore, mythology still survive, and in the countryside, the ancient traditions are still visible. The mythology is also the influence and inspiration in the literary period now.

Resources (

Nordic mythology dituturkan foot, and now has left or lost. In the first time, the stories are collected and recorded by Christian scholars and researchers, particularly in the Edda and Heimskringla. Poetic Edda, written in prose and the content of the narrative nature Dewa-Dewi stories and mythology. Some of these Edda written by Snorri Sturluson, who was a poet, writer, and Christian scholars, who assume that the Dewa-Dewi nordique more similar than people like the devil.

In addition to the sources, the living legend is a community growing in Scandinavia, for example, some of which are listed in the legend of German literary and mythological stories Deore. Although some of the stories that survive, experts are not aware that history was written. There are hundreds of places in Scandinavia name of their god-god.

There are some stories of survival in the Nordic mythology. Cross-over, in the form of paintings, sculptures and carvings.

In Nordic mythology, there are nine world, nine of which are connected with the world tree Yggdrasil. In Nordic mythology, Yggdrasil is the tree-house in the world. In offices and there is a radical change in the world, a world of difference, namely:

* Asgard, the world of the Æsir or the god-god and the most powerful. Asgard is located on a branch at the top of the Yggdrasil dialui by Mata water URD.
* Vanaheim, the world of the Vanir and the god-Dewi small. Located close to the nearby Asgard gods.
* Alfheim, the world of the eleven race, or the little god of fertility.
* Midgard, the world as people who are not eternal
* Jötunheimr, the world of the Jotun, or giants
* Svartálfheim, the world Svartálfar (English: Swart EFT / elves) or Dökkálfar (in English: Dark EFT / elves) that eleven of the opacity
* Niddhavellir, the world of dwarf or midget. They live in caves or smith that experts and cutting-edge equipment and weapons made of metal
* Niflheim, the land under the cold, the home of the Jotun (giant) are used by the hell, sister of Loki
* Muspell or Muspellheim and the torching of the house Surte a giant washing of skin and hair is a fire

Body Suprantural (

According to Nordic mythology, there are three types of beings more powerful than man, namely: Æsir, Vanir and Jotun. Æsir and Vanir is very dense, because it is a faction of the gods. Æsir and Vanir whole universe, that human life, but they never quarrel with each other.

Enemies of the Æsir and Vanir, the Jotun, or giants (old french: Eontenas or Entas). They are similar to Titan and the Giants of Greek mythology. Jotun word often translated as giants, although the word troll or devil more appropriate. Of the Jotun, or giants not necessarily evil. Æsir as the god of the Jotun disagreement, even the gods and Jotun has a relationship, married and father of another, such as Thor married Járnsaxa; brothers with Odin Loki, HEL (half Dewi giant half) brothers with Loki. In mythology, Jotun women are generally not evil (as in history, to help Thor Grid) and to marry the god (as in history, Thor Járnsaxa married).

In addition to the gods and giants, Nordic mythology, the sample Jörmungandr (the sea serpent) and Fenrir (giant srigala) that can be found in the vicinity of Midgard. Two sample is declared as a child fruit Loki, the God of research problem, a descendant of Jotun. Hugin and Munin mythological creatures (which means "spirit" and "memory"), both a raven Odin.

In Nordic mythology body

* Ymir first giant
* Question: first man
* Embla: First woman
* Odin: God killed, poetic and witchcraft. Asgard authorities.
* Loki: The trickster, mischief search problem. He killed Balder by fraud.
* Fenrir: srigala wild giant, Loki right, as a sample. Finally, bound by chains with success by the dwarf, after eating the sacrifice of the ASP that bind Fenrir.
* Jörmungandr: snakes (or worms), the giant, the son of Loki
* Thor: the thunder and lightning god, god of war.
* Njord: God of the Sea
* Iðunn Dewi youth. It has the apple fruit that is eternal life.


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