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American Girl Craft Books Review

Updated on August 18, 2014

10 Top AG Craft Favorites

Every girl has a dream and the imagination to walk it out. American Girl Craft Sets encourage each child to explore the aspects of different careers, hobbies and interests.

No matter what season it is, these craft kits tap into your child's world of imagination and creativity. What does your child dream of being when she grows into adulthood?

Does she want to teach like I did, have a fabulous beauty salon, travel the world or create mouthwatering dishes in her own restaurant? Spark her interest and help develop those areas by providing her with plenty of outlets for her talents to mature.

With each craft kit your child can create accessories for their American Girl doll or design their own unique products and gifts. Open the world of "whatever" to your child and train her become all God wanted her to be.

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All the crafts come with small parts.

Not appropriate for small children.

Poll: Craft Kiddo

Does your child enjoy making crafts at home?

See results

American Girl Crafts Inspire their Imagination



Party Planner


Hair Designer

Pet Expert

... set no limits on the opportunities.

Welcome to Our School - This is my favorite AG craft kit.

Google Images of American Girl Doll School Kit
Google Images of American Girl Doll School Kit

Practically anything you will need to create your own school is included in this kit either in the book with ideas, or the kit itself.

As a new teacher there are plenty of supplies needed to set up your classroom. The doll school craft kits comes with maps, charts, stickers, files for worksheets, make your own books, learn to write practice sheets, awards, reward stickers, file folders, subject books, attendance and grade book, spelling tests, report cards, teacher's manual, flashcards, story starters and crayon box.

For added fun there is are projects for a music area, library books, classmates photos, design a locker, lunchroom and hall passes. I would photo copy the items before using them so you can create more for additional students.

The easel isn't the best, but it's workable. Use it for the chalkboard that is reversible to a dry erase board (be sure not to use permanent markers).

School Design by AmericanGirl077 on You Tube:

School's in Session - This is my favorite AG Craft Book.

My sisters and I would play school a lot when we were kids. Of course, I was the teacher most of the time.

With the AG school craft kit girls can pretend they have their own classroom, create their own tests and decorate their room with the ABC banner, posters, student worksheets and world map. They'll have hours of fun with their dolls and friends with all the supplies that come with this project.

Take time to watch the videos. The kids are so talented! Amazing ideas.

Pretending to be a teacher is something girls love to do. This child is so creative and has lots of ideas to add to the overall look.

Child describes each piece that comes in the school kit.

This girl explains the contents and what she plans on doing with them to make her own classroom.

Another child describes the contents and what she thinks about the quality of it.

Doll School: For Girls Who Love to Teach!

Additional accessories for the school are also available, but sold separately. Desks, chairs, books, backpack, etc. anything you might need in furnishings to fit your American Girl doll school can be found by clicking on the product below.

American Girl Doll Parties Kit
American Girl Doll Parties Kit

There's A Party ... invite your friends.

What little girl doesn't like going to a party, and better than that, planning one of her own. AG Craft Kit for parties has all the supplies needed for making the perfect party.

The 32 page book lists ideas, party plans and activities for the special event.

Included in the craft kit is a pink doll cake, invitations, 2 double sided banners, stickers, party hats, plates, poster and other decorations for more fun.

Planning A Party for Your Doll? - Let us show you how.

Inside the book your girl will find lots of ideas and activities for planning all kinds of parties. Learn to make a costume, what to do at a sleepover party like create swirly curlys with hair designs or make slippers for their AG dolls.

Throw a Valentine's Day or birthday party for your doll and invite friends. Have them sign your autograph book or have their picture taken in front of the poster backgrounds.

Send out invitations to the party and decorate using the items provided in the kit.

Video Site:

Look what comes in each party craft kit.

Doll Parties (American Girl) Book with Crafts - Click on photo for product.

Click to buy here on Amazon
Click to buy here on Amazon
Google images of American Girl Dining Kit
Google images of American Girl Dining Kit

Soup's On ~ Bon Appetit.

When my mother was baking the house always had a wonderful smell. Learning how she made her masterpiece pies was exciting and sparked the pastry chef in me. Just watching her make the crusts baffled me, because I never could get the hang of it. Hers were always perfect.

If you have a little girl that loves to be in the kitchen, she may like this AG set. It's packed with yummy goodness!

It's fun coming up with ideas, but just in case you get stuck there are tons of things provided to make sure your restaurant succeeds from the conception to the opening day of the event.

Suggestions on how to decide the name of the business along with supplies are all inside this kit. Waitress order pads, menus, posters, apron pattern, stickers, coupons, take out boxes or bags, thank you cards for the patrons and lots more items for her imaginary restaurant.

The 32 page book shows step-by-step instructions for making decorations, the apron and creating delicious meals for your doll diners.

For more fun add the doll accessory kit that has a cutting board, rolling pin, cookie cutters for the right size dessert for the dolls.

Find Dining Ideas Kit

Review of AG Doll Dining craft kit.

A look inside the book and kit.

Doll Dining kit contents.

Book review.

Doll Dining for the American Girl Chef

Doll Dining
Doll Dining
AG Kit comes with a 32 page book. Ages 8+
THE QUEEN'S TREASURES 18 Inch Doll Clothes & Accessories, 6 Pc Pastry Chef Clothing Outfit - Jacket, Hat, Pants, Shoes and Oven Mitt, Compatible for Use with American Girl Dolls. Doll NOT Included
THE QUEEN'S TREASURES 18 Inch Doll Clothes & Accessories, 6 Pc Pastry Chef Clothing Outfit - Jacket, Hat, Pants, Shoes and Oven Mitt, Compatible for Use with American Girl Dolls. Doll NOT Included
Don't forget that the outfit makes the girl.Full chef accessory for the AG doll. Includes a chef's coat, checkered pants, hat, shoes and even a doll-sized oven mitt. Clothes sized perfectly to fit 18" dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls. Reusable garment bag and plastic hanger for safe keeping. Designed and manufactured by The Queen's Treasures.

Craft Kits for Doll Acessories & Ideas - Dare to Be Different

Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to design or create my own things. Whatever was at my disposal I would use to create some sort of project.

My father once accused me of being a pack rat. When I disagreed he then questioned why I was collecting gum wrappers. It was for making colorful chains of course! The best ones were from Juicy Fruit and Fruit Stripes gum.

A teacher can find all sorts of things to make class projects from when challenged, especially in Art.

A young mind is a wonderful playing field for the imagination to create. The AG Craft Kit comes with an assortment of supplies for your child to make dozens of things to show off her talent.

The book describes how to make all the crafts. Inside there is a note pad, wrapping paper, all sorts of papers with designs for the various projects for the dolls.

Make a checker board game, gift tags for the things you make to give away, file folders in assorted colors, assorted cards, clock face, picture frame, gift boxes, flowers, tissue box, foam board, cork board, cardboard, money cards, envelopes, pencil wraps, purse, wallet, desk blotter, stickers, posters and more items to make all these projects.

She then shows how to make some of the projects.

Part 2 Art supplies and making a jump rope.

Child describes everything that comes in the kit. This is part 1.

Doll Crafts

Doll Crafts (American Girl)
Doll Crafts (American Girl)
Your child's creativity can come to life with hours of fun making these crafts 32 page book included. Appropriate for ages 8+.

Careers and Work Ideas

AG Doll Work Kit
AG Doll Work Kit

Deciding what career to pursue is a big thing for a girl. My sisters and I pretended to be practically everything a little girl can image, including being detectives. We would hide my brother under the front porch and pretend our headquarters were on the side porch. He would be our spy in captivity and we would feed him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Now don't get excited, it was an open porch with lattice and he also had tons of trucks to play with as we checked HQ for details.

Besides the normal teacher/classroom pretend playtime we also stepped into the fantasy worlds of dancers, singers, actors, restaurant owners and flight attendants. I better not forget bride (never a bridesmaid) though.

Discover your child's ambitions as she dabbles in various interests on the path to an exciting career as an adult. Her interests might take her into banking or office executive, caterer, flower shop owner, community worker or advisor.

See what comes with this kit and the projects your child can make for her AG doll.

Review on the craft kit.

American Girl doll and work craft kit.

American Girl Doll at Work - "No job is too small."

Your new kit will include information and supplies for setting up a business Inside this book; A doll T-shirt that has the printed words "No job is too small" on the front. You'll learn how your doll can start a business or just serve her community.

Plenty of stickers for making a keyboard, signs, folders, to do list tablet, business cards, invoices, pictures for being a photographer, swimming pool signs, pizza boxes, gardening signs, envelopes, pet treats and vets signs, post office items, patio signs or landscaping, pets clinic, lawn service, guest list for a party planner are all part of this fun package.

Google Images of AG Doll FLight Attendant
Google Images of AG Doll FLight Attendant

Travel to Destinations Beyond Imagination

By the time I entered high school my interests for a career had become divided. Although I longed to teach, I also wanted to travel the world.

The interview and everything else went great, but one thing changed. My decision was sort of made for me when I failed to meet the required height for being a flight attendant.

Even though I didn't get to travel the way I first wanted, my desire has never left. If your child has an interest in seeing the world, this kit will give her a glimpse of what could be a part of her future.

Up, Up and Away ...

A real map of London and Paris, deck of cards, passport, zip close travel bag and directions for events that she might like to do are included in this package. How to make a magazine, travel agency posters, foregin money, gps, iPod, stickers, post cards, airline ticket are also part of the fun in Travel Craft Kit.

Books gives instructions for traveling and what to bring for your doll.

Doll Travel: Trips to take and crafts to make!

Doll Travel: Trips to take and crafts to make! (American Girl)
Doll Travel: Trips to take and crafts to make! (American Girl)
Supplies to create pretend destinations that have theme parks, beaches, cruises, souvenirs, play money and even passports. 32 pages. Ages 8+
AG Hair Salon Kit
AG Hair Salon Kit

Hair Design and Beauty Salon

Little girls enjoy hours of playing make-overs as they create new hair "dos" for their friends, family, dolls and even pets. For some that passion never leaves them.

When I was in 9th grade there was a girl in one of my classes that would always be messing with my hair. She would give anyone a new hair style if they allowed her to practice on them for her beauty school classes. I was the perfect candidate because she could create a ton of style on my long hair.

Give your child the tools she needs to become a hair design expert with this kit. She'll love the hairstyling ideas, salon accessories and case that actually converts into the styling center.

See all the fun your girl can have creating new hair styles on her doll.

Practice makes perfect as your doll's hair is transformed into beautiful new styles.

Doll Hair Salon

Doll Hair Salon: For Girls Who Love to Play With Their Dolls' Hair! (American Girl)
Doll Hair Salon: For Girls Who Love to Play With Their Dolls' Hair! (American Girl)
Includes a How to 25 minute DVD, hair accessories, brush, spray bottle, tri-pod, mirror and 32 page books that shows hair styles. 32 pages book Ages 8+
Google images AG Doll ScrapbookingKit
Google images AG Doll ScrapbookingKit

Scrapbooking with Your Girl

Cutting and pasting a few pictures here and there is a thing of the past with today's scrap bookers.

The modern day method is to actually create masterpieces for each page with original ideas using stickers, letters, photos, jewelry, swatches of material, beads, paint and anything that captures the imagination.

Each child has a vision of what they want to design and with the right ingredients what they see in their minds becomes reality on the simple piece of paper.

So much happens in the life of a child, and AG scrapbooking kits can help them capture their exciting memories. Using the idea booklet the girls can create pages with items like postcards, certificates, movie tickets or other mini products that resemble an event.

Ideas and supplies for making the dream scrapbook.

Scrapbooking - Doll Scrapbook (American Girl Library) Hardcover-spiral

Stickers of photos, designs, letters, cards, certificates, idea booklet, report card for finishing the course, sticker words and sayings, a scrapbook, pretend news clippings, passport, and more ideas from scrapbooking for your AG doll.

AG Doll Play Book Review - Interactive time for child and doll.

This particular 64 page spiral bound activity book kit is mainly crafts, games and ideas that you can do for your doll to spend time with her and show how much you love her. It's all about tapping into the child's world and letting her have fun.

Bake her a cake, take her to a movie, make an animal clinic for her pet, bowling party, make her a watch, It's one of the less expensive craft books in this line, but all the activities make it worth getting. If you don't think so, ask your child!

Girl discusses all the activities in this book.

More of a review about all the activities in this craft book.

Click on Photo for Details

American Girl Doll Play available here on Amazon.
American Girl Doll Play available here on Amazon.

American Girl Books & Pets Packages - Select from these favorite furry friends and activities for your child.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ginger Kitty has lots of crafts in mind for your child to make.Honey Pup loves to do puzzles along with fun crafts.Chocolate Chip Pup loves making a splash and having lots of outdoor fun.Meatloaf Pup gets lots of enjoyment in following mazes.Pepper Pup isn't one for staying in one place but likes adventure.Praline Kitty is always ready to take on a new quest.Sugar Pup likes to keep in touch with people with plenty of handmade postcards.
Ginger Kitty has lots of crafts in mind for your child to make.
Ginger Kitty has lots of crafts in mind for your child to make.
Honey Pup loves to do puzzles along with fun crafts.
Honey Pup loves to do puzzles along with fun crafts.
Chocolate Chip Pup loves making a splash and having lots of outdoor fun.
Chocolate Chip Pup loves making a splash and having lots of outdoor fun.
Meatloaf Pup gets lots of enjoyment in following mazes.
Meatloaf Pup gets lots of enjoyment in following mazes.
Pepper Pup isn't one for staying in one place but likes adventure.
Pepper Pup isn't one for staying in one place but likes adventure.
Praline Kitty is always ready to take on a new quest.
Praline Kitty is always ready to take on a new quest.
Sugar Pup likes to keep in touch with people with plenty of handmade postcards.
Sugar Pup likes to keep in touch with people with plenty of handmade postcards.

Pets for the AG Doll

I may not have had a pet when I was a child, but that never stopped me from wanting one. That's probably true for most kids. American Girl Dolls also feel the same way and many have their own pet.

With pets comes responsibility and American Girls know that and take the role of pet owner seriously. Each of the American girl pets packages come with a spiral bound book that is full of fun, easy to follow activities for your child to do with their doll and doll's pet.

One girl's collection.

Collection of Doll Pets.

Honey pet review.

Pepper dog review.

American Girl Book & Pet Packages - You can get any of the pets from this link below.

Look for other American Girl pets with books such as Honey Book, Sugar Book, Praline Book, Chocolate Chip Book, Pepper Book, Meatloaf Book Packages.

Ginger Book & Pet Package (American Girl)
Ginger Book & Pet Package (American Girl)
Ginger package includes: 32 pages spiral bound book Mini poster and three sticker sheets. Ages 7+

Poll: Pick A Favorite

Which AG craft kit would your child like the most?

See results
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Purple Star by Squidoo

Purple Star Award March 10th, 2014

Thank You!

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