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What is better for live gig Behringer xenix1204fx or 1222fx?

I alreadz have 1002fx I am a Jazz musician and now my band is bigger and I need much mic preams and I decided to buy xenix 1222fx or xenix 1204fx. I want to have a better sounds and efexts, so I want to use my old 1002fx with this new mixers. What is Better for me? I want to use fx efects from 1002 and new mixers fx in the same time, In that way what to buy? 1222fx or 1204fx? Is 1222fx only for home studio recording, because I need mixer for a gig? Is a XPQ Sorround good For Live Gig Or I dont need it? Sorry for English.... And how to connect fx from 1002fx to


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