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Arcania Gothic 4 Stewark Town Silverlake

Updated on November 13, 2010

Arcania Gothic 4 Stewark Town

The hero of arcania gothic 4 continues his quest helping journey across Argaan. This time, he reaches the town of Stewark. Apparently there is a plot to kill the Baron, and the hero must uncover this plot. First off, he discovers that his combat teacher Diego is now a prisoner of the Baron in the dungeons, having been accused of one of the Baron's men's demise. The hero pays Diego a visit and now must unravel the truth about the rebels in Stewark town. This quest involves striving into caves and destroying the rebels. It's not too hard - just remember to highlight the quest and follow the road.

Arcania Gothic 4 Symbolic Body Suit and Armor

The arcania gothic 4 symbolic body suit and armor is obtained through from the baron of Stewark town after completing the quest above. You are offered 3 types of armor -

  • full plate body suit (suitable for melee specialization hero)
  • light armor body suit (suitable for sneaking and ranged attacks hero)
  • robe body suit (suitable for mage specialization hero)

This is possibly the best armour available for this part of the game.

Arcania Gothic 4 Town of Stewark Side Quests

There are lots of side quests in the town of Stewark, and in the countryside of Stewark. One more fun side quest is presented by the alchemist in Stewark, who asks that you check out his neighour's house. Once you have persuaded the neighbour to part with his key, you enter the house, and find ..... cultists. Eliminate them, and go to the alchemist to get your reward. Rewards from side quests are generally recipes for making potions or weapons and one or two items to make your character more powerful.

Arcania Gothic 4 Silverlake

The arcania gothic 4 story goes into silverlake. Here orcs from Myrtana have arrived in Argaan, and have been making parts of the land their territory. The lord of Silverlake castle has been captured by the orcs whilst returning from the Valley of Blood. Finish the quests in valley of blood - this generally involves defeating goblins, which is a piece of cake. Continue into silverlake - this is where the difficult to kill enemies are. 

First up, you have to approach the orc camp. 2 vicious orcs protect the area. Defeat them using swords, arrows and magic. Whatever you use, use lots of potions. The gatekeeper at the orc camp is bribed with some scarbooze from a orc shaman. Once inside, you have to put on the amulet of an orc, assume his identity and defeat the orc leader. Once the orc leader is defeated, free the lord's men from the orc slave traders. The quest is completed! And now onto the next part of arcania gothic 4.


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