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Arcania Gothic 4 Walkthrough

Updated on November 12, 2010

Arcania Gothic 4 Walkthrough

Arcania Gothic 4 Walkthrough
Arcania Gothic 4 Walkthrough

Arcania Gothic 4 Map

Arcania Gothic 4 - the Beginning

Arcania Gothic 4 starts with an introduction of the current events in the world of Arcania Gothic 4. The King of Myrtana has launched an all out assault to conquer the world. The war is spreading to the island of Feshyr, and through that into Argaan. The hero of the story begins with a dream of slaying undead and demon in a cave as a king. He wakes up to find Ivy his love asking him to meet her father in the village on the island of Feshyr.

The 3 tasks of the Hero

The Hero of Arcania Gothic 4 is asked to perform 3 relatively simple tasks to obtain Ivy's father's blessing to marry ivy -

  • obtain the dagger of Melgar
  • ask Diego, the Hero's trainer, to leave the island
  • obtain 3 deer antlers

This is relatively easy, and simply is used to guide the hero through the mechanics of the game.

The Assault on Feshyr

On returning to Ivy, and presenting her with a wedding gift, Ivy asks the hero to leave the island of Feshyr, for a honeymoon on Argaan. The hero consents, begging Diego to take them off the island. Diego instead sends him to ask the witch of the dark forest for some ingredients. This is in fact a task aimed to teach the hero the art of magic. At the end of the quest, on a ledge, the hero witness the destruction of his village. He rushes in to witness the death of Ivy. Swearing revenge, he is finally taken to the continent of Argaan.

The Cleaved Maiden and Surroundings

The Cleaved Maiden is the first inn that the hero enters in Argaan. This is an area filled with quests and miniquests. The woodcutters and the fisherman in this region appear to be at loggerheads with each other. The key in circumventing this region is to obtain some meads for the woodcutters and then going into the old mine to obtain some mushrooms which will be added to the mead. The mead is given to the gatekeepers at the brigands' camp. This opens up the brigands' camp, and allows the hero to slay them, gaining access to the town and Baron of Stewark.

Arcania Gothic 4 Graphics and Combat

The arcania gothic 4 walkthrough shows fantastic graphics, and stunning backdrop and medieval fantasy artwork. Combat is geared towards integrating 4 elements in medieval fantasy combat - stealth, melee and attack with melee weapons, bow and crossbow attack, and magic attack in the form of electricity, fire and frost spell attacks. The development of the arcania gothic 4 hero character into the ultimate warrior-mage is entirely up to the player. Suggestions on the most powerful and effective hero are given here. The arcania gothic 4 walkthrough goes through next to the Town and Baron of Stewark, and beyond that into Silverlake.


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