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Avatar Pictures

Updated on March 26, 2011

Avatar Pictures and Toys

Avatar Toys are going to be the hottest merchandise of the new decade. When a company spends 500 Million on a movie, you better believe that your child will be brainwashed by the hype.

Your dreams will be plagued by the shrill shrieks of "Avatar, Avatar"...This is our land!

Make your own life easier and succumb now, flip over to one of these ebay lots and buy toys in bulk. Each time your brainwashed child screams, feed them a new toy from your neverending supply. You better believe these will be collectors items, yes people will be trampled.

Do you realize the face of film has been changed forever, that your awesome Plasma and hdtvs are now worthless, the new era of televisions is 3D Stereoscopic technology. The theaters are recreating the movie experience and the home theater industry will quickly move in to match.

But thats enough preaching, enjoy the pictures and early Avatar products available below.

"This is our Land"!

Get used to the terms Jake Sully, Avatar, Na'vi, AMP, Pandora, Tsu'Tey and Trudy as they will haunt you for years.

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Avatar Pictures

Jake Sully and his growing Avatar
Jake Sully and his growing Avatar
Avatar Picture: Avatar: The Game
Avatar Picture: Avatar: The Game
Avatar Battle at Pandora
Avatar Battle at Pandora
Original Avatar Movie Poster
Original Avatar Movie Poster
Jake Sully's Avatar Picture
Jake Sully's Avatar Picture

James Cameron on the set

Avatar Green Screen
Avatar Green Screen
James Cameron on the set of Avatar
James Cameron on the set of Avatar
  AYANAMI REI                           __.-"..--,__
                               __..---"  | _|    "-_\
                        __.---"          | V|::.-"-._D
                   _--"".-.._   ,,::::::'"\/""'-:-:/
              _.-""::_:_:::::'-8b---"            "'
           .-/  ::::<  |\::::::"\
           \/:::/::::'\\ |:::b::\
             \:\.V-/ _\b%P_   /  .-._
             '|T\   "%j d:::--\.(    "-.
             ::d<   -" d%|:::do%P"-:.   "-,
             |:I _    /%%%o::o8P    "\.    "\
              \8b     d%%%%%%P""-._ _ \::.    \
              \%%8  _./Y%%P/      .::'-oMMo    )
                H"'|V  |  A:::...:odMMMMMM(  ./
                H /_.--"JMMMMbo:d##########b/
             .-'o      dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP""
           /" /       YMMMMMMMMM|
         /   .   .    "MMMMMMMM/
         :..::..:::..  MMMMMMM:|
          \:/ \::::::::JMMMP":/
           :Ao ':__.-'MMMP:::Y
          I HMMMP::/:/"Y/"
           \'""'  '':|
            |    -::::\
            |  :-._ '::\
            |,.|    \ _:"o
            | d" /   " \_:\.
            ".Y. \       \::\
             \ \  \      MM\:Y
              Y \  |     MM \:b
              >\ Y      .MM  MM
              .IY L_    MP'  MP
              |  \:|   JM   JP
              |  :\|   MP   MM
              |  :::  JM'  JP|
              |  ':' JP   JM |
              L   : JP    MP |
              0   | Y    JM  |
              0   |     JP"  |
              0   |    JP    |
              m   |   JP     #
              I   |  JM"     Y
              l   |  MP     :"
              |\  :-       :|
              | | '.\      :|
              | | "| \     :|
               \    \ \    :|
               |  |  | \   :|
               |  |  |   \ :|
               |   \ \    | '.
               |    |:\   | :|
               \    |::\..|  :\
                ". /::::::'  :||
                  :|::/:::|  /:\
                  | \/::|: \' ::|
                  |  :::||    ::|
                  |   ::||    ::|
                  |   ::||    ::|
                  |   ::||    ::|
                  |   ': |    .:|
                  |    : |    :|
                  |    : |    :|
                  |    :||   .:|
                  |   ::\   .:|
                 |    :::  .::|
                /     ::|  :::|
             __/     .::|   ':|
    ...----""        ::/     ::
   /m_  AMm          '/     .:::
   ""MmmMMM#mmMMMMMMM"     .:::m
      """YMMM""""""P        ':mMI
               _'           _MMMM
           _.-"  mm   mMMMMMMMM"
          /      MMMMMMM""

                        M!!!!!!!!!~` <!!!!!:!!!!!!~!!!!!$$b!M                   
                        M!\!!!!!!<<:/~::!~<!<'!!!!<!!!!!M?$H4  ....   .....     
                        MX!!!!!.~ ~.xHR!:!!!!!!'!!~!!!!!.M?4M  fh/M   4M@L.     
                        MM!!!!<!!!WM#>:/!<t!!\!!!!`!>!!!X!!<M  >MMh   4tMP      
                         f!!!!!!!\$  %u'?J%!H!!!!!'! !!!:>!!/  MMMM  MXHMXMd2N> 
                        nH!!!!!:!!7Wi$$$$NWP!~!<)R!<!!!!!!\!   !?!M 'k!#XMMdM?> 
                        4X!!!!<!~!h$$$$$$$$R!X>-+)~!!!!!!!HX<  /MM?..XM<MMTMM4r 
                        4M!!<<<!<~/X$$$$$$RU(( 3!~!'!~\X!!M?d  MMM/MMMMMMdM*M>. 
                         'h!<<<~<(<M5$$$$$$B$$$R!` !<?XX~HH)M  MkMM4%M(M(MLM>M?C
                           "M?<<hh9$$$e@$$$$MT~<<:JMM """)d.<<MMWMMMMMM:!MMhHMX)
                            Mc<<<!~R$$$N@#!` < <n<M*=     ^kh<<=dMi!MMMHx!<</*" 
                            !$$$iL'>!#"`<L"!`n!d<d3        M8x<iMRMH<MM*MkxMh   
                          nh$~$$$$  nnH$MhMMM%CU3C*M<      4X$MM99R!MXMM:/      
                         4Mb$e.$$$ HM"`$ """9$$$$$$$CMJ      M$RRM!<<MMMMJ      
                      nnM!.P$$$$$?#RMMX3. <<<<"$5"  ^$K=     M#$?!<<:?M*<Mr     
                . ....M"<L$$$$Ib$$$#2@88N$$ << $9. < #$MM    3MP$HHMMH~<XM      
                MSb$$"<\$$$$$$X$$W$$$$$$$$F<<< $$RN@R@$Et    JP8^*MMMMMMHC      
              M"*$$$ <<@$$$$$$MP$$$$$$$$$$     R$$$NW$$R\    >~$$NI@MMMd>       
            MM  <$$ <<~$$$$$***"$$$$$$$$$"       $$$$$$!M    .$$$$I$R8x*(       
            MH' z5$    $$$$$2@S:$$$$$$$$         $$$$$$4M    M#$$$$$$$$R>       
            MXM9X$$    $$$$eo$e$$$I$N$$$i        $$$$$$4M    .dWF7$*$$R4>       
            MH$N$$$  .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$c      3$$$$$RXM    d$$$MMMMMP*>       
            "M$$$$$ $NdN$$$$3$$$$$$$$$$$$B      '$$$$$N94    "$$$$NM%>"         
              ?$$$l$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$R    X   "$$$"%M  *M #$$$RMM           
              M$$l$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$RMMMR$$$M    M     $$KxM  M   $$$MxM           
              M$%$$$$$$$d$$$$$$$$MMMMMMMM!   <.      #$hX  M   $$$MM*           
              M$$$$$$$$*"*$$$$$RMMMMMMMMP    hX       "$M  ~  J$$Mx*            
              "J/R$$$Rf<  ^$$$MMMMMMMM9`   iMM\r       "/M"   $$$MM             
               M$?MMMM>    $$$$MxWN@dMMM XMMMX)M        #f    $$R%L             
               M$  ""3k    $$$$$*$$$NQ2N@$$M)  4x             $$MMM             
               *$   %$$   x$$#...` ..  'MMMMH  -*.           $$$PP>             
                R  :'$$L' $$$!    `'   .M!h"n    M           $$MH"              
                f ~  '$$ d$$$       .!` M        '/          $MMh               
                M  '  $$L$$$$e...nnMMMMf"        MHN        <RM^P               
                4     '$K$$$$$$$MMMMM*M>         '"/$       :M!MM               
                dL     $$$$$$$$$$8MMMLM>           M$       H*M=                
                xM     4$#$$$$$$$$M8$$(>           M7L    xM)*'                 
                       '$%$$$$$$$$$$$$$M           *4$  u$MhM                   
                  L    J$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$t.           hN$$PH                     
                  M    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>n          MHRC""                     
                  M    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$M..        " ""                       
                  %    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$@$$2>                                   
                 P     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$@$HnC                                 
                M~     $$$9$$$$$$$$$E$$$$$$$NP4                                 
              nn)      '$$%$$$$$$$$$R$$$$$$$$$HM.                               
              MM$       #$NR$$$$$$$$X$$$$$$$$$$M? .                             
              M)$       x$$K$$$$$$$$?$$$$$$$$$$$MhM                             
              M$$       Mb$$4$$$$$$$33$$$$$$$$$$NMLhx                           
              M$$      :P>N$$G$$$$$$$N$$$$$$$$$$$$M M                           
              M$$      M "!R$$*$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$~ /:                          
              f$F     xr  /HRRNB$$$$$$f$$$$$$$$$$$  M4M                         
              d$"    .)\ 4!(?R*$$$$$$&$$$$$$$$$$$  dMHM                         
            dP$$     M  nMt)xX$$@$$$$$2$$$$$$$$$  z$MMf                         
            Md$$    :M  M)4MMMXR$B$$$$M9$$$$$$$> .$$RMMMM                       
            M$$~    MC  M%MMMMX97NR$$$M9$$$$$$P  $$$$MM?M                       
          ..3$$$.  .h-  MX9MMMMM?X$$$$M8$$$$$$  $$$$$MM~M                       
          JM$$$RMh M    PCXMMMMMMXxRRMM$$$$$$F x$$$$$MM 4                       
        M3NW$$$MMMJM    JhhMRMMMMH9?!*M9$$$$$  $$$$$$M" H                       
       C3$$$$$*$$RMM   .RMMMMMMMHMMP)H!9$$$$$e$$$$$$$` JMMM                     
      'M$$<<~?*$$etM  nd4MMMMMMMMXHHH!X8$$$$$$$$$$$$   MMM"                     
      '*M)Ri><<$$$\*  MktXMMMMMMMMM!MH9$$$$$$$$$$$$" .MMMM.                     
        4?bMHRm$$$M'  M3MMMMMMMMMHM9XMM$$$$$$$$$$$F :MMMMtM                     
      Mn9$$$$MMM**    MWMXMMMMMMMMMMXhP$$$$$$$$$$$  RMMMM4M                     
    .nt@$$$$$M?M""    MRHMMMMMMMMMMMXSM$$$$$$$$$$  @MMMMM4M                     
  .n*$$$$$$$$E#4      MRMMMMMMMMMMMMS*H$$$$$$$$$` d$MMMMM4M                     
. MQ$$$$$$$$%XM/      MRMMMMMMMMMMMMhXk$$$$$$$$F  $$MMMMM4M                     
Mt@$$$#$$$$3H"        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMPEM$$$$$$$$$e$$MMMMMM4M                     
M$$$#>!d$$PM          MMMMMMMMMMMMMM@HM$$$$$$$$$$$$MMMMMMXM                     

What am I up to?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      wow this movie is the best one ever i actually thought when i first saw it that these na'vi people and the floating mountains actually existed i can't wait for the second movie and if there is third then i can't wait for that one too! i mean i wish some of those places actually exiated i mean if it did then i would have packed my bags booked a shuttle faster than you can say omaticaya

    • profile image


      8 years ago


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Brilliant idea for a hub plus great hub with good photos, nice one !

    • Coolmon2009 profile image


      9 years ago from Texas, USA

      I saw it a week ago. I enjoyed it... kinda made me think of what the American Indian went though back in the 18th, 19th and well into the 20th century

    • frogdropping profile image


      9 years ago

      Crumbs SF I tried 3 times to reply! Ok again - I saw Avatar a few days ago and I was suitably impressed by what amounted to an incredible showcase on the latest inroads re CGI. Superb.

      My (grown) kids went to see it over a week before and they all came back bubbling about the graphics and digital mastery. No doubt had they all been younglings I'd be soon shelling out suitable sums of money in order to appease their need to play with Avatar toys.

      I did offer but they just looked at me funny and decline ;)

    • fiksy02 profile image

      Fikayo Balogun 

      9 years ago from London

      went to watch it in d cinema, got in a few minute after it started and had to leave about and hour to the end, u know the part they when to bomb the mother tree. cann't wait to watch it complete from the beginnin. i agree with you that this will be a business investment for so many. we'll be seeing customised avatar shirt and pp will also soon be wearing the avatar costume to costume parties. we'll also have funny avatars playing with kid in kid's birthday parties. good hub sunforged


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