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Aynsley China for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Updated on November 27, 2014

Aynsley China Commemorates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Established in 1775, Aynsley China is a piece of British history in its own right. In our own century, the famous Staffordshire pottery has introduced a special collection of fine English bone china to mark a variety of special events. One of the most striking was issued to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. Limited in range and richly decorated in a royal purple pattern featuring the coat of arms of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, this china memorabilia is sure to find a proud place with most discerning collectors.

No wonder that even Queen Victoria chose pieces of Aynsley china for her own home.

The photograph here shows Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Mug. China collectors in the US may order it in, or look for the tankard in local china stores or on eBay. Fortunately, most of the other pieces in this special collection are readily available worldwide, including in the United States and in the Commonwealth countries -- while the supplies last, that is! Keep reading to see your choices in this lovely china pattern.

Aynsley China's Diamond Jubilee Crown Plate

Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Crown Plate
Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Crown Plate | Source

A commemorative plate is the classic piece of china to mark an historic occasion, whether it's an important milestone in your own life or the Queen's sixty years on the throne. As a Mother's Day gift, a decorative and practical china plate makes a thoughtful choice for any mother, whether for display or to use for fancy cakes on special occasions. Who knows, this may be the start of a wonderful collection of commemorative fine china to give pleasure for years to come.

Collection Checklist - Pieces in the Aynsley China Diamond Jubilee Collection

Information here includes the list prices for the various items in the collection as set by the manufacturer, which is why they are given here in British pounds sterling. For current prices in US dollars, see the individual pieces highlighted elsewhere on this page.

  • Crown Plate: diameter 26.5cm/10.5" (£44.95)
  • Crown Bell: height 11cm/4.25" (£24.95)
  • Loving Cup: height 9cm/3.5" (£34.95)
  • Loving Cup, Large: height 13cm, diameter 13.5cm (£395.00) - Limited Edition of 60 pieces
  • Stafford Tankard/Mug: height 9.5cm/3.75" (£29.95)
  • Sweet Dish / Coaster: diameter 13.5cm/5.3" (£14.95)

My Favourite Piece is the Loving Cup - Available at

Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Loving Cup
Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Loving Cup

A traditional two-handled loving cup in Aynsley's special commemorative pattern will make a lovely keepsake gift for a baby born in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year, or a gift for newlyweds married in 2012.

Aynsley Works (south-west side) in Longton, UK
Aynsley Works (south-west side) in Longton, UK | Source

About the Company

Established 1775

Since its establishment by John Aynsley in 1775, at Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Aynsley has become known around the world for its fine bone china tableware and gifts.

One of the best known and respected names among the historic Staffordshire potteries, Aynsley China has been chosen for use in each of their personal homes by Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles the Prince of Wales. Pieces have been specially commissioned by governments and companies all over the world as well as by Royalty of other nations.

The company's old "works" is now one of the last working bone china factories in England, where you may take a tour to see skilled artisans at work using the traditional method of throwing and painting china by hand.

Diamond Jubilee Crown Bell - Aynsley China

If you happen to own the Aynsley China Royal Wedding Bell that was produced to commemorate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, that will give you a reference point for this item. The Diamond Jubilee Crown Bell is similar in shape and size to that one. Together, they'd make a great start for a collection of china bells - just something a little bit different than a collection of commemorative plates, and easier to store and display than the plates, too.

Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Crown Bell
Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Crown Bell

On the front of the Aynsley Crown Bell (shown) is the Queen's Coat of Arms; on the back is a list of the Kings & Queens of England from 1066 to the present Queen Elizabeth II.


Aynsley China Sweet Dish - Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Memorabilia

Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Sweet Dish
Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Sweet Dish

This 5-inch sweet dish of fine bone china will be a welcome gift for the china cabinet of your favourite monarchist. Made in England, as are all these Aynsley pieces, the bowl is decorated with Her Majesty's coat of arms.


60 Years on the Throne - Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Tribute

To commemorate the Diamond Jubilee... What piece of fine china will you add to your collection?

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    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 5 years ago

      Very pretty - enjoyed reading your work here!

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      Mary Crowther 5 years ago from Havre de Grace

      I enjoyed reading about this bit of history! Very Special!

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      miaponzo 5 years ago

      These are regal, aren't they?