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Baby Einstein Dvds

Updated on December 13, 2014

DVDs from Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein dvds have been very popular among parents, and the vast majority that acquire them rave about the quality and visuals.

Included with the great audio, which focus primarily on renditions of classical music placed in the midst of beautiful scenes from a variety of settings, is a number of themes which represent things like farm animals to Vincent Van Gogh.

Others aren't so artsy, and include lullaby music and music from around the world which introduces little children to a variety of sound and cultures.

In other words, there are introductions for children in a variety of subjects and topics which, along with the music and visuals, provide a stimulating atmosphere for them to engage in.

Below are the more popular of the Baby Einstein DVDs to check out.

Baby Einstein - Baby Van Gogh - World of Colors

It seems the most popular Baby Einstein DVDs, for the most part, include animals blended together with music, and that's the case with Baby Van Gogh, which offers a Vincent Van Goat puppet who introduces colors to the children. There is a variety of classical music which many parents have really appreciated, and Baby Van Gogh continues to be among the most popular of all the Baby Einstein DVD products.

Baby Van Gogh

Baby Einstein - Neighborhood Animals

Blending a variety of props like puppets, pictures and colored toys, the Neighborhood Animal offers a baby their first look at animals that may be discovered in your yard or nearby. This is always a hit with children, and brings responses of delight as they discover a world of animal friends close at hand.

Many users have said it has helped their youngsters name and identify a number of animals they recently didn't know how to. Great for parents to interact with their children.

Neighborhood Animals DVD

Baby Einstein: World Animal Adventure

This Baby Einstein DVD goes beyond the backyard and farm animals and brings a variety of animals from around the world for your baby and young children to be introduced to.

Some of the fascinating and exotic animals included are kangaroos from Australia, Artic snow monkeys and pandas from Asia.  Also part of the fascinating experience is the music rhythms and songs represented by where the animals are from.

World Animal Adventure

Baby Einstein - Baby MacDonald - A Day on the Farm

Again we have the compelling connection between animals and children in this Baby Einstein DVD called Baby McDonald - A Day on the Farm.

This Baby Einstein DVD was made to aid and connect the play of babies and young children with their toy farms and animals into the real world of farm animals. There is classical music included in this DVD, along with traditional farm songs like "Old MacDonald."

There are six different sections included with the Baby McDonald DVD which shows different elements of the farm like animals, barns and planting crops. There is also a 6-minute puppet show and cards with animals and various farm implements to help the youngsters easily identify those things using a single word.

Baby MacDonald

Baby Einstein - Baby Neptune - Discovering Water

This look at water from the perspective of a child includes everything from water coming out of the tap at the home to gushing geysers and flowing waterfalls.

Also sure to enchant the little ones are the puppet duck and octopus who take the children on their journey.

Part of the selections they will see include sections on puddles, raindrops, lakes, rivers and oceans, all while listening to the music of Telemann, Handel, Johann Strauss and Beethoven. 

Add a number of real-life animals in scenes, along with toy animals, and this is something even your preschoolers would probably enjoy looking at.

Baby Neptune

Baby Einstein - Baby Beethoven - Symphony of Fun

With classical music being proven to encourage cognitive development in little children, Baby Beethoven and other classical masters are used as an aid for that purpose with Baby Einstein DVDs.

In Baby Beethoven, there a five excerpts included from his most well known symphonies, where images of babies playing, puppets and toys moving around are part of the overall experience. There are other parts of music included as well.

Baby Beethoven - Symphony of Fun

Baby Einstein DVDs Continue to be Popular Among Parents of Young Children

One of the reasons I think Baby Einstein DVDs continue to resonate with parents of babies and toddlers, is it is something they can enjoy with the baby, while encouraging them to develop in regard to classical music and the many themes and scenarios included from video and images which seem to help them over the long run.


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