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Bachmann Trains EZ Command DCC Digital Command Controller Review

Updated on December 20, 2013
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I'm Happy With The Bachmann Ez Command Controller!

I started my layout as analog with an old power pack, some track and a non-DCC locomotive I purchased years before. As the layout expanded I started hearing about DCC (Digital Command Control) in online forums and although I was dedicated to my layout being analog, due to the expense of changing, began to educate myself.

At some point I realized that the layout was almost three times as large as I had originally intended and I'd either need to start creating switching blocks, start running separate loops with separate transformers or be content to run just one lonely train on this large layout. None of those alternatives seemed very attractive.

Simultaneously, my studies had educated me to the advantages of going DCC. In fact, I calculated that after the initial cost of purchasing a controller and two DCC equipped locomotives, DCC was cheaper than analog in the long run with less hoops to jump through.

I finally decided to take the plunge about six months ago. I ordered the Bachmann EZ Command DCC Controller, two DCC engines and a few other items from and waited anxiously for the order to magically appear at my doorstep. Finally the UPS truck arrived. The excitement mounted as I eagerly opened the package.

The locos were so cool! And the controller was about what I expected, easy to hold and simple to operate. It even came with an instructional DVD by Bachmann Trains that clearly showed how to hook it up to the track. A few minutes later my analog power pack was history and two new DCC engines were zipping around my DCC layout!

Yes, it's really that easy. Bachman DCC Controller Personal Review - A Fantastic DCC Controller

This may well be the only DCC controller you ever need. I'm currently running three DCC locomotives and one analog loco with it and it and all four have far more speed than I'll ever need to run. As far as power, I can add as many cars as I like to any of the four locomotives and they pull with ease.

Bachman DCC Locomotives Worth Considering

I highly recommend you purchase two or more DCC equipped locomotives with the controller. Do not buy "DCC ready" because that means you'll have to purchase the decoder and install it. Maybe you can do that later after you gain experience, right now stick with "DCC equipped" or "DCC on board" so you can simply set up your controller, put the trains down and start having fun!

One DCC equipped loco will run by itself just fine but I recommend getting two, otherwise, why go DCC at all? You can run one engine with an analog power pack. The whole point of DCC is the ability to run multiple engines on the same track!

Bachmann Trains GE 70-Ton DCC Equipped Diesel Locomotive Louisville And Nashville #98
Bachmann Trains GE 70-Ton DCC Equipped Diesel Locomotive Louisville And Nashville #98

This is an HO scale engine. I purchased this very Bachman Louisville and Nashvillle engine in N scale and it works great, It's designed as a "yard switcher" with the intended use to be shunting cars around a yard to make up trains and such. But I usually run it as a regular long-run loco.

Bachmann Industries EMD GP7 Diesel Locomotive Chessie 6411 N Scale - DCC on Board
Bachmann Industries EMD GP7 Diesel Locomotive Chessie 6411 N Scale - DCC on Board

I'd recommend the second Bachmann DCC locomotive I intially purchased but can't seem to find it, maybe it's discontinued. But this one, in N Scale, is about the same design and you have to LOVE the colors!

Bachmann 4-4-0 American Locomotive And Tender - Union Pacific #119 - N Scale
Bachmann 4-4-0 American Locomotive And Tender - Union Pacific #119 - N Scale

My old power pack, track and locomotive didn't go to waste after the conversion to DCC. You can run one non-DCC loco with the Bachman EZ Command. Much of the track was used for the DCC setup.

But I also set up a separate loop of track on the layout and connected it to the old power pack then purchased this steam locomotive. A very cool little loco!


A DCC Train Set - A great value!

Everything you need to get started in DCC. Controller, track, two DCC locomotives and some rolling stock at a great price! It's like getting two DCC locos for about $20 each!

Any Comments On DCC Controllers or DCC in General? - Post 'em here!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I bought a spectrum GEDASH 8-40C DIESEL LOC..dcc ready. I AM NEW IN dcc. I need a decoder for it to make it dcc on board. I;VE TRYED TO FIND what I need. So far no one knows what I need. I would sure like some help.