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Bakugan Battle Gear Jetkor

Updated on January 3, 2014
Deluxe Jetkor Battle Gear
Deluxe Jetkor Battle Gear

Jetkor is One of the First 2 Battle Gears to Exist

Jetkor was an early-released battle gear known to be one of the first 2 battle gears to exist. Its main attribute is known to be silver, but can vary along with bronze and gold. Jetkor is available in deluxe and can also come in Deka version, which can only be applied to Deka Bakugan, of course.

Silver Jetkor
Silver Jetkor

Its G-power varies between 50 and 70Gs; and like most battle gear, it has a different secure value for all attributes. Currently, silver Jetkor has the lowest G-power of 50, bronze/copper has 60G, and the highest G-power in existence belongs to the gold Jetkor (70G), which is relatively harder to find in stores. Jetkor aids Pyrus bakugan such as Helix Dragonoid. Although Jetkor is not exactly in frequent use, I think it has enough physical strength to take down and defeat many enemies. It is a bakugan battle gear worth getting in stores or online. I have a silver Jetkor with 50Gs. Usually, Jetkor is all red with only the details showing the color of the attributes, but there is the wave 2 silver version which is the other way around.

Buy Bakugan Jetkor Online

Jetkor was Used by Dan in Episode 45

Jetkor made its first appearance in episode 45, where Dan used it to battle 2 digital clones. Jetkor has 4 main abilities: Jetkor, Jetkor Delta, Jetkor level 2, and Jetkor flame impact. Laser Blast is considered a secondary ability. In the end of this battle, Dan and Drago won with only a few abilities. Other episodes were all recorded in the new season 3 episodes, like episode 3, when Dan battles Arnaut, who also used battle gear. Dan used only 1 ability and beat Arnaut and battle crasher. Jetkor is always in frequent use by Dan

Jetkor also comes in complete silver, with eyes in red. This particular style seems to be extremely rare, I've never seen it being sold online or store. If you see one, my guess is it must be quite expensive. It would be worth the money if it is indeed limited edition.

(We have created a youtube account GoBakugan just for bakugan reviews. We will soon begin to tape our own bakugan reviews and put them here. The videos would be guaranteed high quality.)

Silver Jetkor Youtube Video Review

A Not So Good Deluxe Jetkor Video

Closed Jetkor
Closed Jetkor

Jetkor is a bit Unsteady

Jetkor is often described as unsteady, and often does fall, but the body has many features, such as the two lasers/cannons at the front of the gear. The sides have fold-in triangle wings with the dimension code on the bottom of the gear. Other common characteristics are the two freeze rays that are at both sides of the planes. To close the battlegear, flip up the bottom half of the stem, and hold it down. In order to close its wings, you’ll have to push in the lasers first. IT is relatively easier to close than most battlegear. Overall, it is light, and a good bakugan gear to have.

The AU Plateau Gate Card
The AU Plateau Gate Card

A Deka Jetkor Unboxing Video


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    • snakebaby profile imageAUTHOR

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 

      8 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      Glad to hear that:) My two kids love them, especially my younger son. I've got them around 120 now, there are still around 80 or something out there we don't own. Buying all of them is expensive, with I could get them all cheap, hehe

    • howcurecancer profile image


      8 years ago

      Bakugan is my nephew'favourite game.


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