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Balance Bike Reviews

Updated on December 5, 2014

Which Balance Bike Is The Best?

"Which Balance bike is the best?" .... Now there's a hard question. Purely because what works for my little one and me may not work for you and your little one. There are lots of different models from many different brands.

There has been a revolution quietly building up momentum in the way that youngsters are learning balance, and eventually ride two wheeled bikes! Any parent who has seen their child on a balance bike says it is one of the best buys they made.

Here on this balance bike review we'll look at some of the best selling brands of balance bike as well as some of the benefits that come with owning a balance bike for the parents as well as the children.

Strider Balance bike Review
Strider Balance bike Review

Strider Balance Bike Review

Buy A Strider Balance Bike

The Strider Balance Bike lightweight design and low center of gravity make it very easy to turn and control, giving kids a safe and secure feeling. And the bike's adjustable seat height starts at 11 inches from the ground, that's short enough for even the shortest of legs.

Also with a low and flat handlebar design there is much more control. And as the your child becomes more confident, the Strider's has foot rests provide a place for both feet while coasting along.

* Weight: Less that 7 pounds (about 1/3 the weight of a typical 12-inch pedal bike with training wheels).

* Frame Design: Unique frame design

* Integrated Launch Pad footrests for gliding and learning advanced riding skills.

* Tires: Puncture-proof all-terrain tires with sealed bearings and 5/16-inch steel axles.

* Construction: Durable welded steel frame and handlebars

* Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

* Sizing: Adjustable handlebar and seat height to fit riders from 30 to 44 inches tall

Read the Full Strider Balance Bike Review Here

Balance and Running Bikes- The Benefits

Why are balance bikes so popular?

Regular bicycles have too many things on them, "things" that easily distract a young learner. Children have to focus on so many things at once with conventional bikes that they often get lost and frustrated during the learning process.

There are of course the training wheels, but those only help children while they are learning how to pedal, and once taken off, the problem of balancing comes up again.

Running bikes / Balance bikes only have the two wheels for stability and mobility, a handle bar to hold onto, and a seat, which most children don't even use at the first stages. Even the footrests are integrated into the bike's frame. Nothing more than the bare essentials.

Balance bikes are unusually light weight, the wide tires are all there to provide comfort and confidence for the little ones on their adventures.

An adjustable seat and handle bar height, and durable structure is important so it can with stand and still be used whilst your child is growing up, and could even help out a smaller sibling after its first user has become a big boy or girl and got themselves a new "real" bicycle.

Hot Balance Bikes At Cool Amazon Prices - Hard To Beat Amazon Balance Bike Deals

Balance bikes are available from Amazon and as usual Amazon have negotiated some great prices and many of the balance bikes and running bikes at Amazon come with a very nice discount on the RRP.

Balance bike images below will take you to Amazon US...

Balance Bikes - So Simple Yet So Ingenious

Balance Bikes - So Simple Yet So Ingenious
Balance Bikes - So Simple Yet So Ingenious

Kettler Sprint Balance Bike

The Kettler Sprint balance bike is considered a starter bike that has both comfort and safety. It is affordable and Kettler guarantees build quality. Safe and stable while riding a beginner's bike before moving up to the next step, that's the Kettler mission. With an array of different designs every Kettler sprint balance bike has the following:

* Looks just like a regular bike but no pedals

* Limited front wheel turning radius

* Low centre of gravity

* Non puncture tires

* low step trough frame design

* adjustable saddle

* rear wheel handbrake

* Spring loaded kick stand

* Shipped FREE with 23% discount at Amazon check It Here

Kettler Sprint balance Bike Review Continued Here

Kazam Balance BIKE Review

This customized toddlers bicycle has the steering and balancing challenges of a normal bicycle but it has no pedals, chain or training wheels to get in the way of learning.

Overall the Kazam balance bike is a very good buy for children 3-6 years old teaching children to balance and increases coordination. The step-through design features and foot rest area are a good addition, and the complete bike weighs 9.9lbs, - Just a little heavier than the Strider balance bike.

Listed as some of the Kazam Balance bike features

* Kazam bikes provide a fun and different way to learn to ride peddled bicycle, based on concept of balance first, pedal second

* A Kazam bicycle assists children ages three to six to balance, increase coordination, and eventually ride traditional bicycle

* No pedals, chain, or training wheels, allowing child to master balance needed to ride bike without the distraction of peddling

* Uniquely designed with a footrest area

* Makes the transition to peddled bicycle quick and seamless

The full Kazam Running Bike Review Here

German LikeaBike
German LikeaBike

LIKEaBIKE Jumper Balance Bike

German Walking Bike

The frame of the Jumper is made from light weight aluminium and has a rear suspension. The suspension is adjustable by using the 2 elastomer springs that are supplied with the Jumper. It is fitted with a comfortable saddle.

The LikeaBike Jumper balance bike has been made to the same high standard that has made LIKEaBIKE a brand name that stands out from the crowd.

LIKEaBIKE Jumper - German Walking Bike Features:

* The cool alternative

* Frame completely made from aluminium

* Features a rear wheel suspension

* 12-inch lightweight alloy wheels

* Schwalbe Big Apple tires with puncture protection

* Seat height adjustable from 13.4 to 18.5 inches

* Weight is only 7.5 lbs

All LIKEaBIKEs come with a two year guarantee which is pretty amazing for a product aimed at children! -

Full LikeaBike review here...

Running Bike Or Balance Bike Any Difference? - No - It's just in the name.

Prince Lion Heart Balance Bikes
Prince Lion Heart Balance Bikes

Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Some folks prefer a running bike made from natural products and the Skuut balance bike is a great confidence booster. From the very beginning your child can make independent progress, pushing along to discover how it works.

In a short while they will lift their feet and begin moving forward, balancing and revelling in their new found mobility! They will NEVER need a bike with stabilizers, which prevent the development of balance. Your child will take to riding a bicycle as easy as a duck to water.

* Its an ingeniously simple concept used in Europe for years

* A chainless push bike that moves by foot power

* Your child will first walk and then will begin to run with the bike

* It's effective because it gives your child control over the learning process

* Most important, the Skuut is designed with safety in mind

Finish the Skuut Balance Bike Review.....

Prince Lion Heart Balance Scooter
Prince Lion Heart Balance Scooter

Prince Lionheart Balance Bikes

Wooden Balance Bikes With Character

With it's chic and sassy pink scooter design, the Whirl is a favourite amongst little girls.

Compared with other brands, this bike is light in weight. Prince Lionheart balance bikes are very reliable and this is an excellent brand with years of experience and customer service that back it up.

Here are some more of the great features that come with the Whirl Prince Lionheart scooter

* Children learn to balance and ride while boosting their confidence

* Adjustable seat height to grow with your child

* PAC-free inflatable rubber tires, foam handle bar grips, cushioned leather effect seat

* 100% birch wood frame

* A focus on style as well as practicality

* Easy transition from ride on toys

Catch up with the full review here at Balance bike reviews

Have you bought a balance bike or thinking about it? - I would love to hea you thoughts on Balance Bikes

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    • SmartDad LM profile image

      SmartDad LM 6 years ago

      @CatJGB: Cool great that he is riding 2 wheels so young.

    • profile image

      CatJGB 6 years ago

      My 3 1/2 yr old has a wooden balance bike, but strangely enough, he didn't really master it until he learnt to ride his two wheeled bike without training wheels/stabilizers. Now he just picks whatever suits his mood on the day :)