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Balloon Twisting and Sculptures

Updated on April 3, 2015

20 foot Dinosaur

Installed at the lobby of the Virginia Museum of Natural History
Installed at the lobby of the Virginia Museum of Natural History | Source

Balloons had fascinated me for a long time. I wondered how those clown form figures from balloons and how can they twist them without popping them out. My curiosity ended me searching on YouTube and indulging myself into it. Starting from balloon swords and animals, i have to take on the challenge to create my sculpture yet.

Basics of Balloon Twisting

Before you twist, you need some balloons to twist and a pump. Very simple, just need two things. Instructions as well for basic twisting are available on the 2 videos below. It's very important that you understand the basic twist since its the only way to create sculptures.

Basic Needs

Types of Twists

Basic Animals and Flowers

The easiest to make and to explore the twists for beginners are dogs and flowers. Below are the tutorials on how to make them. Another good tutorial is for a fish. Please note on the techniques being used.

Basic Dog

6 petal Flower

Balloon Fish

Taking the Challenge

After practicing with the animals and flowers. You can jump to making hats for it will let you learn more tricks on how your going to attack a project. Study the hats on the video and try to figure out how they were made. And from there you can make a better version for you. Or a faster way to do it.

Balloon Hats

Figures to Wonder

The Flower Challenge

Flowers are pretty and easy to make. But if you want it to have more details to make it more pristine, videos below can teach you some tricks.

Fancy Flowers

Benguet Lilies in the Valley

Flower with Pistil

Intricate Flower

Balloon Weaving

Balloon weaving is a fun thing to learn for you can create bases and backgrounds. you can create platforms and basic shapes. After learning the different types of weaving, you can then start to create massive sculptures of your liking.

Balloon Hat or Turn it into a Cake

Balloon Flag

Balloon Sculptures as Art

Jason Hackenwerth had been exhibiting his balloon sculptures as art. And his inspirations are bacteria. They look monstrous and scary but a pleasure to see.

Jason Hackenwerth Sculpture

You can also create life size figures of what project you have. Like the Dinosaur above, below is a project for a tree.


Other Uses

Balloons are usually for parties and decorations. However, you can always use them for school projects or other thing. Maybe to understand some intricate formulas. Or to know how good had you become in twisting it small and tight without popping it. Whatever you choose to do with your balloons, its always a fun thing to play with. Specially if its summer and you just want to refresh yourself with water along with your friends.



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    • warrenfianza profile image

      Warren Fianza 2 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks csmiravite-blogs. Yes, indeed a lot of hours making those sculptures.

    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 2 years ago from Philippines

      Wow! That looks great! I can just imagine the man hours needed to put that up!