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Batman Arkham City Defeating the Joker

Updated on February 25, 2012

Batman Arkham City Defeating Joker

Batman Arkham City Defeating Joker
Batman Arkham City Defeating Joker

Batman Arkham City Defeating Joker

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must infiltrate the steelmill and retrieve the cure from Joker. To do this, Batman must ultimately defeat Joker. This will guide the bat in defeating Joker. In addition, Batman must navigate through different routes and use different gadgets to reach the grounds where he will face and defeat Joker. This will also guide the bat in navigating through these areas before meeting up with Joker and defeating him.

Batman Arkham City Reactor Cooler Route to Joker

In Batman Arkham City, Batman returns to the steelmill. To infiltrate the steelmill, Batman must know a few tactical data about the steelmill. Arrive at the steelmill to find the outside guarded by two joker thugs. Batman can use a variety of techniques to take them out. Entering the outer compound of the steelmill, Batman will see several snipers at the rooftops. Take these snipers out, using ledge takeout or silent takeout with or without smoke. With the snipers gone, concentrate on getting into the compound. There is a door at the southwestern area of the compound. Oracle will alert Batman to its location when Batman is near. This door will lead to the reactor cooler area of the steelmill.

Entering this reactor cooler area, Batman realizes he must use a variety of gadgets to bypass the rushing water. This includes using the Freeze gadget supplied by Mr Freeze and also the Batclaw. The freeze gadget will create a ice platform on which Batman can walk on on the water. Then use the batclaw to navigate the ice platform to move as needed.

The difficult part of this reactor cooler route comes when Batman must use the remote Batarang to operate a switch. Batman has to throw the batarang, and then control it through a charged area, before braking and reversing the direction of the batarang and then making it turn right to hit the switch. Unfortunately, this just needs practice to accomplish.

The other difficult part of this reactor cooler route comes when Batman must use the ice platform method to cross some rushing water. Following this, Batman must use the explosive gel to cause a wall to break down. Beyond this wall are some thugs. Batman must jump in and take out the armed thugs first, and then concentrate on the armored thug, and lastly the other ordinary thugs.

As Batman reaches the end of the reactor cooler route, he must tackle some men with proximity mines attached to themselves, and also in an area full of proximity mines. The way to navigate this part of the reactor cooler route is to go high initially, and take out isolated men one at a time. Then find a crawlway and crouch down under and disappear into the other room. The men will not come after the bat. Repeat this process, and all the thugs in this room will be defeated.

Batman must now enter the room with the blast doors and use the remote electric charger to power up the doors and enter. Beyond this door is the assembly line area. There is a sniper in here. Instead of using the normal doors, find the conveyor belt that contains a crate that is open at one end. Snuggle into the crate and allow the conveyor belt to bring the crate (with Batman inside) out onto the room where the sniper is. Climb out of the crate behind the man, and then use silent takedown to take him down from behind.

Batman must now enter the loading bay area. There are two snipers on the balcony of the loading bay area aiming down on the ground. Swing across onto the ledge and use ledge takedown to take them both down. Now swing up, turn left and open the door. It's time to face Joker and his minions and defeat Joker.

Batman Arkham City Tactics to Defeat Joker

In Batman Arkham City, Batman finally reaches Joker, who invites him on a one on one brawl with him. Well, no one believes the Joker anyway. This one on one brawl invitation takes out to be a joke, surprisingly. Joker's thugs start pouring into the room, followed by the one armed bandit, and then the titan infected thug.

The entry of the titan infected thug and the one armed bandit divides the fight into three stages. When Joker's thugs start pouring into the room, take the thugs out immediately. Take out as many as one can without causing too much loss of Batman's combat armor (remember to level Batman up in his combat armor) or health. When the one armed bandit enters the fight, continue doing the same thing - just take out the ordinary thugs, as many and as fast as possible and with as little damage to Batman.

Now when the titan infected thug enters the fight, concentrate on the titan infected thug. Use ultra stun (three B in a row on xbox 360), and multiple strikes (x button on the controller). This will allow Batman to sling onto the titan infected thug and ride him like a horse. Well, almost like a horse, as Batman does not have much control over him. Try not to use the titan charge or titan shockwave move if the one armed bandit is next to Batman when he assumes "control" of the titan infected thug. Instead, move the titan infected thug so that he attacks the one armed bandit as much as possible. Repeat this procedure two or three times. On the third time, the titan infected thug is eliminated. Concentrate next on the one armed bandit. He should be weakened from the above titan infected thug attack to the extent that one more set of combined strikes from Batman will take him down.

With both the titan infected thugs and the one armed bandit out of the way, concentrate on the remaining thugs and then Joker. In this way, Joker will be defeated.

Well, Joker will be defeated in this brawl fight alone. But is Joker ever defeated?


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