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Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Walkthrough

Updated on November 27, 2012

Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Walkthrough

Batman Arkham City returns with the Harley Quinn's Revenge dlc. Harley Quinn's Revenge appears aptly timed with the impending release of Chris Nolan's Batman - the Dark Knight Rises. In Batman Arkham City, the Joker is dead. In Chris Nolan's Batman series, the Joker is no more. Will Harley Quinn be seeking revenge in both series? This will focus only on Batman Arkham City. Anyhow, Batman has disappeared and his sidekick Robin must find out why. This will guide Robin in investigating the disappearance of Batman in this new adventure. It will also provide a guide on using Robin's "new" abilities in navigating this adventure and in circumnavigating the obstacles and defeating the henchmen on-route to finding Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn's Revenge

Batman Arkham City - Harley Quinn waits to serve her revenge on Batman and Robin
Batman Arkham City - Harley Quinn waits to serve her revenge on Batman and Robin

Harley Quinn Revenge Use Robin's Abilities

The first task that Robin undertakes is to rescue the GCPD police from Harley Quinn. The first three men that Robin faces provide target practice for Robin. Robin may use melee combat moves on the men, or he can use his classic staff stun on the men, followed by pinning them to the ground and finishing them.

Next Robin must head to the dry dock area and hit the button to release the door. He must then climb up the ledge and enter the room stealthily. Another three men lie within the room. Use stealth and double take down to eliminate two of them, and use melee moves to finish the third men.

Continue on and face the next obstacle - a pool of water. There is no way to get past this pool of water, except by using Robin's zip kick ability. Activate this ability and launch it against the wall that lie beyond the pool of water. Robin will zip across and navigate this calm hazardous obstacle. Next up is the classic crawlway crouch. Crawl through this area, and take on more harley quinn henchmen.

And then Robin has the chance to use his bullet shield ability. This ability allows Robin to create a shield using the top end of his staff. This shield is impervious against bullets, gas and can be used to attack and stagger men backwards. Use this new gadget to move through some bullet obstacles and shield bash against the thug at the end of his bullet shield tutorial.

After taking down another three men in a large chamber, Robin finds that he cannot advance past the chamber as the door here has been sealed shut from the inside. Robin must move back and head for the warehouse as an alternative route to find Harley Quinn.

At the warehouse, Robin will face more Harley Quinn henchmen. Robin needs to use his own skills such as staff stun and staff attacks and combine these with classic batman moves such as glide attacks from the top or ceiling of the warehouse. So the tactics are - sneak into the warehouse, and use robin's hook to get to the top of the warehouse. Perch there. Activate smoke pellet and throw it down at the pack of henchmen. Go into X-ray or detective vision and take out two henchmen. Use staff stun to stun the other henchmen and use robin melee attacks on the stunned henchmen. Then quickly use grapple to get Robin up to the ceiling again. Repeat this attack process until all the henchmen are defeated. Then search the ground for Batman's belt.

This will end Robin's involvement in the Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn's walkthrough....... at least temporarily. It's time for the Bat to swing into action.


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