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Best RPG Games Like Skyrim

Updated on March 31, 2016
There are some games similar to Skyrim
There are some games similar to Skyrim | Source

There is exactly no game like Skyrim. But you can get similar experiences from some other great games. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world game. The game’s world can be explored fully. You can do various other things without much caring about the objectives or the story line. The world is a real looking unreal one. The principle character is customizable and can have various types of skills. The PC can use both common weapons and magic.

There some other games with the above mentioned features. Some of the best of such RPG games are described below. Most of the games discussed here have all the above mentioned features. But,the game “Red Dead Redemption” is a bit different. The PC here has no magic skills. “Mass Effect” is a sci-fi game but it has most of the qualities of an epic fantasy like Skyrim.

Dark Souls
Dark Souls | Source

Check Dark Souls III

Dark Souls

“Dark Souls” is a great RPG fantasy game. Like Skyrim, this game also has a huge, detailed fantasy world. It is a “dungeon crawler” type game. You have the options of creating your own character. The game play involves a journey through the dark underworlds. The game is full of horrific creatures. The difficulty level is very high. The dungeon is full of deadly things lurking in the darkness. There are demons and undead, all are ready to prey upon you.

The world is very much detailed and scary. It is not safe to roaming around here and there in the game. It is not for the faint of heart. The most interesting elements of game play are the combats. The hero character will have to face numerous ugly and dangerous looking huge demons. The fights are brutal and realistic.

Dark Souls is a great game to play on consoles or on PC. You cannot forget the demonic bosses or the dark underworld of the game. There is the “Moonlight Butterfly”, the diseased rat, the wolf with a sword on mouth and such other things which will be on your mind even after days of playing “Dark Souls”.

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age series is developed by “BioWare” and published by EA Games. The first game was published in 2007, named “Dragon Age: Origins” and got much praises. Dragon Age II is an epic RPG game like Skyrim. It is a dark fantasy game. The player plays the role of Hawke. The Hawke can be male or female. The Hawke figure can be a mage, a rogue or a warrior. It sounds, familiar? Eh?

There are eight more characters who will accompany Hawke in every mission. You can choose three with you at the beginning. The characters have like bars. Hawke’s actions and words will increase or decrease the character’s favorable opinion about Hawke. There is solid story line. One interesting face about it is the story timeline is spread across a decade. The game is a real fun to play. The gaming engine produces smooth and responsive graphics.

Dragon Age II Game Play

Red Dead Redemption: It is the wild, wild west
Red Dead Redemption: It is the wild, wild west

Red Dead Redemption

“Red Dead Redemption” is not a fantasy game full of unreal beasts. It is a Wild West adventure game. A game with a vast open world, plethora of characters, countless things to do, “RDR” is a superb game to get. The PC is a gunman here. The actions of the game take place on 1911 era USA and Mexico. John Marston, the hero, will use different weapons. He will ride horses after taming them. He will find out his targets and “bang! Bang!”

Read Dead Redemption is game with high quality gun fights. As the PC you have the luxury of choosing from various types of pre world war era guns and weapons. The principal character has a morality meter which increases or decreases with his activity. Often there will be bounties on him. At that time the law enforcers will try to haunt him down.

Anyway, this game is awesome. It is not only popular but also highly approved by the critics. You can collect it to delve deep into the world of the fantasy wild west.

A Game Play Video of "The Witcher"

The Witcher

“The Witcher” is another epic fantasy game like Skyrim. The idea of the game is taken from the book series of the same name by Andrej Sapkowski, a writer from Poland.

The game is about the adventures of the “witcher” Geralt, an inhabitant of a medieval fantasy world. He has some magical powers and also superb fighting abilities. The story of the game is connected with the principal characters actions and choices. That is why the game has great replay value.

The world of the game is not a perfect heaven. Like real world it is full of poverty, evil and racism. Often, you have to choose between two evils. There is no clear good or evil here.The world is well drawn with great details. The sound effects are realistic. Most of the characters and demons are cool to look at. Overall, “The Witcher” is a very good video game.

A screenshot from Age of Konan
A screenshot from Age of Konan

Age of Konan

Age of Konan was once a paid game but now is completely free to play. It depicts the world of Konan very beautifully. The character customization options are numerous. The graphics of the game is great, rather like a single player RPG.

There are four races: rogue, priest, mage and soldier. The real life combat system of the game is pretty cool. There are a lot of interaction opportunities in the game. The voice acting of the game is true to life.

The main problem with the game is its big download size. The great graphics and intelligent gameplay comes with huge file size. The minimum system requirement to play the game is also is in the higher side of the scale.


The RPG game series Fable has three major versions. The games take place on a fantasy world. Like other modern fantasy games there are a lot of decisions to take. The actions of the player will change the course of the stories. The characters will be more powerful with experience. The PC will have to enhance the magical and combat skills. There are also morality levels which will determine the minor characters behavior with the PC.

Kingdoms of Amalur

Here is another game which will give you Skyrim like feelings and experiences; “Kingdoms of Amalur”. The latest game of the Amalur series is “Reckoning”. The fantasy world of the game is huge with a lot of staffs to do. There are plenty of dangerous demons and creatures to fight. You have to complete a lot of missions to get points and to up your level. With every level up, you will acquire new combat and magical skills and powers.

The combats are great. There are not many games available with such cool fights. But the character developments of the game are not that good. There many pointless, forgettable minor characters in it.

Forget the real world, jump into the unreal world of the "Kingdoms of Amalur"
Forget the real world, jump into the unreal world of the "Kingdoms of Amalur"

Mass Effect

“Mass Effect” is a science fiction roll playing game. This 3rd person shooter also has the open world settings, character developments, choices and a lot of things to do like Skyrim.

The Mass Effect is a series of games. This is one of the best Sci-Fi fantasy series ever developed. Follow the journey of Commander Shepard to save the galaxy from the interstellar bad guys.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivion is the prequel of Skyrim. This game is a legend now. Oblivion was a great leap forward of the video gaming industry. This game is not just a series of missions to complete. It is about exploring an epic, fantasy world. Playing Oblivion is like living another life on a different world which is closer to the world of your childhood imaginations. The graphics are realistic. Game is very much customizable. You can play as different sort of characters. The AI is great too.

The customizable principal character’s task is to stop the fanatics of “Mythic Dawn” to open the gates of “Oblivion”. It is, off- course, an open world game. You are free to roam around anywhere inside the fantasy world of Cyrodiil. You do not have to think about completing your missions if you choose so. You can do many things like exploring around, fighting demons, interacting with non playing charecters, looting, trading etc. This game is a must play for all “Skyrim” fans.

Darksiders II

The game “Darksiders II” is a hack and slashes fantasy RPG. The original game was also as good as the sequel. Original Darksiders is about the adventures of “War” one of the four horsemen of “Apocalypse”. The sequel has “Death”, his brother, as the PC. The PC is searching for War on dungeons after dungeons. His aim is to free his brother from captivity. The sequel has seen many improvements in graphics quality than the original one.

Assassin’s Creed III

There is another Skyrim like open world game named “Assassin’s Creed III”. The game is a huge one. The setting is 18th century USA. The principle character is Connor, a half native Indian and half European assassin. His objective is to save the new world from the invasion of Templers, their arch enemy.

The game is great for stunning visuals. In this game seasons change and the nature too. Beside killing enemies you can do various side activities like trading, hunting, forming a village, interacting with the NPCs, forming secret organizations etc. You can even charter a part of the Caribbean Sea on a ship.

I hope that you will like this hub. Do you have your own recommendations ? Feel free to share here.


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