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Best Gaming Headset

Updated on March 24, 2011

In this article about best gaming headset, we are going to review some of the best gaming headsets .We will be reviewing a large variety of gaming headsets, from wireless gaming headsets to noise-canceling gaming headsets.But we will be reviewing only the best gaming headsets.

Personally I usually don´t have background noises, but still I own a pair of noise-canceling headsets just to get the best gaming experience possible.I don´t really mind cables, but I know that there are many people who can´t stand cables, they can be very annoying when playing with Xbox 360 or with PS3, but when using a computer they don´t usually disturb, still wireless gaming headsets are a lot more comfortable.Let´s cut to the cache and review some the best gaming headsets.So here are the best gaming headsets :

Best gaming headset

 Right now, the price of this product is down, meaning that it has the best quality-price ratio.So it´s hard, near to impossible to find a product that has similar quality to this one, with the same price.

It has comfortable pads, great for long game sessions.It´s easily adjustable.The cups of this gaming headset are movable about 135 degrees, so it´s easy to package them, when traveling.

Microphone is flexible and detachable.Sound of the microphone is pretty clear.And the really cool thing is that, this gaming headset comes with a great piece of software.You can easily change your voice with this software, from robotic to alien, heck you can even change your voice to female or male, it´s just fun to jerk your friends around with.

The sound of this gaming headset is really great.Bass is okay, a little deeper bass wouldn´t hurt, but it´s good the way it is.

Overall, best gaming headset in it´s price range.Great build quality, very good microphone, excellent sound and the design is great too.

Best PC gaming headset

I have had many gaming headsets over the years from different companies.And I have to say, this is the best.

It´s very high-quality product, suprisingly lightweight.Control pod is perfectly positioned and even if it´s hanging you won´t feel it.Very comfortable to use and the velor padding makes it a lot more comfortable for the ears.It´s great for long gaming sessions.

Quality of the sound is just great, truly amazing.Every Sennheiser product has great sound quality.And these are no exception.It has a large bass capacity, which is great.Sound is always sharp and clear.

Microphone is excellent, the noise reduction is great.If you put them on, you can definitely feel a noticeable drop in ambient noise

Overall this product is the best gaming headset, it has everything - Great sound, excellent microphone, when playing with a friend, this headset is very comfortable, design is nice and the quality and price ratio is just the best, it´s the best in it´s price class.

Wireless gaming headset

This Xbox gaming headset elevates your Xbox gaming experience to next level.It´s extremely well designed, it´s lightweight and comfortable.The pads are made from breathable fabric to keep your ears cool and comfortable, turning a long game session.

The sound quality is near perfect.In fact this X41 Xbox gaming headset rivals even the top level wired headsets.If any game sound isn´t playing you can hear very quiet ambient hiss.But it´s almost impossible to design something so great without no hiss.Still, compared to the X4, X41 has almost no hiss at all, it will probably not disturb anyone.What is really great, is the surround sound, it´s very easy to understand, where the sound is coming from.

One great feature is that, it´s possible to use it on PC or PS3.With the right USB adapter and cables, you can use the voice chat on PC or PS3.That´s really awesome.

Another major improvement over the X4 is that, X41 uses 2.4 GHZ, not infrared.That means that you don´t have to sit in line with the transmitter.You can easily go to the kitchen, without canceling your voice chat.And, when Xbox Natal will arrive, hopefully it will soon, you can easily wear this xbox gaming headset while jumping around and they will work perfectly.

Overall, probably the best gaming headset of all times.Very comfortable for long gaming sessions, almost perfect audio quality and it uses 2.4GHZ not infrared.Only downside is the price of this product, but it´s totally worth it.

Best behind-the-head gaming headset

With this behind-the-head gaming headset, Logitech delivers a high-quality product.It has great sound quality and it´s comfortable to wear over long gaming sessions.

This gaming headset is adjustable, which is very rare trough out behind-the-head gaming headsets, but that´s why this is one of the best gaming headsets.It has great design and it looks nice.

Microphone´s quality is great, the sound of the microphone is clear.And, when not in the use, the microphone just swivels out of the way, when not in use.

Audio is great, but Logitech has usually good audio, and this one isn´t a disappointment.This gaming headset gives you and option to plug it in to your sound card or use USB adapter and plug it in to you USB port.

Overall a great product from Logitech, it has everything a good behind-the-head gaming headset need, a great sound quality, comfort and a microphone with clear and good quality audio.


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    • profile image

      gabir26 5 years ago

      Nice Hub!

      Keep it going

    • profile image

      tonix9 6 years ago

      I have Razer Piranha, really good headset.

    • Uzdawi profile image

      Uzdawi 7 years ago

      Thank You penningi very much!

    • penningl profile image

      penningl 7 years ago from U.S.

      Great hub, my brother is actually looking for a good gaming headset and asked my to check around for him. Emailing this page to him now. keep up the good work.

    • Uzdawi profile image

      Uzdawi 7 years ago

      Thanks MazinkaiserPR for commenting!

    • MazinkaiserPR profile image

      MazinkaiserPR 7 years ago from Illinois

      Nice Hub, Keep up the good work!!!