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Marvelous Marble Runs

Updated on October 13, 2014

Why marble runs are still awesome!

Marble Run is one of those toys that my children would pull out of the toy cupboard, time and time again, at all ages.

I think the appeal of the marble run is that the design options are almost endless so it can be a different toy every time.

Kids love to fit all the pieces together and watch the marbles run when it is complete.

It's a great toy for developing problem solving skills as kids learn to match up the holes and the runs so the marbles don't get stuck halfway down!

Since my children got their first marble run game, toy makers have come up with a whole range of marvellous marble runs with a number of new twists and themes. Have a look through just some of the variations you can buy now for extra hours of fun!

Educational Benefits of Marble Run

Marble runs are not only a great fun toy, they have many educational benefits as well!

  • Improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Teaches colour/shape recognition for young children
  • Develops problem solving skills as the connecting pieces must be lined up correctly for the maze to work, so the marbles can run to the bottom
  • Allows children to explore 3-dimensional design skills and spatial awareness
  • Increases your child's understanding of physics and gravity
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Develops an interest in science, engineering and technology subjects

Popular Marble Runs at Amazon

Marble Run 68-pc. Marble Run Play Set
Marble Run 68-pc. Marble Run Play Set

Bright plastic pieces including flippers, funnels and ramps are included in this marble run. Suit ages 5+

Quercetti Skyrail Marble Run
Quercetti Skyrail Marble Run

Quercetti Skyrail Mini Roller Coaster Marble Run

The popular Skyrail Mini Roller coaster marble run by Quercetti is a pretty cool twist on the marble run game. The set comes with 150 pieces and 2 design options, but you can also make your own designs. The 27 foot track even glows in the dark!

Quercetti toys have been made in Italy for over 60 years. Parents have commented on the durability of the pieces are and the set will last for years.

It is recommended for Ages 6+ but even teenagers will get a kick out of this one.

The Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis is made by the same manufacturer.

It is one of the largest marble runs available with 224 pieces and endless designs. It includes two double entrance funnels spirals, spinners and slides. It has extra long bridge pieces to make larger constructions and is very sturdy when placed on a flat surface.

Be aware that the instruction book does not have words but it is easy to show kids how to make the marble run and they can make their own runs in hundreds of different ways. This one is recommended for ages 8+.

Quercetti Super Marble Run - Italian Made - 213 Pieces - for Ages 8 and Up
Quercetti Super Marble Run - Italian Made - 213 Pieces - for Ages 8 and Up

Popular Quercetti Marble Run - contains 224 pieces. Made in Italy.


The Kid, the Kittens and the Marble Run

The kittens love this marble run as much as the kid!

Discovery Toys Marble Run

If you are looking for a sturdy marble run the MARBLEWORKS® sets by Discovery Toys are made of extremely durable pieces.

They are easy to put together and wont constantly fall over and frustrate little ones. These are just like the ones my children had when they were younger and they will play with this for years.

You can buy the starter set with all the basic pieces you need and then add the Wild Ride and Crank It Up accessories for more fun.

Castle Marbleworks

If you are looking for a marble run game for younger children to start with then Discovery Toys also make this CASTLE MARBLEWORKS® toy that is made from bright chunky pieces.

It suitable for small hands and it comes with 3 weighted chime balls so children can watch as the ball goes down, over, under and through the course. The balls are about the size of a golf ball so they can't be easily put in the mouth!

The balls have different weights so you can make them "chase" each other down the castle.

This is a good option for the under 4's and toddlers will love it!

How to make a LEGO Marble Spiral Tube

Here's how to make a cool marble spiral tube using basic LEGO pieces

Wooden Marble Runs

For those people who prefer wooden toys, HABA wooden marble runs from Germany are made from solid hardwood that is finished with a water based, non-toxic and lead-free stain.

A Starter Set contains 26 blocks, 12 dominos and 6 glass marbles. It comes with a long track and is compatible with all HABA building block sets.

This is a popular toy recommended for children age 3+ which also provides many educational benefits.

Musical Marble Run

These novel marble runs made by Magic Wood make a beautiful tinkling sound as the marbles roll down the wooden "leaves" on the tree. They are popular with children and adults alike!

The Marble Tree, designed by Swiss designer Matthias Utinger, comes in four different sizes from a small 36cm to an extra-large 150 cm! The smaller trees will produce music that is a higher pitch than the larger trees.

This classic toy is made from natural wood and recommended for children aged 3+. The extra-large tree comes with larger marbles that are safe for even little children. This is a beautiful toy that can be used and treasured by many generations.


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    • liamlogan profile image

      Liam 6 months ago from Perth

      Lovely, educational toys improve kids mental thinking power.