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Top 10 Best Rc Cars 2017

Updated on January 12, 2017
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My name is Chris, I like creating HubPages about products I have tested. I try to bring you the best product review possible!

The Top 10 Best Radio Control Cars 2017 - Start The New Year With a Rc Car!

Rc cars have become more and more popular by the years, and I am a really big fan. Witch also is the reason I created this lens, to show off what I think is the Best Rc Cars of 2017.

I have also linked all the Rc Cars to amazon for the best available price online. Amazon is the most trusted online store, and they always deliver on time!


1# HOSIM All Terrain Remote Control Car

This destert buggy by Hosim is a solid little buggy that is a lot of fun to drive. At 27 km/h or 16 mph, this guy really moves and I was able to get some drifting action on my road. It is not recommended for driving around on grass as it has small tires and low ground clearance, so if you are planning to drive this on grass than you would be better off getting a Foxx S911 also manufactured by GP Toys.

Before I get any further, I have to mention that I received this product for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I have tested enough of these toys that I feel I am in a good position to be able to competently evaluate them. Also, Amazon limits videos to 100 megs, so I will include a comment with a link to the high resolution video review that also has some extra content.

Let me start off with the positives:
-2.4 GHz gives you 80 meter range ~ 260’ which is plenty because you will lose sight of it after that. Hobby grade RCs operate on 2.4 GHz so this is a good sign.
-At 27 km/h or 16 mph, this guy rips even with a small brushed motor. I have other small cars that go faster but they end up going so fast that you can’t control them and this actually starts to work against the car and its drivability. 16 mph is more than sufficient, I did not radar test the buggy but have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t hit 16 mph
-4WD, which is a must for such a small buggy as it needs all of the traction and power it can get. The 4WD makes it easier to drive as well.
-It is just easy to operate, I opened the box, charged the batteries and was off. This is how easy things should be but often aren’t.

I really recommend this Rc Car!

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#2 Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle 4 X 4 RC 27MHZ

I bought this for my 11 year old son a few days ago and after having bought him a series of presents in the past few years that have been very unsuccessful (for example- a remote control helicopter that broke very quickly and was difficult to fly..)

We finally hit the jackpot! My son loves it because " it can change its body shape, high or low, it goes very fast, the remote works from very far away, it's reversible, and it's easy to control. I'd also like to add that the battery lasts for over an hour.


#3 Lamborghini GallardoThis is a fun little car.

The thing I like the most about this RC car is that you don't have to charge it, every other RC toy I own has to be charged and requires batteries. In the product description it says that the car will goes 8mph. It won't. It's top speed (on the treadmill) is 5.5 miles per hour. That's good for an RC car, but it isn't 8mph.

I would say that this car is very durable. I've crashed into just about everything from brick wall to down a small flight of stairs.
Fun little car, looks really sweet, good buy, and worth the money.

Maisto rock crawler
Maisto rock crawler | Source

#4 Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

I wanted an inexpensive off road R/C cheap R/C trucks should do but don't. I drove it in the rain and through shallow water and it did great. The only downside so far is the whine of the motors but it probably geared to heck to do all that it does. I paid less for it at Wally World so shop around.

It does exactly what you think those R/C trucks should do. I drove it in the rain and through shallow water and it did great. The only downside so far is the whine of the motors but it probably geared to heck to do all that it does.


#5 Anki OVERDRIVE Nuke Expansion

The Nuke is a good looking car for Anki Overdrive that balances out the 3 main characteristics pretty well among all Anki Overdrive cars - Speed, Firepower, Defense. It looks sleek in its green and black color combination, built with an aerodynamic design that looks very cool. Even though it doesn't dominate the cars on any single parameter, it offers the best balance among the 3 main parameters, making it a great car to own.

If you're looking for an expansion car purely for speed and don't care about defense, Guardian or Thermo are the best options (they have great firepower too). If you're looking for pure defense and firepower, Big Bang would be the obvious choice even though it severely lacks on speed. The Nuke is the perfect middle of the road car - it has above average rankings on all three parameters.

At $50 a piece, I think the car is expensive, but it's a great investment if your kids like the Anki Overdrive. They will love owning this car!

Buy at amazon
Buy at amazon | Source

#6 Bugatti Veyron RTR Electric Remote Control RC Car (Colors May Vary)

16.4 Super Sports

This is the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sports RTR Electric RC Car. This RC car comes with a full function radio control that allows for forward, backward, left, right, and stop movement. The innovative hinged chassis allows for smoother movement and sharper turns. It comes with working headlights that allow you to drive in the light or in the dark.

This car has a realistic interior cockpit and great attention to detail. This Ready-to-Run (RTR) RC car comes with a rechargeable battery and wall charger. All you need is to charge the battery and to insert 2 not included AA Alkaline batteries into the transmitter and you are ready to go!

Buy at Amazon
Buy at Amazon | Source

#7 Redcat Racing Tornado- S30 Nitro Buggy

1/10 Scale Nitro ~ New ~ Orange/Black

The Tornado S30 replaces the Tornado BB. We upgraded the popular Tornado BB with an SH brand engine, performance header and aluminum tuned exhaust. Local climatology experts indicate threat of a forceful competitor both on and off the track?

This nitro 1/10 scale buggy comes complete with a powerful 3.0cc .18 SH engine, ball joint suspension, two-speed transmission, aluminum tuned exhaust, performance header, aluminum alloy chassis and oil- filled aluminum bodied shocks.

The Tornado S30; in its element on the track, off road or just bashing around. This vehicle is sure to handle all of your nitro-fueled RC buggy adventures.

Major funnel clouds have been reported from these high performance off road buggies ~~ The Tornado S30 1/10 scale nitro buggy comes complete with a powerful .18 SH 3.0cc engine, ball joint suspension, 2 speed, aluminum tuned pipe, performance header and aluminum bodied shocks.

Buy at Amazon
Buy at Amazon | Source

#8 CyClaws

The CyClaws from Bandai is no ordinary remote-control vehicle. This durable, dust-kicking machine is designed like a sleek racing car with monster wheels that transform into claws. Each tire features a locking mechanism that allows you to drive with the tire claws open or closed. The tires can be adjusted separately, making this RC vehicle versatile and open to experimentation.

When its wheels are locked in closed-claw mode, the CyClaws runs like a high-speed RC Car. Drive this vehicle in open-claw mode, and it runs like a creature with a mind of its own. When its claws are out, the CyClaws performs flips, wheelies, spins, and other astounding stunts. Look out for the driver when the car flips--you'll see him on the car's undercarriage.

The wheels switch from regular to claw-like manually, viab remote control/b, or when the vehicle bumps into obstacles. Though you and your child will be operating the CyClaws, it will still react and perform tricks spontaneously.

Amazon Review - Bandai Cyclaws RC - An RC Car with Several Wicked Action Modes


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    • profile image

      Top12ChristmasGifts 5 years ago

      Some really fast rc cars. Great info, thanks for sharing.

    • oyningen profile image

      oyningen 5 years ago

      @blueyourk: Oh yes it is! :D

    • profile image

      blueyourk 5 years ago

      Nice video and don't tell me that the red one is a transformer

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Who has more fun with these the parents or the kids lol. nice lens but I don't think I will show my 9 year old just yet as I am sure he will want one.