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Best Strategy Games Like Plants vs Zombies

Updated on January 31, 2012

Strategy Games Like Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies, by PopCap, is a game that has been capturing the attention of millions of people across various consoles and mobile devices. It's a game that mixes strategy with humor to make something that just about anyone would enjoy playing. In Plants vs Zombies, your home is being threatened by zombies. Your only defense is a variety of plants that you can set up in five rows along your lawn. Each plant has a specific use, and only by strategically choosing and placing the plants can you fend off the hordes of Zombies. It's a long game with plenty of levels, but it has also been out for quite some time now. If you've already exhausted Plants vs Zombies and need similar games to fill the hole, here are some recommendations for your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

If you're looking for some defense games like Plants vs Zombies, these five games should keep you busy for a while. They all share similar game mechanics while offering their own unique twists to keep them from being simply Plants vs Zombies clones.

Legendary Wars
Legendary Wars

Legendary Wars by LivGames

Legendary Wars is a fantasy strategy defense game.

Legendary Wars uses the classic fantasy theme to offer players a satisfying strategy game. It mixes defense, offense and even side-scrolling and protect-the-hero stages. You get to control each of your characters separately, or can use group controls to direct them all together. You can even send all your knights forward to get in front of your weaker archers. Your army consists of knights, elves, dwarves, unicorns, and even golems and phoenixes. They battle monsters such as vampires, zombies, gargoyles, and even dragons. The 2D drawings are bright, detailed and lighthearted. The graphics are actually what first caught my attention about this game because they were so impressive. There are four difficulty levels to play through and multiple bonus games, including endless modes. This game will provide you with hours upon hours of quality entertainment, especially if you try to get all the upgrades. The rare Moonstones are required for upgrades and you'll want to keep playing to get more of them. LivGames is constantly improving the game with new updates that fix bugs and add content. They're also working on a similar game from the monsters' point-of-view, called Monster Wars. If you want gameplay like Plants vs Zombies but could use a change of scenery, definitely check this game out.

Links for Games Like Plants vs. Zombies

Here you'll find some great links for strategy games like Plants vs Zombies:

Monster Wars
Monster Wars

Monster Wars by Liv Games

Monster Wars picks up where Legendary Wars left off, putting you in control on the monsters this time. There are more troops to choose from, and new gameplay modes to add more variety.

Strategy Games and Other Stuff You Might Like

Check out these great games and videos!

Dungeon Defenders
Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders by Trendy Entertainment

This is the only 3D game of the bunch. Instead of simply defending your castle from enemies coming from left or right, they come from several entrances throughout the map. This game is made using the same Unreal Engine as the award-winning Infinity Blade, and the graphics are gorgeous. This is a time-consuming game with a lot of replay value. By far the best aspect of the game is the item system, as their stats are randomly generated so no two are alike. This means you can spend hours upon hours looking for something to top your best weapon, pet, or armor. Some levels are easier to complete if you team up with others online. There are also four different characters to play with different abilities, so you definitely have a lot to keep you busy. If you found Plants vs Zombies to a be a bit too easy and are looking for something more challenging, you should give Dungeon Defenders a try.

Army of Darkness Defense
Army of Darkness Defense

Army of Darkness Defense by backflip studios

This game is based on the cult classic movie starring Bruce Campbell and follows part of the storyline. You have to keep the Army of Darkness from reaching the castle and the Necronomicon. The game includes sound bites from the movie and all the fun weapons, even Ash's chainsaw! You control Ash, who has a number of upgradable skills at his disposal, and summon troops to help him fend off the undead army fast approaching. The game is light-hearted and humorous, with all the charm of the movie. But this is not a game that's simply riding the back of a successful movie. It's a solid, fun game in its own right. There are fifty levels to battle through, as well as an Endless mode that is unlocked when you beat the game. You can't really go wrong with this one, especially since it's free. Those who appreciate the humor of Plants vs Zombies will easily take to this game.

9Heroes Defense: Zombie Invasion
9Heroes Defense: Zombie Invasion

9Heroes Defense: Zombie Invasion by 9FACTORY

9Heroes is like Plants vs Zombies, only instead of fighting zombies with an army of plants, you have an army of animals. What really stood out for me in this game was the character sprites. You summon an army made up of nine heroes. You start with a sword-wielding cat, but eventually control massive pink bears, frog-riding cannons and even fire-breathing dragons. The enemies are even more amazing. Although this game does use the overdone zombie theme, it does it in a unique and refreshing way. There are clown zombies that bounce on balls, football-player zombies, and even giant green baby zombies. The game can be quite challenging, especially the bosses and mini-bosses. You earn coins and superfood (used later in the game to summon superheroes) as you play. The coins are used to unlock and upgrade your heroes. You can't replay any levels to earn more coins. If you get stuck on a level, you simply have to keep replaying it until you get it. You will earn coins from it, just not as much as when you complete a level. This is quite a long game and offers many hours of play. There are also different types of mini-games to break it up and allow you to earn more superfood. There's also a free version if you want to try before buying.

Paladog By FazeCat

Paladog is a lot like 9Heroes because you control an army of animals, even a dragon. It is similar to Army of Darkness Defense, because you have a hero to control (Paladog) as well as troops to summon. Paladog earns experience and levels up, at which point you get to choose from several skills to upgrade. You also loot items such as rings and staves that offer special powers to either Paladog or your troops. The graphics are a bit outdated for newer iDevices, but the gameplay is enjoyable enough to forgive the lack of retina optimization. FazeCat also offers a free version of the game if you want to try it before buying. But beware, you can gain a lot of levels and unlock all the troops using the free version, but would have to buy the full version to continue with the story. The data in non-transferable, so you would have to start from scratch again and replay all the levels to progress. I suggest you buy the full version early on if you like it enough, to avoid this problem.

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