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Bioshock 2 Tonics

Updated on June 30, 2010

Bioshock 2 Tonics

Bioshock 2 Tonics
Bioshock 2 Tonics

Bioshock 2 Tonics

Bioshock 2 Tonics are an essential part of the game in trying to build a character that is stronger as the game goes by, and able to defeat the bosses as they become bigger and badder. Much of the Bioshock 2 tonics can be obtained from the Gatherer's Garden, using ADAM. So saving up on those precious ADAM is important as you strive to reach the Gatherer's Garden.

Bioshock 2 Tonics at the Gatherer's Garden

The most ironic bioshock 2 tonic available, given that this game is played entirely underwater is the tonic Walking Inferno, available from the Gatherer's Garden at 40 ADAM. Walking inferno allows the player character to be more resistance to fire damage, and more importantly deal more fire damage.

To produce an almost invulnerable Big Daddy, purchase the Armored Shell bioshock 2 tonic from the Gatherer's Garden at 25 ADAM.

Feeling like a predator today? Well, purchase the Headhunter bioshock 2 tonic from the Gatherer's Garden at 50 ADAM.

An important reaction brings on more reaction is the tonic Ice Storm, again available from the Gatherer's Garden at 35 ADAM.

Other tonics available at the Gatherer's Garden include EVE Link, EVE Saver, Drill Lurker, Decoy, Extra Nutrition, Medical Expert, Security Evasion and EZ-Hack

Bioshock 2 tonics at Ryan Amusements

Ryan Amusements is a location within Rapture that gives you 2 bioshock 2 tonics. First is the Drill Power, which increases your drill damage, and sports boost, which increases your movement speed. Look for the drill power tonic in the entrance to the El Dorado section of Ryan Amusements. To obtain the Sports Boost bioshock 2 tonic, use the ticket and enter Ryan Amusements.

Bioshock 2 Tonics at and near the Theater

More Bioshock 2 tonics are available in various rooms at and near the Triton Theater. First look for the Electrical Storm tonic in the Women bathroom at the Theater. This will allow one to retaliate with electricity when struck by an enemy. Cool!

Look for the Extended Reel in the projectile room near the projector. This will allow one to lengthen research sessions.

Early and Low Level Type Tonics

This concludes some of the early and low level type tonics. More powerful tonics that are not found, but given after completion of research or quests will be detailed later on. Stay tuned!


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