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Bioshock Infinite Find A Way Into Finkton

Updated on April 3, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Go to Finkton and Find the Gunsmith's Shop

Bioshock Infinite Go to the Good Time Club in Finkton and Rescue Chen Lin
Bioshock Infinite Go to the Good Time Club in Finkton and Rescue Chen Lin

In Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth and Booker board the First Lady airship . Booker sets the course for New York. Elizabeth realizes that that is not the longitude and latitude for Paris and asks Booker why. Booker says she is the payload for some men who are after him. Upset, Elizabeth knocks Booker unconscious, and the ship is later taken over by Daisy Fitzoy and her Vox Populi crew. Booker must chase after and then rescue Elizabeth. Defeat some men at Fort Franklin Pier and then rescue Elizabeth. Elizabeth will run from Booker. Pursue Elizabeth and then be knocked off the platform. Elizabeth saves Booker by opening up a tear. She reluctantly accepts Booker’s help again, that is, until she reaches Paris. To regain control of the First Lady airship, Booker and Elizabeth must go to the gunsmith’s shop and find Chen Lin. Chen Lin can be found in Finkton. They must get some weapons from Chen Lin and resupply Daisy Fitzroy’s Vox Populi crew. Only then can they get the First Lady airship back. This will guide Booker with the means to find a way into Finkton, and provide tactics on how to defeat the handyman.

Bioshock Infinite Go to Finkton and Find the Gunsmith

The first step off Fort Franklin pier is to step into Finkton Proper. Here, there will be a machine to upgrade vigor. Look around for loot and then go downstairs to a locked door. Elizabeth will pick the lock and there will be a sign showing the service elevator to Finkton. Follow the sign, and Booker will encounter some enemies trying to stop him from reaching Finkton.

The most dangerous foe here is the Patriot. Use murder of crows to distract and damage the other enemies and then use Shock Jockey to stun the Patriot. Then use the most powerful weapons to destroy the Patriot. With the enemies defeated, head for the service elevator. In the room that contains the service elevator, there will be a locker belonging to Cornelius Slate. Find the private journal of the first lady and then use the elevator to get into Finkton. Elizabeth will pick up her mother’s journal and learn the truth of her containment within the statue tower.

As they descend into Finkton, Fink will put through a call through the old fashion telephone and inform Booker that he is their first candidate. Once the lift reaches the bottom, come out and get some loot from Fink’s private assistant. Now, the hero can explore the Plaza of Zeal.

Somewhere in the Plaza of Zeal will be the Gunsmith’s shop. Go through the shop and find Mrs Lin. Chen Lin has gone missing, and Mrs Lin says he has been taken to the Good Time Club.

Bioshock Infinite Go to the Good Time Club and Rescue Chen Lin

The way to the Good Time Club will be blocked by some police stands. Go through, and a handyman will jump from above and attack Booker. To defeat the handyman, use shock jockey to stun the handyman, and then use the most powerful weapons to attack the centre of the handyman. To avoid the mauling damage of the handyman, jump and run away and then turn back and face the handyman again.

Once the handyman is defeated, take down the mechanized robots outside the Good Time Club and enter within.

Once inside the Good Time Club, Fink will interview Booker for the position of head of security, by sending enemies against him. The first difficult enemy will be the fireman, followed by the raven enemy and then the Patriot. After the series of skirmishes, Fink will congratulate Booker on his selection to be head of security. Booker refuses, of course.

Note that the charge vigor can be found in the Good Time Club.

Now find the back exit of the Good Time Club. It will lead to Chen Lin’s cell. Find Chen Lin’s cell and then attempt to rescue him.


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