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Bioshock Infinite Find the Three Tears

Updated on April 27, 2013

In Bioshock Infinite, Booker and Elizabeth must follow the footprints of ghostly Lady Comstock and find the three tears. By finding the three tears, Elizabeth will be able to find out what happened to have angered Comstock and create the really angry Lady Comstock. Elizabeth will then be able to pacify Lady Comstock and use her hand to open the way inside Comstock House. This will guide the heroes as they try to find the three tears. It will also guide Booker as he tries to solve the third cypher and vox code.

Bioshock Infinite Find the First Tear

The first tear is pretty easy to find. Follow Lady Comstock’s footprints and head towards the market district. There, the heroes will have to contend against some enemies. After defeating the enemies, press the N key and learn that the first tear is inside Cunningham Studios. Go inside and open the first tear and learn what happened.

Bioshock Infinite Find the Second Tear

The second tear is found within the lower levels of the Bank of Comstock. Go to the area outside the Bank of Comstock and then enter the Bank. Within the bank, find the lift. The lift will take Booker down to the lower levels. In the lower levels, Booker will have to defeat some enemies. After the enemies are defeated, go to the room beyond the vault and find the ghost of Lady Comstock. Defeat her and her undead minions and then go open the second tear. Then exit the bank of the Prophet.

Note that the hero can complete the quest to find the third cypher and vox code at the Bank of Comstock.

Bioshock Infinite Find the Three Tears

Bioshock Infinite find the final tear at the Lucete Laboratory
Bioshock Infinite find the final tear at the Lucete Laboratory

Bioshock Infinite Find the Third Tear

Finally, the hero will head towards Lucete Laboratory. Press N on PC if one is not sure where to go. This is the location for the third tear. The Lucete Laboratory will reveal some key secrets about the birth of the powers of Elizabeth. Follow the power cords to the device in the laboratory. The final tear will allow Elizabeth to appreciate what happened to Lady Comstock.

Bioshock Infinite Return to the Comstock House Gate

And so the heroes return to Comstock House Gate. This is the final battle to defeat Lady Comstock. Tactics have been mentioned before, but here’s a reminder.

  • Find cover and take down the undead minions around Lady Comstock.
  • Lady Comstock will try to resurrect the minions.
  • While she is resurrecting the minions, use the sniper rifle to attack her from far and behind cover.
  • Defeat some of the minions to keep the numbers down and prevent Booker from being overwhelmed.

Once Lady Comstock is defeated, enter the house.

Bioshock Infinite Solve the Third Cypher

While at the Bank of Comstock, remember to use the codebook to solve the third cypher.


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