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Bioshock Infinite Rescue Elizabeth from Comstock House

Updated on April 27, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Rescue Elizabeth from the Operating Theater

In Bioshock Infinite, the heroes go to Comstock House and try to put down Comstock. However, before they can enter Comstock House, they are attacked by the songbird at the bridge. Booker is swiped aside and is about to be destroyed by the songbird. Elizabeth intervenes and persuades the songbird to take her away instead. When Booker wakes up, it appears that he has been transported forward in time to the era when Elizabeth has grown up and taken over as the ruler of Columbia. Booker does not yet realize that and tries to rescue Elizabeth from the operating theater. This will guide Booker as he tries to achieve the above objectives.

Bioshock Infinite Rescue Elizabeth from Comstock House

Bioshock Infinite reach the warden's office to activate the lever and rescue Elizabeth
Bioshock Infinite reach the warden's office to activate the lever and rescue Elizabeth

Bioshock Infinite Go to the Warden’s Office

Booker will encounter the warden as he enters what looks an asylum. It could also be Comstock’s House. Whatever it is, Elizabeth is being kept prisoner here. The entrance to the operating theater is locked, and it can only be unlocked by using the warden’s lever at his office.

To reach the warden’s office, the hero will have to take the lift upstairs. He will encounter some strange people dressed in white and with bright eyes. They look soulless. All they will do is to attack the hero from all directions and from all sides. Their attacks are relentless and will start when the warden “sees” the hero. So use melee attacks and repeat type weapons to take them out.

The people dressed in white will be present at the bottom of the lift and then in the bedroom known as "Where we sleep".

Are these strange people Elizabeth’s children? Booker has no answer to this question. Once they are all defeated, proceed upstairs until Booker meets the standard enemies. Defeat them with weapons and vigors.

After reaching an area with two machine guns and then travelling a bit more, Booker will reach the warden’s office and activate the lever. This will open the door to the operating theater. However, Booker must defeat more enemies as he makes his way to the lift and downstairs to the main entrance. As Booker reaches the main entrance, he is blocked by the strange couple. The strange couple transports Booker to speak to an old Elizabeth.

Elizabeth stares down at the baptism of fire that has engulfed New York. She knows only one way of reversing this prophesied future. She gives Booker a cage design and sends him back in time to rescue the young Elizabeth.

Bioshock Infinite Rescue Elizabeth

Booker will now enter the operating theater, 6 months on from when the songbird took Elizabeth away from him.

To rescue Elizabeth, Booker must defeat more enemies, of course. The key here is to get to the two levers that control the dampening field into the operating theater. Pushing the lever will lower the dampening field and allow the glass panel into the operating theater to be smashed. Booker will take cover and finish off the enemies here. Then go up the stairs and push the levers.

The glass leading into the operating theater will be shattered. Go inside and rescue Elizabeth. Give her the cage diagram and then head out of the asylum towards Comstock’s zeppelin.

And then it’s time for the end game in Bioshock Infinite.


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