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Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough

Updated on March 26, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Go to Monument Island And Find the Girl

In Bioshock Infinite, the hero Dewitt travels to Columbia, a miracle of a flying city built on some kind of mysterious machinery in 1912. His objective – to find the girl simply known as Elizabeth. Just who is Elizabeth and why is she so important? No one knows. And no one rejects a quest to save a damsel in distress, especially in 1912, 101 years from 2013. This will guide Dewitt on how to go to the monument island and find the girl. It will guide Dewitt on how to fight his way to the monument island and where to get the first vigor Possession and the second vigor Devil’s Kiss.

Bioshock Infinite Get to the Monument Island

Bioshock Infinite Get to the Monument Island
Bioshock Infinite Get to the Monument Island

Bioshock Infinite Get the First Vigor

Control the machine with the first vigor possession and go through the door to meet the well dressed couple. The man and woman appear periodically and they shower Dewitt with gifts or make Dewitt make one of two choices.
Control the machine with the first vigor possession and go through the door to meet the well dressed couple. The man and woman appear periodically and they shower Dewitt with gifts or make Dewitt make one of two choices.

Bioshock Infinite Go to Monument Island

Dewitt takes the 1912 express chair service to Columbia. He is introduced to the culture and religion of Columbia. It is hard to get lost in the first part of the Bioshock Infinite walkthrough. When the hero is about to get lost, just press N on PC to find the right path again.

After going through the arrival church, head to the fair. At the fair, Dewitt will end up trying to go through a pair of closed doors. The only way through is to purchase the first vigor from the lady at the door. The drink unlocks the first vigor Possession. The possession vigor uses a lot of salt but is extremely useful. Get as much salt as possible and then use possession on the machine next to the doors. The machine will become possessed and will open the door. Go through and meet the mysterious well dressed couple, who will periodically appear from time to time. At this time, the well dressed couple will ask Dewitt to go for head or tail. Dewitt throws and lands a head on the coin toss.

Continue following the green arrow (press N) and arrive at the 1912 Raffle Parade show. It is a trap, as Dewitt is exposed to be the false shepard. At this point, Dewitt will be attacked by the Columbia police force. They attempt to slice Dewitt with a hook, but the hook is taken by Dewitt instead and becomes Dewitt’s melee weapon and magnetized sky hook when using the skylines. In addition, Dewitt will also acquire a pistol. Now it’s time to fight.

Bioshock Infinite Fight Your Way to Monument Island

At the beginning, the melee attacks will appear to be more powerful than the pistol attack. So run and get close to the enemies and defeat them with the hook. The main gate to monument island will be closed, and Dewitt must look for an alternative route. The alternative route means to fight your way to monument island.

Dewitt will face lots more Columbia police forces. Use possession to take control of the enemy and use him to fight off the other enemies. Then climb onto a platform where fireworks are about to be released into the sky. There is a mechanized robot here holding a machine gun. Defeat it from the back before jumping off the platform. Wherever there are mechanized robots with machine guns, take them down first.

Next, Dewitt will arrive at a courtyard. Use the N button to reorientate oneself and move towards the exit in Shady Lane. After entering Shady Lane, on the left, there is a food store where Dewitt can find some shelter and food to restore health. After this, come out into Shady Lane again and defeat the remaining enemies. Then it’s time to get the second vigor.

Bioshock Infinite Get the Second Vigor Devil’s Kiss

Continue moving past Shady Lane and past a gate and into a flaming street. The fireman is here. Apparently, in Columbia, the fireman does not douse flames. He initiates and sets things ablaze. Make sure salt is full before entering the inferno. Dodge the fireballs and then use possession on the fireman. Go into hiding and the vigor possession will take care of the rest. With the fireman defeated, pick up the second vigor Devil’s Kiss and drink it.

Dewitt will now be able to throw fireball grenades.

From the burning streets, find and enter the Blue Ribbon. Here, Dewitt will meet the mysterious well dressed couple again. Dewitt will get the magnetic repulsive shield from the couple. Get out of the Blue Ribbon and use the skyhook to attach to hooks on buildings. Then jump down and defeat more men. Enter a building and hide within, springing into action when more Columbia forces enter the building. The most dangerous foe here is a fireman.

When all are defeated, use the N key to indicate the right direction and move towards a house. Enter within.


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