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Black Ops 2 getting high scoring game plays

Updated on April 30, 2014

High scoring gameplays

When browsing Black Ops 2 on You Tube you will see people going 130 for 1 and 120 for 0. You most likely will be wondering to your self "how do they do this?" "I will never be able to do this!!" and "they are doing five times better than I am, am I missing something big!!" Yes you are missing something most 100+ kill games have over 70 kills with kill streaks most popular ones are vsat, k9 unit and swarm. In black ops 2 kill streaks are very useful and tend to dominate the kill feed.

Guns to use

You are thinking, so they still have to earn that how do they earn something like that. Most of the times the are using guns that are slightly better then the rest. To find out what guns are good type in google Bo 2 Overpowered guns. Some of the guns are msmc, pdw and fn fal select fire attachment. (Note: These guns may no longer overpowered when you read this as the may have been pacth/nerfed).


Now you have a gun think back to what is the most used kill streak in Black Ops 2.... The UAV. Solution run ghost. You also want to be running hardline to get those vsat's quicker. The second worse thing that can happen is running out of ammo make sure you run scavenger. Engineer is very useful. You are two off your k9 unit you run around a corner you see an enemy you squeeze the trigger kill him an inch from death so you run in the building to hide till you get your heath back only to find out there is a claymore in their killing you instantly. Damm!!! This could have been prevented with engineer. The worst thing that can happen is getting stunned put on tactical mask and you will be out of their in no time. One of the most useful things you can carry around in the C4. You can throw it around a corner and kill an enemy lying prone waiting for you. The C4 is gained with scavenger packs. The C4 is used by those people you see get 100+ K/D games.


Weapon + 1 attachment= 2 points

Perk 1= Ghost + Hardline + Perk 1 greed= 3 points

Perk 2= Scavenger= 1 point

Perk 3= Tactical mask+ Engineer + Perk 3 greed= 3 points

Lethal= C4= 1 point

Total= 2+3+1+3+1=10 points!!!!

Are these tips useful?

Are these tips useful?

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Play style

Play style: Play defensively till you become confident then you can jump on flags for the capture kill. If you are the only person on the flag jump off till someone else comes then jump on and kill them to gain the 200 point kills which helps you get kill streaks quickly. DO NOT jump into a fight you cannot win or finish. At long range DO NOT Fight a sniper with a smg you will lose 90 percent of the time. Only enter fights where their is a 85%+ chance of winning. Don't follow people who know you are there round a corner, most likely you will die. A head glitch is a place where you can see their body but they can only see your head this is useful because in Call of Duty you shoot out of your head not your gun. Drop shoting is when you go prone while shooting. This is much easier if you switch button lay out to tactical where knife is theirs is prone so you can push it down and aim at the same time. The downside to dropshoting is it mucks up your aim but at that close it doesn't matter as you are only gain something in the same room.

Enjoy these tips and try become the best player you know!!!!

Go get those 100+ K/D


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