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Thomas the Tank Engine - Blue Mountain Quarry toys

Updated on November 6, 2014

Blue Mountain Mystery - The Movie

Thomas the Tank Engine has had many adventures over the last 30 odd years and Blue Mountain Mystery is the latest feature length film. As the latest Thomas episodes and films have changed to CGI this film has been created in the same way.

In this particular movie we learn about the narrow gauge engines which have been left out since the move to CGI and it now appears that they work in a quarry called Blue Mountain Quarry. We meet an engine who has been on the Island of Sodor for many years but has kept himself hidden because of an accident upon his arrival.

In this lens we will be looking at the toys and playsets associated with this particular motion picture rather than the film itself.

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The Blue Mountain Mystery Song

Blue Mountain Mystery Playsets

As you would imagine with a massive title such as Thomas (lets face it, we all know who he is) that there are many different play sets available, ranging from the ever popular Hornby series for the avid collector to the plastic Track master system aimed for children.

The two we are focusing on is the Trackmaster system and the Take and play sets available.

The Track master set is a huge project for the collector, there are many sets to collect depicting various scenes and places within the Island of Sodor. all the tracks are able to be interconnected and all the trains can be run on the tracks. Most of the engines from all of the series are available however stock does change and often some engines and play sets become discontinued.

Take and Play is as it sounds, an easily carried play set consisting of yet more interconnecting tracks and engines which are this time motorized , although the engines and characters do not fit the Trackmaster Set.

Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Blue Mountain Quarry

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Mountain Quarry (Blue)

A cheery new addition to the amazing Thomas & Friends Trackmaster trains and tracks is the Trackmaster Mountain Quarry with the same good quality and durability as its previous members. This train and track set features a nice round lower track connected to a high mountainous track with an excellent drop to the lower track without the train falling over.

Let the conducting skills of your little one be satisfied with this daring drop Thomas Playset. The entire packaging includes a Thomas Train, a crane, a cargo car, a high loop track and thrilling motor action throughout. Intended for ages three and up but the good quality track and nice, fluid motion promises to please even older kids and adults alike. This playset has the potential to threaten even the most daring dares of all. The train or truck rides up the mountain, round the mountain quarry and out. As Thomas comes out from the quarry the bridge collapses as in the track drops to the lower one, accelerating the speed to gain momentum for a second round trip up to the mountainous track. The track is longer than ever and is 120cm in length.

This will be a great new addition to the TrackMaster collection of your little conducting master.

Blue Mountain Quarry Bridge drop

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop
Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop

Bringing back memories from the Blue Mountain Mystery story, this thrilling daring drop adventure will keep your little one busy for a while. This amazing toy is a fun and learning experience all in one. Let your child improve his motor skills as he conducts Thomas along the track to the blue mountain. The drop is exciting yet dangerous for Thomas! Will Thomas make it? Let us play with Thomas Daring Drop and find out. Thomas's trusted friend Merrick, the crane can also pop in to help him out. Merrick is also included in the set along with other motorized toys.


Blue mountain mystery toys in the UK

If you are in the UK then take a look at eBay and Amazon for some great bargains on blue mountain quarry toys.

Thomas & Friends Take-n-play The Great Quarry Climb

Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play The Great Quarry Climb

Another exciting addition to the Blue Mountain Quarry is the Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play The Great Quarry Climb. As is usual with Fisher Price Products, this playset is durable and shows good quality. Thomas and his friend Owen, the traction engine, are happily working chugging up and down the blue mountain quarry, loading and unloading cut stones.

The entire set up of the play is inspired from the scenes of the movie the Blue Mountain Mystery. The spinning saw cuts the stones and puts them in the cargo. Thomas with the help of his friend takes the loaded cargo up the track being pulled by Owen. Not meant for children under three years of age since the playset requires a bit of handling and there are small bits and pieces included in the set too.

Recreate the exciting scenes from Blue Mountain Quarry and make a story of your own. Let your child be a part of the thrilling adventure. The theme of the Play is set on an interesting encounter of the two trusted friends when Thomas is pulled up an inclined path by his friend Owen while a cutting saw places blue mountain stones in the cargo car attached to Thomas. The fun is never ending with this excellently designed and well thought over kid's play-set. Enhance your child's learning and mental development. Not only will he get a chance to improve his motor skills but also get to learn an important lesson in life: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Then the saw blade has to be manually handled and this also is a very learning procedure.

Thomas & Friends Take-n-play The Great Quarry Climb - Check US Price

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends the Great Quarry Climb
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends the Great Quarry Climb

Enjoy the excitement of your child when he plays with his Thomas and Owen, Great Quarry Climb play set. Watch him create exciting new imaginative scenes with the two great friends, Thomas and Owen, as he explores his creative wisdom.


Mega Bloks Thomas Blue Mountain Crew Buildable Playset

Mega Bloks Thomas Blue Mountain Crew Buildable Playset

Involving two fun new characters from the film Blue Mountain Quarry, Rusty and Peter Sam, this Thomas PlaySet consists of Mega Blocks that build up an entire Thomas & Friends set up. Your child can actually enjoy a trip to fantasy land of the Blue Mountain Quarry where all the motor friends are working and helping each other to carry out the given tasks. In their joyous routine, they face obstacles and difficulties. Sometimes they can't climb up an inclined path, sometimes they need help loading etc. Let open your child's imagination with fabulous toys from the Thomas & Friends collection based on the Blue Mountain Quarry theme.

With this amazing playset your child can set up and arrange 28 pieces of Mega Blocks the way he wants. This can be played alone or in combination with other Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Quarry series of playsets and create a world of wonderful motor characters. There is a gateway with an arch and a clock on the walls, a lamp on top, rails by the side of the track and a warning sign to be placed somewhere along the path of the track. There is a flag hoisted at the top of the gateway bearing the sign of BMQ. Fun stickers bearing pictures of bush, stop sign, BMQ logo, an additional clock and a lamp and the numbers one and two.

Let your child collect the various set and complete his series of Blue Mountain Quarry Playsets. Weighing around 630 g, this playset is ideal for ages three years and up since there are a lot of tiny pieces involved and it requires a bit of handling. Play with your kid and have fun creating exciting new scenarios from the Blue Mountain Quarry characters. Any kid would simply love it!

Blue Mountain Crew Mega Bloks - Check US Price

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      My son loves all things Thomas, and I'm sure he would really enjoy playing with these!