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Borderlands 2 Defeat Saturn

Updated on October 28, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat Saturn

Borderlands 2 bring the right weapons and tactics to defeat Saturn
Borderlands 2 bring the right weapons and tactics to defeat Saturn

Borderlands 2 Defeat Saturn

In Borderlands 2, there is a bright flash of light as the really nasty and gigantic loader descends onto the Arid Nexus Badlands and attacks the hero. The hero must defeat Saturn in order to gain access to the bridge that leads into the Hyperion Info Stockade. Only then can the hero retrieve the information needed to get to Handsome Jack and save the Firehawk. This will guide the hero on how to use the correct weapons and tactics to defeat Saturn.

Bring the Right Weapons to Defeat Saturn

The vault hunter needs to know his enemy to know the right weapons to bring into the fight to defeat Saturn.

First, know Saturn's offensive weapons. Saturn has about four or five weapons which it can fire from far. First up are the two shoulder guns. Next are Saturn's two thigh guns. Saturn also has a "mouth" weapon, where the mouth opens to release a host of surveyor missiles. These will literally annihilate the hero if he is hit. The large robot also has bilateral large hand lasers which it can use to blast the hero into oblivion. Lastly, the hero should avoid the stomping feet of Saturn.

With Saturn's offensives in mind, the hero should bring the weapons to neutralize Saturn's arsenal. First the hero needs to bring a corrosive sniper weapon to acidify and knock off the shoulder and thigh guns. Start with the shoulder guns first. When the guns are off, the hero needs to focus on the tough armor and health of the robot. To do this most effectively, the hero needs to use the rocket launcher weapon.

Tactics to Defeat Saturn

To defeat Saturn, the hero needs to find cover. From the gate that leads into the compound and the bridge where Saturn will land, there will be two pillars and more cover on the left where the hero can "hug the wall" and prevent the surveyor missiles from hitting the hero. Do this and then come out of cover and use the corrosive sniper weapon to knock out the shoulder and thigh guns first. When the "mouth" of Saturn opens and surveyor missiles pile out of the robot, go into cover again until the coast is clear. Then come out and continue taking out the shoulder and thigh weapons until they are destroyed.

This will reduce the robot Saturn to the state where he can only use his rocket missile weapons and his big hand weapons. However he still has a lot of health and armor left. The fastest way to defeat Saturn is to use the rocket launcher. If the hero's rocket launcher is not too powerful or damaging enough, then he may take several rounds to defeat Saturn. For the assassin hero, increase damage by going into deception mode and then launching the rocket launcher at the last minute before decloaking.

The hero may need more than 10 rockets to take down Saturn. So when the rockets are used up, head back into the Arid Nexus Badlands middle grounds to get more ammunition. However, the fight may take so long that the previously defeated JNK loaders will be resurrected. When going back into the area to get more ammunition, be careful not to be put down by JNK loaders or the hero needs to mount a monumental effort to cut down Saturn's health again.

So defeat the JNK loaders again and grab more rockets. Return to the cover spots and keep hitting Saturn (between its missile attacks) until it is defeated.

And now, it's time to end this - find and rescue Lilith, and defeat Jack and the final boss.


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