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Borderlands 2 Defeat W4R-D3N

Updated on September 26, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat W4R-D3N at Friendship Gulag

In Borderlands 2, the hero must defeat W4R-D3N to finally rescue Roland and deal a blow to Handsome Jack. The vault hunter will have to defeat a lot of robots or loaders here, and will be in the deep end with robots attacking him from all directions. The hero must clear a path to the W4R-D3N and then ensure that he attacks the W4R-D3N's vulnerable spot. This will guide the hero on how to choose the most appropriate weapons to bring into this massive fight and how to choose a spot to aim damage intensive shots at the W4R-D3N whilst fending off what feels like millions of loaders attacking the hero at the same time.

Borderlands 2 Defeat W4R-D3N

Borderlands 2 Defeat W4R-D3N
Borderlands 2 Defeat W4R-D3N

Borderlands 2 Defeat W4R-D3N with sniper rifle

Borderlands 2 Chikamin Diaub sniper rifle - good enough to put down this robotic monstrosity.
Borderlands 2 Chikamin Diaub sniper rifle - good enough to put down this robotic monstrosity.

Borderlands 2 Tactics to Clear A Path to W4R-D3N

At Friendship Graug, the hero should bring along corrosive elemental damage type weapons to do the most damage against the loaders. However, it may be hard to find corrosive type weapons at the hero's level at this stage. The corrosive weapons seem to start appearing in the game only at the level 13 and level 14 stages.

The hero ends up bringing and equipping the following weapons -

  • Handy Coach Gun (a shotgun that fires as fast as the hero pulling the trigger)
  • Chikamin Diaub (a random sniper rifle with increased stability and relatively good reload time)
  • Parelectronomic Prowler (a rocket launcher that deals bonus elemental damage and effective in taking down shields)

The enemies here include the following -

  • combat engineers
  • gun loaders
  • exp loaders
  • badass loaders
  • surveyors of all varieties and in particular the shielded surveyors

It is obvious the badass loaders are the hardest bots to defeat. They have tons of health and can cause lots of critical damage to the hero through multiple rocket attacks. The EXP loaders are also to be avoided. They are really the robotic version of suicide psychos. They run towards the hero and set off an impending explosion. If the hero does not run out of the field of explosion in time, then be prepared to perish, either from the explosion or from attacks by other enemies in the aftermath of the explosion.

Finally the surveyors are really annoying, being flying eyebots that are difficult to target. Not only that, the repair surveyors can heal the other bots. Some surveyors are shielded and it takes like a million attempts to get past the shields and then take them down.

From the start point in Friendship Gulag, the hero must turn left and use deception skill and then sniper shots to test the first attack on the loader. Then look for the next nearest group of enemies and proceed to take them down from cover.

Finally, the hero would have cleared a path to W4R-D3N. There are three routes of entry in attacking W4R-D3N. Along the central route, there are some pillars and barriers here where the hero can use as cover to take sniper shots at W4R-D3N. In this position, and also if the hero were attacking from the left, W4R-D3N can attack the hero with its eye laser attacks. The hero can just about avoid the eye laser attacks if he was attacking from the right side.

Borderlands 2 Tactics to Defeat W4R-D3N

Once the path has been cleared to allow the hero to attack from the right side, the hero simply has to use sniper rifle attacks from behind a crate. The wall on the left will block off W4R-D3N's eye laser attack. If the hero has done cleared the path correctly, then there should not be any loaders left on the flanks or behind him to attack him.

Take cover, and aim for the W4R-D3N's eye. If the hero is the assassin, then go into deception mode, wait for the deception countdown to approach zero, and then fire off a (hopefully) critical hit at the W4R-D3N's eye. This will take down some of the W4R-D3N's shield. Once the shield is down, the armor bar will start dropping. If the hero's weapon is corrosive, then W4R-D3N's health will continue to drop. If not, then the hero should be using a sniper rifle that allows either concentrated fire or very fast reloading time. The idea here is to take down W4R-D3N's shield completely and then take down its armor to zero rapidly. If the hero does not have these two types of weapons, then it may be very hard indeed. Remember that at this point, the loaders will continue to advance towards the hero from the front.

However, if the hero possesses the right weapons, then through careful aiming and shooting W4R-D3N will be defeated.


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