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Borderlands 2 Wildlife Exploitation Quest

Updated on September 30, 2012

Borderlands 2 Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

It's all about the wildlife in the preserve and mainly about stopping them from defeating the vault hunter. The badass corrosive skag is seen here.
It's all about the wildlife in the preserve and mainly about stopping them from defeating the vault hunter. The badass corrosive skag is seen here.

Borderlands 2 Wildlife Exploitation Quest

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter hero must head to Wildlife Exploitation Preserve to find Mordecai, extract the chip from Bloodwing and get a Claptrap upgrade in order to set up the Deathtrap. This will guide the hero on how to find Mordecai, get past the stalkers and infiltrate the presence dockyard up to the point of defeating the first badass skag that lives in the preserve.

Find Mordecai in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

Mordecai can be found somewhere on a hill in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Follow the directions on the map, and from the fast travel point in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, go past the stalkers and up the path to reach Mordecai. Mordecai will tell the hero that Bloodwing has been captured by Handsome Jack. Bloodwing needs to be extracted and the chip on the bird removed to complete this mission.

From Mordecai's position, head down and either take on the stalkers or run past them to the preserve dockyard.

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve Dockyard

At the gate into the preserve dockyard, the hero will be attacked by loaders, surveyors and engineers. The hero must wound three loaders for the gates to open, and more reinforcements to arrive. There are some new breeds of loaders and engineers here -

  • the BUL loader - the BUL loader has a shield that looks like the front part or mould blade of a bulldozer Sure enough, the BUL loader can transform into a bulldozer and smash the hero head on. Do not head too close to the BUL loader.

  • the PWL loader – the PWL loader has two “chopper like hands” that it spins around over and over again. The hero needs to take out these two arms; otherwise any corrosive damage is reflected back onto the hero at close range.

  • the combat engineer – these engineers have an armor encased around their bodies. The top of the armor is fashioned into the form of a special weapon such as a laser or rockets.

Defeat all these hyperion troops and then climb the stairs to enter the previously enclosed wildlife exploitation preserve area. The hero can look down and see some skags in the distance. It is advised that the hero takes out the smaller skags first from a distance using sniper weapons. Then jump down into the preserve area. The badass corrosive skag will now appear, along with smaller corrosive skags.

Defeat the Badass Corrosive Skag

Turn around and look for some stairs that lead back to the Hyperion shipping dockyard preserve area. The badass corrosive skag and his lieutenants will chase after the hero. Make sure that the Hyperion dockyard preserve has been cleared of troops. Lure the badass corrosive skag to this area, and let Mordecai slag the skag. Now use a combination of deception, shotgun and sniper weapons to defeat the skags.

With the skags defeated, jump back down into the preserve and then climb a pipe and some rocks into a hyperion room with a cabinet and some ammunition chests. Opening the cabinet will yield some weapons for the hero. The hero needs to move on the dome shaped structure in the Preserve, and then get to Bloodwing's prison.


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