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Borderlands the Presequel Walkthrough

Updated on December 23, 2014

In Borderlands the Presequel, the heroine must travel to various regions, and then get the best weapons out of these regions and defeat the worst bosses of these regions. This gameplay walkthrough will guide the heroine on how to get to these regions and then achieve the above objectives.

The regions include -

  • Serenity Waste
  • Concordia
  • Titan Flats
  • Crisis Scar
  • Outlands Canyon
  • Outlands Spur
  • Pity's Fall
  • Titan Industrial Facility
  • Titan Robot Facility
  • Helios

The action actually starts in Helios. This part of the game is purely a recap of the gameplay in Borderlands 2. Quickly get up to speed with the gameplay and then help Jack defeat the first boss of the game - Flameknuckle.

Then get down to Elpis using the container system. Its time to learn some new rules on Elpis.

The first boss of the Borderlands Presequel game is so easy.
The first boss of the Borderlands Presequel game is so easy.

Borderlands the Presequel Serenity Waste Walkthrough Hints - New Rules of the Game

In Serenity Waste, the heroine's first point of contact is Springs, a junk dealer. She teaches the vault hunter some of the new rules on Elpis.

  • First up on Elpis - the low gravity system on Elpis, and the lack of oxygen. Without oxygen, the heroine will\ suffocate, obviously. To have oxygen, get the oxygen mas or O2 kit, equipped with special powers that help the heroine as she levels up.
  • The low gravity system allows the heroine to jump up, up and away, especially with the help of jump pads, and then glide down. Also damages enemies with but slam.

The other items are standard - the grenade, the shield and the weapons. The vault hunter will start with two weapons initially. And that will expand as the game continues.

After collecting the oxygen kit, the heroine will have to get to Concordia. However, there is a side mission that the hero can do to get the first laser weapon. The laser weapon at this stage of the game is pretty flashy but really not much use as a weapon. In the latter stages of the game, the laser weapon will be amazing.

There appears to be less shooting in this Borderlands presequel game. It's more of a story on the rise of Handsome Jack. This is evident on the parts of the game in Concordia, where the vault hunter is asked to jump from point A to point B to attach some transmitters.

After this jumping mission, the heroine is sent to Crisis Scar to find the source of the jamming signal. Thankfully, this part of the game does involve shooting. Not only does the vault hunter get to shoot down the boss of the game, she also gets to loot some fantastic equipment including the first luneshine chest, and some rare items chest.

Of course, there is the boss - Red Belly. They are easy to deal with.

With the loss of the jamming signal, Jack fast travel to Concordia, where he redevezous with the heroine. The next stage of the game involves getting an AI mind for the constructor that will help build the robot army that Jack needs to retake Helios. Proceed to Outlands Canyon and Spur. There, a ship has crashed.

Borderlands the Presequel Defeat the Bosun in Pity's Fall

The next part of the game takes place in Outlands Canyon, Outlands Spurs and Pity's Fall. Here, scavs have taken over a crashed ship, and the leaders of the scavs are the Bosun and the Skipper. Defeat the scavs and finally reach the Bosun. Defeat him. It helps when halfway through the mission, the Skipper decides to double cross the Bosun and come help the heroes instead.

The Bosun is arguably one of the most difficult bosses of the game. He is shielded by 4 or 5 shields generated from turrets. So to defeat him, the following tactics should be observed.

  • Arm the vault hunter with corrosive weapons
  • Go up and shoot down each turret
  • After each turret, the vault hunter's shield and health will drop. So go down and get into one of the hiding places within the battle arena (see video)
  • Defeat the Bosun's minions and then go back up and take out each turret again.
  • Repeat this until all the minions are gone.
  • With the Bosun left, choose a strategic position and then attack the Bosun using sniper type corrosive weapons. Or use non-corrosive weapons and hide in one corner where the Bosun's corrosive weapons cannot hit the heroine.

Go in and take the artificial intelligence core - the Skipper. Of course, remember to loot the area of luneshine chests and rare chest treasures.

The Skipper turns out to be Felicity the AI. Jack the Handsome intends to turn her into the AI for manufacturing lots of robots for his new army for Hyperion. Go to Titan Robots Facility and fight your way to the end and try to attach Felicity into the core to wipe her memory and make her into the military AI mastermind.

  • Felicity declines to manufacture killer robots. She turns into Felicity Rampant. You have to defeat this boss. Go behind cover and aim for Felicity's legs. Then go back into cover, and come out when she has less firepower.

The Raum-Kampjet Mark V is likely the hardest boss of the game.
The Raum-Kampjet Mark V is likely the hardest boss of the game.

Borderlands the Presequel Fight Your Way into Helios and Back Down Onto the Moon

With the killer robots behind him, Jack is ready to launch his assault to take back Helios. This part of the mission to take back Helios is fun rather than challenging, and soon the heroine and Jack are on standby at the control balcony of Helios and ready to relaunch their campaign to take back the Vault.

  • To do this, the heroine goes back to Pandora, and goes to the entrance to the Vault. This is protected by Raum-Kampjet Mark V. This is probably the second hardest fight of the game, after the final boss fight.

From then on, it's plain sailing going into the Vault and fighting the myriad of colourful creatures in the vault like the Opha Superior and finally reaching the entrance of the Vault.

  • You should arm yourself with the Min Min Lighter before going full on to defeat the final creatures and boss of the Vault.

  • Are you ready to take on the final boss of the Borderlands Pre-sequel game and then head into the sequel?


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