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Borderlands Character Builds and Summary

Updated on January 7, 2010


There are no major decisions in Borderlands except for the very first, your character. What character you pick could ultimately make the game a lot harder, or whole load easier. However, you may just want to go with whatever character feels natural to you, or you may want to know a little bit about the characters first. I'm guessing that if you are reading this then you probably haven't made up your mind or you are looking for a new character to use as you have completed both playthrough's already. Either way here is little information about each character and their skill.

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Roland, the Soldier!

Roland is a former soldier for the Crimson Lance. He has sworn to kill an unnamed person, who has a very similar name to the leader of the Brigadiers, a faction in the game. After an assault on his brigade (which killed all of his partners), Roland set out to find purpose. Roland is supposed to be infantry however, due to him being able to use a Scorpio Turret, he may have been an Engineer when he served in the Crimson Lance.

Roland's action skill is the ability to deploy a Scorpio Turret. Unlike the other 3 characters, his action skill is common in NPC's (Non-playable characters). The turret can later be upgraded to fire out homing missiles, heal all teammates within a certain range and drop ammo. As he is a soldier, he is proficient in basically every weapon, however he prefers to use shotguns and combat rifles.

If you are going to choose him then you may want to know what his skill trees are:

  • Infantry Tree
  • Support Tree
  • Medic Tree

Infantry Tree is solely adding more damage, less recoil and increasing rate of fire. This skill tree would be useful if you knew that you were going to complete the game by yourself.

However the other two trees, Support and Medic, are more based around the idea of multiple players, due to the Turret dropping ammo and reviving nearby allies. So if you know that all of your adventure is going to be played with a couple of teammates, then these are the trees for you.

If you find out that you do not like any one tree, why not mix it up a little or change from Infantry to Medic at nearest New-U station (for a price).

Mordecai, the Hunter!

Mordecai's story starts out when he was about 17 (it is unknown whether or not he is still the same age), when he won an Interplanetary Sharpshooting contest using a pistol. As all the other contestants were using sniper rifles, they accused him of cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct. None of this was, well until after the accusations, when he decided that he should play the role that the other contestants had made about him. He came to Pandora in search of a man named Yujinny, that had already met Mordecai. However, upon learning that Yujinny has died, he sets off on an adventure to find out how he died and what he had been carrying.

Mordecai's action skill is the ability to call upon his pet Bloodwing. There is a reference to Bloodwing's on one of the missions on Jakobs Cove. His pet can utilise elemental artifacts just like the other characters action skills. The Bloodwing can be upgraded to do large amounts of damage to many foes at one time.

Mordecai's 3 skill trees are:

  • Sniper Tree
  • Rogue Tree
  • Gunslinger Tree

Both the Sniper Tree and the Gunslinger Tree, focus on Mordecai's preferred choice of weaponry, sniper rifles and pistols. However the trees also power up his melee attack, and offers the chance to bypass shields and gain additional experience.

The Rogue Tree focuses primarily on his pet Bloodwing. Through upgrades, the Bloodwing can act just like a transfusion grenade, meaning that the damage it deals is partially restored as your health. Other bonuses include faster reload speed and how much loot is dropped.

Lilith, the Siren!

Lilith, who was once human, has some special powers that she has 'aquired' through being touched by alien technology. Her journey to Pandora is in the sole search of finding another like her so that she can learn more about what she is, a Siren. Only 13 people have demonstrated the same abilities as Lilith and at the time of the game, only 6 are known to be in existence, one of whom she believes to be on Pandora. This other suspected Siren is Commandant Steele due to her appearance and tattoos. Whenever asked by anybody, Lilith would state that she has crossed the cuteness threshold and would say, "Anybody as good looking as me can do what I do".

Her action skill is the ability of a Siren, the Phasewalk. This ability is seen on the opening credits just before the screen announces 'Lilith as The Siren'. She becomes invisible to enemies but not to teammates, however she does appear to be a translucent pink figure. She can also move very fast while in this form. Another perk of the Phasewalk is that it sets off a shockwave, which can have added elemental effects depending on whether or not an artifact is equipped.

Lilith's 3 skill trees are:

  • Controller Tree
  • Elemental Tree
  • Assassin Tree

All 3 trees are based upon adding elemental damage as well as boosted melee damage and Phasewalk perks. However, using Phasewalk could also regenerate health as well as deal 160% melee damage.

Brick, the Berserker!

Brick's story is short and simple, he is looking for his sister. He is a huge man (who may sometimes be recognized as a Bruiser without the mask), who has many unusual qualities about him. Firstly, he is a dog's paw around his next, believed to belong to his dead dog, Priscilla. Also he has the letters TCB accompanied by a lightning bolt on his bolt. This is a signature of Elvis Presley meaning 'taking care of business in a flash'. He is basically a tank, he is proficient with explosives and prefers melee combat as his fists are just as powerful as most weapons.

His action skill is to go into Berserk mode. Whilst in this mode, the screen goes red, his guns are holstered and whole load of whoop-ass is brought down on anything nearby. Instead of using guns, Brick uses his fists during Berserk mode, the aim button acting as a slow but powerful attack and the shoot button as more of a jab.

His 3 skill trees are:

  • Brawler Tree
  • Tank Tree
  • Blaster Tree

The Brawler Tree is based around powering up Brick's Berserk skill and added effects such as an appropriately title 'Sting Like A Bee', where Brick dashes forward and slugs his enemies.

The Tank Tree is all about bonus health and shield regeneration, as well as a longer time to gain a second wind. His first skill upgrade is bonus health, resulting in 12% added health per skill point invested.

The Blaster Tree only boosts weapon related factors such as explosions. However this skill tree also adds explosive resistance because a lot of the time you blow yourself up as well when you fire a rocket or throw a mis-aimed grenade.

Could she be linking all the characters together?
Could she be linking all the characters together?

Commandant Steele

I know she isn't a playable character but I just thought that I would mention her now after the above is fresh in your mind. As mentioned, Lilith is in search of another Siren who could possibly be Commandant Steele. It may be possible that person Roland has sworn to kill is her. She may also be Brick's sister and the killer Yujinny, who Mordecai is trying to find.


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    • WorldCup~2010 profile image

      WorldCup~2010 7 years ago from Ohio

      I agree with Winterfate! This is a great hub! I have this game and play it all the time!!!

    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Nice hub! :)

      I like the way you explain each character's role in the game. I haven't played this game myself, but who knows, maybe I'll try it some time. :)