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The Brightest Day

Updated on July 20, 2012

Green Lantern's Brightest Day Event in DC Comics!

Hold Up! This information surrounds DC Comics and The Green Lantern. If you're not familiar with GL, start here!

This event also follows The Blackest Night. If you're unfamiliar with that epic adventure, start here!

The Brightest Day is an event, covering a 25-issue, bi-monthly release (including issue #0). It started in April 2010, following the conclusion of The Blackest Night, a dark prophecy surrounding The Green Lantern, The Green Lantern Corps, and The War of Light.

Plot: With the conclusion of The Blackest Night, the following heroes (and villains) have been resurrected: Aquaman, Captain Boomerang, Hawk, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Jade, Jason Rusch, Ronnie Raymond, Martian Manhunter, Maxwell Lord, Osiris, Professor Zoom, and Boston Brand (Deadman). The epic follows them and gives them quests, including choices to make, with the underlying theme of the White Entity choosing a champion to uphold its virtue.

SPOILER! And the White Entity Champion is... - The Swamp Thing?

Hey all, looks like the spoiler is out: The White Entity Champoin, for now, will be none other than Alec Holland, formerly known as Swamp Thing...and now (I guess) The White Lantern??

Cited Source is Bleeding Cool Comics.

Brightest Day News Update: Issue #24 Alert

The Release Date have been moved.

Recent information has come out from DC Comics that issue #24 will be release-delayed, and is rescheduled to hit the stands on April 27, 2011. This is unfortunate new, but it's also coupled with something good: It will be a 48-page release, making it twice the comic!

The Rebirths Project:

DC Comics is using The Brightest Day as a "reboot" event for Aquaman and others.

Cover Art for Brightest Day #23 - And some comments.

Yes, there's been an elemental aspiration to the Brightest Day. In case you haven't been following, that's Martian Manhunter in an "earthy" role, Aquaman as water, Hawkman and Hawkgirl as air, and Firestorm flaring as fire.

Brightest Day #22 - The Cover Art

Brightest Day #22
Brightest Day #22

Brightest Day #22 is title "Firestorm vs. The Anti-Monitor". If you are not familiar with the Anti-Monitor, I suggest reading "DC: Crisis on Infinite Earths" event in DC Comics; it changed the entire playing field of superheroes.

To sum up the events, this story focuses on Ronnie Raymond completing the quest of the White Power Battery, accepting Jason into his matrix. Firestorm has returned!

How to read The Brightest Day Event

An annotated reading over for The Brightest Day.

The Following is a summarized, up-to-date, reading order for the Brightest Day. It will reviewed from time to time and your input is welcomed (in the guest book) if you see any discrepancies:

Green Lantern Corps #47

Brightest Day #0

Justice League - Generation Lost #1

Power Girl #13

Justice League - Generation Lost #2

Green Lantern #53

Green Lantern Corps #48

Brightest Day #1

Green Lantern #54-55

Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors #1

Brightest Day #2-3

Green Lantern Corps #49-52

Justice League - Generation Lost #3-5

Booster Gold - #33-34

Justice League of America #44-45

Titans - Villains for Hire Special #1

Justice League of America #46

Justice Society of America #41

Brightest Day #4-5

Brightest Day - The Atom Special #1

Flash #1-4

Action Comics #890

Justice League of America #47

Justice Society of America #42

Titans #24-25

Justice League - Generation Lost #6

Brightest Day #6-7

Birds of Prey #1-5

Flash #5

Justice League of America #48

Justice League - Generation Lost #7

Justice Society #43

Flash #6-7

Justice League - Generation Lost #8-9

Green Arrow #1-3

Brightest Day #8-9

Green Arrow #4

Brightest Day #10

Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1

Brightest Day #11-12

Green Arrow #5-6

Justice League - Generation Lost #10-12

Titans #26-28

Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors #2-3

Green Lantern #56-58

Justice League - Generation Lost #13-14

Brightest Day #13-14

Justice League - Generation Lost #15-16

Green Lantern #59

Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors #4

Brightest Day #15-17

Justice League - Generation Lost #17-18

Green Lantern Corps #53-54

Green Lantern #60-62

Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors #5

Green Lantern Corps #55

The Flash #7

Brightest Day #18

Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors #6

Green Lantern Corps #56

Brightest Day #19-24 (This is the point where I haven't yet compiled and chronicled the remaining titles.)

According to Wikipedia, these following are tied-in to the event, and will (or have) appear:

Shazam! #01 this one-shot is loosely connected with Osiris' mission to rescue his sister.

Your Consolidated Brightest Day Reading - This works great if you don't have the comics.

Sometimes we're unable to gather all the comics necessary to follow a story line. Problem Solved: Just pick up this handy book and you're already establishing your collection!

Brightest Day, Vol. 1
Brightest Day, Vol. 1

This book covers Brightest Day #0–7, a hardcover edition with 256 pages.


Collect The Brightest Day Collectibles - Probably available for a short duration.

As far as conventions go, you'd hate to miss out on an item that won't be on sale for long. Here's your chance to pick up the C2E2 edition action figure for collectors.

I highly doubt this will be available for long.

Batman Brightest Day White Lantern Figure C2E2 Exclusive
Batman Brightest Day White Lantern Figure C2E2 Exclusive

If you're a fan of the brightest day, this is the perfect collector's item for your stores. Batman, in the garb of given him by the White Entity.


Thanks for dropping by; feel free to look around and make some comments or criticism about this article. If you hear anything or catch a mistake, also chime in.

Reader Feedback - What do you think about The Brightest Day?

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