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Building Toys for Boys

Updated on October 11, 2014

Gift Ideas for boys that like to build

Most boys like to use there hands and build things. They start as little babes and build with blocks. My grandson would sit on the floor and build with his blocks for hours. Stacking and knocking them down. The demolision was part of the fun. I even enjoyed building blocks with him.

As the boys grow so do their desire to build. They also like to take things apart to see how it works. I've lost a radio and an alarm clock to those curiosities. And, if you have any small pets you better get them out of the way when those blocks come tumbling down!

I stumbled upon K'nex about 6 years ago buying them for a gift for one of my grandsons. He loved them at 5 years old and is still playing with them at 11 years old. We just keep adding to his collection and what makes it so easy is that K'nex keeps adding to their sets. They start out with the basics and go all the way to challenging.

If you have a child who loves to see how things work, and loves to build or design then here are some great ideas for you.


Why I love K'nex

I love K'nex because they keep children busy for hours with creative, imaginative fun.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching children play and be totally engaged in what they are doing. K'nex is that kind of toy. With the variety of sets it is easy to find one that will suit your child or children.

I list K'nex as toys for boys but the girls also love to play with them. K'nex provides many hours of imaginery fun.

K'Nex Value Tub 400 Piece
K'Nex Value Tub 400 Piece

Getting your monies worth


Lego's for Creativity

This is another great gift whether for Christmas or a birthday. I love toys that children play with for hours and that don't break. There is nothing worse than giving a gift and having it broken after a few minutes of play. Lego's last a lifetime and will be passed down through the years. Just keep adding to the sets and your child will never get bored.

Lego's are sturdy and children of all ages love to play with these little building blocks. They all connect for hours of fun. You can see how tall you can go or how many buildings you can construct. Wherever your child's imagination takes him. You can add people which makes it even more exciting.

Old Fashioned Building blocks

When my boys were young they would spend hour after hour building with their blocks. Build them up and laugh hysterically when they knocked them down. They would build roads, bridges and houses then drive their little hot wheel cars around on them.

Blocks are the perfect size for little hands and the littlest boys. Just look at their face when they build something as tall as they are; and then watch the fun when they knock the blocks down and they scatter everywhere.

Blocks can make a wonderful gift too!


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