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Pros and Cons of the Xbox Bundles

Updated on May 28, 2013

What's the Best XBOX Bundle?

If you want to buy a new Xbox 360, you have plenty of choices. The best one will depend on what options you want in your gaming system. Let's explore the different Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle

The Question is To Kinect or Not To Kinect

The bundles all include the Xbox 360 consoles, but then you have a choice of the Kinect sensor or without. What's on your list?

What are you looking to buy?

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XBOX 360 Christmas Bundle

Buy the Ultimate XBOX 360 Holiday Bundle With Kinect

250GB Xbox, Kinect with Games and Xbox LIVE Membership

Let's start with the best selling Xbox bundle - this ultimate Xbox is the top seller of all the bundles ... for good reasons! You get a lot for the money. It stores the max in memory with 250GB, and combines the Kinect wireless sensor with hours of game playing fun.

With the huge amount memory, you can save so much more than with the old consoles. You can store:

arcade games



full Xbox 360 games

The Kinect wireless sensor lets you play without a traditional controller. It senses a person's actions and movements and imitates those in the video game. You can jump, dance and move your entire body with specially designed Kinect games.

The new Xbox also includes built-in WiFi - a welcomed addition over the older models. Now, you'll be able to instantly connect to the internet to access your LIVE Gold membership, redeem game codes, buy points and more.

For a limited time, this bundle also includes two free games and a 3-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership!

XBOX Holiday Value Bundle - Sale, Free Shipping and Exclusive Bonuses from Amazon

This is the top of the line for Xbox bundles. If you want an Xbox with the most memory, a Kinect sensor and included games, this is the console for you. It has everything you need for hours and hours of gamingl

The huge memory allows players to save full Xbox 360 games and other entertainment, such as arcade games, music and demos. It also has built-in WiFi so you can easily connect to Xbox LIVE. If you're new to that platform, Xbox LIVE offers even more entertainment -- HD movies, TV shows and even live sports.

With the Kinect sensor, YOU control everything - from the play to pause -- with your voice. When playing games, the special sensor detects your body movement -- it's like you're living the game and without any external controller.

And just when you think it can't get better - it does! This Xbox Bundle also includes exclusive bonuses from Amazon, including more games!

Xbox 360 console:

Wireless controller (30 HOURS of play on only 2 "AA" batteries)

Kinect sensor

Games: digital code for Kinect Dance Central, plus Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures

Free 3-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

AMAZON is also offering bonuses with this Special Holiday Bundle that includes the 3-month membership to Xbox Live, 5 games and instant video credit! It's $80 worth of additional products for only $20 more than the latest Holiday Bundle.


Kinect Dance Central is rated T for Teen

Kinect Adventures is rated E for Everyone

Kinect Sports is rated E+10 for Everyone 10 years and older

250GB Holiday Bundle

Huge hard drive, WiFi and Games: 250GB Xbox Bundle

This includes the Xbox system, wireless controller, the huge 250GB hard drive, built in WiFi. This holiday bundle also includes two games!

With all that memory, you'll be able to store games, levels, full Xbox games, movies, pictures, TV shows and more.

The built-in WiFi is a fabulous upgrade in the new Xbox because you don't have to deal with buying an extra antenna to get online. And you want to be online. You'll need internet access for many reasons, including to redeem your game code. You also need internet access to enjoy Xbox Live Gold membership, where you can find new games, play demos, and more.

This bundle is very similar to the first holiday bundle -- including the 250GB console, built-in WiFi, games, and Xbox LIVE membership. It does NOT include the Kinect sensor.

Buy Xbox 250GB Bundle with Games and Xbox Live - Sale and Free Shipping with Amazon

This bundle includes:

Xbox 360 console

Wireless controller

360 wired-headset

One month, Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

One-month trial for Hulu and Epix

Games: Forza Motorsports 4 (rated Everyone) and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim download token (rated Mature)


**This bundle does NOT include an HDMI cable. It does come with a set of Composite cables.

**Also, the Skyrim game is a download not a physical product. It's a hugely popular game, just realize you won't have the physical game.

**The Forza Motorsports 4 game is called the "Essentials Edition" - which includes the same game play but with 213 less cars than the regular edition (as one reviewer stated, it's probably not a dealbreaker - just good to know).

**This bundle includes one month of free Xbox LIVE membership (not three months as is included in the first bundle)

Xbox 360 4GB

Xbox 360 4GB Provides Good Value

Bigger than Older Models, Slim Design, More USB ports

You may have less memory with this console, but it's still a bigger hard drive than the older models. The 4GB also comes with built-in WiFi, so you can access Xbox LIVE, stream movies, play games, and more.

The design is new -- a slimmer and stylish design.

The console includes more USB ports than older designs. You'll get five total (two in front; three in back), so you'll have plenty of options to add optional accessories, such as the Kinect sensor.

This bundle also includes a free, one-month Xbox LIVE gold membership. It's a wonderful way to upgrade, and for less money than the ultimate 250GB bundle.

Buy a Xbox 360 4GB - Check Amazon for Sale Price

Sleek New Design

4GB internal memory

Built-in Wi-Fi

Whisper Quiet

Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle

Xbox 4GB Plus Kinect with Games

This bundle is similar to the 4GB one, except it offers extra features with the Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures game.

You'll enjoy a good hard drive and built-in WiFi to access Xbox LIVE, redeem games, play games and more.

The Kinect sensor alone costs around $150, so if you're interested in buying a Kinect, this is a great bundle to save money over purchasing the console and sensor separately.

Buy Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle: Kinect and Game - Great Deals - save money, and get exclusive Amazon bonuses

Xbox 360 4GB Console

Kinect sensor

Built-in Wi-Fi

Xbox 360 wireless controller

Kinect Adventures game

Limited Edition Xbox 360

HALO 4: Limited Edition XBOX Bundle - New for the Holidays

If you or your kids love Halo, then this is a great Xbox Bundle - all decked out in the Halo theme. In the 'themed Xbox bundles', the Halo 4 Limited Edition is the best selling one on Amazon.

From a Forbes article, "Halo 4 is quite possibly the best looking game released on the Xbox 360 in that console's nearly eight-year lifetime, and certainly boasts the best graphics in the Halo franchise."

Buy the New Xbox 360 Games

Kinect sensor and games require a lot of physical space in order to play the games. Measure the room you plan to use it in. A 10-foot room would be ideal, and you'll need at least 5 to 6-feet for decent play.

Don't Forget these Popular Games - You must the Kinect sensor to play these!

Freelance Writer Jennifer Akers on Squidoo
Freelance Writer Jennifer Akers on Squidoo

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Jennifer Akers

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What Xbox is on your wish list?

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      @SimonJay: You could be right, SimonJay. I think the Kinect games are a 'different kind of animal' so to speak. Fun but not for ev

    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 4 years ago

      Interesting bundles at the time but still not sure about kinect the games dont look as good as the regular games but i guess some fun can be had with kinect.

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      @ConvenientCalendar: Thank you! I appreciate your visit and kind words!

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      Great lens!

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      @vineliner57: Thanks for sharing and your kind words! I think the Kinect bundle is definitely the most popular!

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      Hal Gall 5 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      Kinect is the way to go. Nice looking lens!

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      @anonymous: Thanks for the kind words and your visit!

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      nice lens Jennifer was just taking a peek hoping for some inspiration i found some thank you x

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      Great stuff

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      I already have one. Xbox360 with kintect camera. You should visit my lens, if you are interested:

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      JenniferAkers LM 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you so much! I hope you found some great information. Gosh, Christmas is coming soon :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm just visiting and learning about the choices in Xbox along the way, this should help shoppers make Christmas buying decisions!