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Where to buy rare pencil toppers and Squishies

Updated on March 5, 2011

Squishies. Sounding strange? It did sound strange for me too few days back. I generally have this habit of browsing for really cool "girly girly" stuffs. It  makes me feel young at heart and also relieves me of the stress that holds me tight all day. More than that, I like to keep them in the showcase or at places easily reachable by children and allow them to discover and play with them. Two days back, I came across this cute term called "squishies". The word is as such cute. It sounded cuter when it came from the mouth of a kid at my apartment. Then only I found that they were really cheap stuffs to be bought and kept at home to entertain kids when they come to visit you. You may also use it as a motivational gift to encourage kids, like for a small game at a party. 

So, what are squishies?

They are nothing but simply pencil toppers!!! But they don't seem to serve only that purpose. They form a cheap and cute collectible. They come in a nice transparent or glossy case for you to preserve each of them. There seems to be so many types of squishies. Most of them are colored, while the pure-white ones have their own charm. If not both, they come as transparent ones, nicely glowing in the dark!

Milky white animal squishies
Milky white animal squishies
Palm baby squishies
Palm baby squishies

Tiny many kinds

I was wondering who is gonno care about these petty ones. But I found so many sites specially dedicated for squishies. They a grouped into so many themes.

  • Zoo creatures- wild animals
  • Jungle creatures-domestic and farm animals
  • Sea creatures
  • Glow in the darks
  • Babies and human forms

Introducing to you the Jungle mania!

3 Reasons where squishies are helpful

They are very cheap and cute. They can make a good, first collectible for your child. If you have a child, I strongly recommend you get one.

If you wanna appreciate anything a child does as a parent or as a teacher or even as a party host, I suggest you use squishies.

If you are looking for a suitable gift to a small child, that would lighten up her face at the very sight, these will serve the purpose as you can even fill the room with squishies without spending much.


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