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Buy Silly Bandz, Zanybandz, Stretchy Shapes And Other Shaped Rubber Bands Online

Updated on June 21, 2011

Where Can I Buy Silly Bandz?

Recently, I noticed that my friend, who is a fourth grade teacher, was wearing a collection of colorful rubber bands around her wrist. Then when she removed them, she showed me that these rubber band bracelets actually came in shapes like guitars, princesses, peace signs and animals. I thought that they were adorable and she explained that these shaped rubber bands called Silly Bandz are the latest trend amongst her students and they were given to her as a gift. In fact, they're so popular, she chuckled, she had to institute a rule in her class to keep her kids from playing with their Silly Bands during lessons. I was so fascinated I wondered where can I buy Silly Bandz?

Indeed, the Silly Bandz craze has taken storm. Silly Bands, colorful rubber band bracelets, come in hundreds of varities and shapes, making them perfect to collect and trade. They're also relatively inexpensive, so an average kid can afford a pack of bandz bracelets on his or her allowance. Because there are shapes likes cowboys and sports figures, boys can wear Silly Bandz and other rubber band bracelets, as well.

Moreover, having so many kinds of bandz available makes collecting fun! There are animal bandz, peace sign bandz, character bandz, princess bandz, glow in the dark bandz, tie dye bandz, just to name a few. Also, thanks to the popularity of Silly Bandz, several other companies have come out with their own lines of shaped rubber bands including Zany Bandz, Rubba Bandz and Stretchy Shapes.

As popular as these bandz bracelets are with kids, however, they're not the only ones wearing them. Grown-up celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa are wearing them. Over the past few weeks, I've seen several adults wearing them around my neighborhood, including our waiter at the fancy Italian place where we went out to dinner! Seems that no one can escape the Silly Bandz craze -- I even ended up purchasing the rock band set.

Here are different types of rubber bandz bracelets so you can add to your collection!


Types Of Silly Bandz

The thing I love about Silly Bandz, and what makes them so much fun, is that there are Silly Bandz shapes that fit every personality. Since I'm a musician, I really like the Rock Bandz pack, which comes with rubber band bracelets in the shape of a guitar, drums, a singer jumping as he performs and even a sign saying "Rock."

Meanwhile, my teacher friend whom I mentioned above, loves animals, so she likes the Silly Bandz that come in shapes like the dinosaurs and Silly Bands sea creatures or the Rainforest bandz, which include shapes of a gorilla and tiger.

But whichever kinds of Silly Bandz you choose to wear is fine! The Baseball Shapes Silly Bandz are perfect for a little boy to wear or for anyone - boy, girl, man, woman -- who loves sports. The Princess bandz come in beautiful pastel colors and would suit any little girl who dreams of being a princess herself. A history buff may want to wear the Wild West Silly Bandz and a person who loves mythological creaturs would like the Fantasy Shapes that contain a mermaid and unicorn, among others.

Then there are the Alphabet Silly Bandz. These are really cool because you can wear rubber band bracelets that spell your name or even the name of the person you like. If you wear these along with other Silly Bandz that match your personality, you can say a lot about yourself just by the accessories that you have on!

Silly Bandz Products

Buy Zany Bandz Online

Types Of Zanybandz

If you can't find any Silly Bandz that suit you, then you should check out Zany Bandz rubber band bracelets. Like Silly Bandz, Zanybandz offers theme packs of shapes, ranging from everything from a day at the beach to bugz and beez.

My favorite are the Zany Bandz glow in the dark bracelets. The tie-dye Hollywood set comes in funky shapes, such as sunglasses, a dollar sign and a star, and they also glow in the dark! How awesome is that? It reminds me of when my friends and I would wear glow-in-the-dark bracelets to clubs when we went out dancing. Meantime, the glow-in-the-dark beach set comes with bracelets shapes like a wave, a surfboard and a sand castle, which are so cute and perfect for the summer. I also like the tie-dye colors on them, which make the Zanybandz stand out even more.

These rubber band bracelets are great to wear yourself, but they also make terrific gifts, as well as party favors. Your friends will appreciate a Zany Bandz goody bag!

Types Of Stretchy Shapes

Stretchy Shapes are yet another type of rubber band bracelet. I like these because they have some really original and fun theme ideas for their bandz bracelet shapes.

The witch and wizard Stretchy Shapes would be great for someone who is into Harry Potter (even though these have no association with Harry Potter) or even for someone who really likes movies like Lord Of The Rings. Meanwhile, the Stretchy Shapes sightings pack would work really well for Halloween since it includes the shapes of a ghost, alien, big foot and loch ness monster. These could even be given out to trick or treaters on Halloween!

The fast food Stretchy Shapes include rubber band bracelets that look like a milkshake and corn dog -- great for someone who loves Burger King or McDonald's. And the fresh food Stretchy Shapes have bands that are shaped like a cherry and a chicken -- great for the person who doesn't like fast food.

As in all of these bandz bracelets, there is something for everyone! You're bound to find at least one type of bracelet that you like.


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