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Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids PVCs

Updated on October 13, 2014

Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Miniatures

Every little girl in the eighties loved Cabbage Patch Kids and I was no different. I remember opening mine up on Christmas morning and being so proud of my doll.

But, as much as I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll, I wasn't a doll kid. I didn't really play with dolls much. What I got many more hours of play from was my Cabbage Patch Kids miniature pvcs.

I absolutely loved my Cabbage patch Kid minis, and frankly I still do love them. I was smart enough to never have gotten rid of mine.

Photo by KAB

Roller skating Cabbage patch Kids PVC toy
Roller skating Cabbage patch Kids PVC toy | Source

Cabbage Patch Kids PVCs

Part of what I love about this Cabbage Patch toys is that each one has such a distinct personality. I wish toys today did this, but they are often so lack of individuality these days.

Each of these toys were active and doing something. They encouraged an active lifestyle and finding what makes you happy.

Just look at how happy this little roller skating Cabbage Patch Kid is. She does not need to be told she's pretty; she doesn't care what the other girls think. She is in total bliss doing the thing she loves.

There are some Cabbage Patch Kids toys (even PVCs) for which the doll is just standing there with a their arms out and a blank look on their face. I never liked those ones.

Photo by KAB


My Homemade Cabbage Patch Kid Styrofoam Ship

I had a big chunk of white styrofoam that I played with as a kid. It was just some random piece of packing material that came with a stereo or television my parents had bought. It was quite oddly shaped, and looked completely different when flipped upside-down. I would turn it into all kinds of things, but most often I made it a Cabbage Patch Kid ship. I remember having my Cabbage Patch Kid action figures on my big white ship, with the girl in the red raincoat holding the umbrella standing at the top tier. She was the captain.

My styrofoam ship featured a nursery where a babysitter watched over the Cabbage Patch Babies. The babysitter had a story book in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. There was also a den where my Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas were guarded by none other than the baseball kid (he was ready to hit them with the bat if they misbehaved).

Who needs pricey toys when you've got cheap PVCs and a hunk of styrofoam?

Photo by KAB

Cabbage Patch Kids - Preemie PVC
Cabbage Patch Kids - Preemie PVC | Source

Cabbage Patch Kid Preemies PVCs

Cabbage Patch Kids had great success with their Preemie line of dolls, and they carried that success into their PVCs. Producing PVCs of Cabbage Patch Babies was an easy crossover for them.

Each of these babies have such a great spirit! Every one adorable in a realistic post, but with a whimsical twist.

One of my favorites of these Cabbage Patch babies is a baby boy laying down with his toy dog. He is very cute (as is his doggie), and from behind you can see his fanny hanging out of his pajamas. So cute!

Photo by KAB

Did you have any Cabbage Patch Kid Miniatures?

Did you used to have Cabbage Patch Kids PVCs?

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    • profile image

      sherioz 6 years ago

      I kept these toys for therapy with children and found your lens just before I was about to give them to a friend. Changed my mind and now they occupy a prominant place on a new collectibles shelf in my home.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I had no idea about CPK PVC's. They are cute! Lensrolled to my CPK lens and Holly's Dollies.