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Candy Crush Level 34 - Not as Hard as it Seems

Updated on September 22, 2014

Candy Crush Level 34

This level is one which seems very difficult at first, but after a few tries, you realize that it isn’t hard at all. The empty spaces in the middle may look intimidating, making the level appear harder than it really is. But those holes really don’t hinder you much from attaining your goal. Bringing down the ingredients shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you have the right strategy in place. Not long after reading this, you will be hearing that oh so familiar Sugar Crush!

Follow this guide and learn how to clear Candy Crush Level 34.


1 Star: 30,000 points

2 Stars: 60,000 points

3 Stars: 90,000 points

Candy Crush Level 34
Lemonade Lake
Level Type
Ingredients Level
3 Hazelnuts, 4 Cherries
Passing Score
30,000 Points
Number of Candy Colors

How to Beat Level 34 on Candy Crush

  • You only have 30 moves to bring down 3 hazelnuts and 4 cherries. That sounds really hard to do. If you do the math, you have to bring down an ingredient every 4 moves. But it isn’t really as hard as it seems. If you set off special candies properly, you can bring down multiple ingredients in just a single move.
  • Don’t fear the empty spaces. They appear as though they will block the path of the candies, but if you make matches in the bottom, the candies will fall. Because of this, it is important to not let the bottom of the board run out of moves.
  • Focus on creating special candies, particularly vertically striped candies. Try to position a vertically striped candy in the same column as an ingredient. When you activate it, the ingredient will fall all the way to the bottom.
  • Horizontally striped candies aren’t that useful in Level 34. But you can combine it with another striped candy to clear a column.
  • A Wrapped Candy + Striped Candy combination also helps a lot in this level. Remember that this combination clears three rows and three columns. If you set it off at the right place, you can bring down multiple ingredients to the bottom with just one move.
  • Sometimes, a horizontally striped candy can be useful if you manage to bring one down to the bottom row. If you have an ingredient sitting in the second row from the bottom, a horizontally striped candy can bring it down.
  • Color bombs aren’t really necessary in this level. Yes, a Color Bomb + Striped Candy can help a lot, but you might end up wasting too many moves just creating a color bomb. So don’t force yourself to create one. Striped candies and wrapped candies can do the job just fine in this level.

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