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Candy Crush Level 86 - Destroy the Pyramid of Blockers

Updated on August 24, 2014

Candy Crush Level 86

Candy Crush Level 86 is one of the earliest levels that will really test your skills. At first, you might tell yourself that this is going to be an easy level because of the familiar board setup. But after several tries, you realize that this may very well be another all-nighter. Your goal is to clear 25 jelly squares in 35 moves. Don’t worry; it’s actually not that difficult.

The following are some tips and tricks that will help you finish Candy Crush Level 86.


1 Star: 40,000 points

2 Stars: 65,000 points

3 Stars: 90,000 points

Candy Crush Level 86
Level 85 passed
Bubblegum Bridge
Advance to Level 87
Number of Spaces
Passing Score
40,000 points
25 Jelly Squares; 40,000 points
Jelly Levels

How to Beat Level 86 on Candy Crush

  • Rerolling is your best friend in this level. Without making any moves, you can exit the level and re-enter to get a new board. You also wouldn’t lose a life. Aim to get a layout that will allow you to break through the Licorice Cages in your first few moves. If you use your first moves without penetrating the Cages, your chances of clearing the level are slim to none.
  • Make the most out of every move. You will want to prioritize matches that touch the most licorice at one time. These will typically be matches of 3 or 4 candies.
  • Remember that you can move Licorice Swirls. You can clear the most number of candies by swapping a Swirl so be extra cautious once regular candies are already in the pyramid.
  • After clearing the Licorice Swirls, you will probably have only a few moves left. Again, make the most out of every move. Use each move carefully and make sure that every move you make clears the most number of jellies as possible.
  • Special candies are vital to in level 86. Even if you only have a few moves left, one special candy placed on the right spot can complete the level for you. For instance, wrapped candies are great for clearing the licorice. Make sure that you clear from both sides to avoid having problems with the bottom corner jellies.
  • Color Bomb + Striped Candy and Color Bomb + Wrapped Candy combos will make this level so much easier. This is where luck comes in. You need a sufficient amount of wrapped and striped candies to generate on the board in order to increase your chances of beating Candy Crush level 86.
  • Keep in mind the objective for this level: Clear 25 jelly squares. Some people make the mistake of using their moves to clear the blockers, so they end up with very few moves left for the jellies. Break through the licorice, then move into the pyramid to clear the jelly squares inside.

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